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Gold Coast - Things To Do

Gold Coast is one of the major cities on Australia’s east coast with kilometres of uninterrupted beaches and heaps of entertainment venues. This city of 680,000 is famous for its raving nightlife and theme parks. Therefore, backpackers have found their way to the Gold Coast, and tourism is now the most significant industry for the city.


Gold Coast is the perfect place to rest your head on the shining sand of Surfers Paradise Beach, ascend to Skypoint Observation Deck for stellar vistas over the coastline, or have a ball in Warner Bros Movie World.


Most activities in and around the Gold Coast take place on the water. With the abundance of beaches, it’s tempting to get submerged in the exciting world of surfing and take on a beginner surf lessons at Byron Bay. After a 2-hour lesson by your professional instructor, you are ready to face the crashing waves!


Gold Coast is also the perfect place to do kayaking. You can choose the sunset kayak tour in the town Surfers Paradise, or paddle between the dolphins during a kayak tour of Stradbroke Island. Wherever you go, the stunning nature will open up before your eyes!


Among other marine adventures is the whale watching tour in Gold Coast. The absolute highlight of this 3-hour boat journey is the interaction with majestic humpback whales. Sea turtles and dolphins are often seen in this area as well, so nature lovers will feel right at home at this expedition!


Moreton Island is another relaxing escape from the bustling city. This archipelago is blessed with native bushland, a bounty of birdlife, and delightful beaches. During the Morteton Island scenic day tour, you’ll get to snorkel between old shipwrecks and more cool activities.


Gold Coast serves as a suitable destination for those who want to dive a bit deeper into Australian history. Through the Spirits of the Red Sand Dinner and Theatre Show, you’ll hear about Aboriginal and British history through dance and storytelling. This experience is a must for history geeks! 


Island-hopping, cultural experiences, and interplays with wildlife: many factors contribute to the Gold Coast’s attractiveness.