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Queenstown – Bungy Jumping

There is a big debate about where is best to do a bungy jump in New Zealand. I figured where else to start for a bungy novice than the Worlds First Commercial Jump Site. At only 43m high it’s one of the smaller jumps (also ideal for a beginner to the sport!) but AJ Hackett […]

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Waiheke Island Weekend – Around Waiheke Tours

One of the best features of Auckland is just how easy it is to get out of the city to stunning natural surroundings, and possibly the easiest place to get to is beautiful Waiheke Island.  It’s a journey well worth making for tourists and city dwellers alike.  The island is just a short 35 minute […]

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Mountain Biking in Woodhill Forest – Auckland

I brought my friend Alan, who “A” knows how to mountain bike and “B” knows the Woodhill Forest, along to join me for this little cycle adventure. And I want to call this blog “Alan showed me the world of mountain biking with all its ups and downs” – in the truest sense of the […]

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On the top of the world – The sky walk

The sky tower is one of Auckland’s big landmarks, “big” in the truest sense of the word. From the ground to the top of the mast measures 328 metres (1,076 ft). That is 4 metres higher than the total size of the Eiffel tower in Paris and only 53 metres smaller than the Empire State […]

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Mission Bay Watersports – Stand up paddle board

The weather was a little cloudy during the day but as soon as I jumped off the bus in Mission Bay, I felt the warm rays of sun, caressing my face. The closeness to the ocean made me feel happy immediately. I made my way along the beach searching for Mission Bay Waterports. After I walked around […]

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Backpacker Hostel and Bar in Rotorua – Four Canoes

When I first arrived at the Four Canoes I was cordially welcomed by the staff and impressed by the lobby combining modern elements with traditional Maori design.You can learn and experience so much about Maori Culture right  in the hostel, for example I learned about he origin of the name “Four Canoes” . A massive door […]

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New Zealand dirt bike tours – Pure Dirt

I was lucky enough to visit Pure Dirt Tours, offering Motorcycling off road. It doesn’t matter if you would like to try dirt biking for the first time or are already an expert looking for a multiday adventure. You don’t even have to have a license since the tours are all off road. They have a […]

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Taupo Bungy

This morning I was picked up by Taupo Bungy who took me to the 47m high cliff from which I was supposed to jump. The whole area made me feel very relaxed, and there were bean bags near where you hung out waiting for your jump or watch the others jumping. There was also a little […]

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