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Things to do in Waitomo

Waitomo is located in the North Island of New Zealand. It is famous for its glowworm caves. Under the green blanket of the Waitomo hills lie caves, sinkholes and underground rivers. Waitomo glowworm caves look like cosmos from the telescope or a Christmas illumination. Waitomo These glowworms are native to New Zealand.


The easiest way to see the caves is by a walk or a boat tour. Discover the Ruakuri Cave, which is the longest walking tour in New Zealand. Walk down the spectacular spiral entrance and admire the crystal tapestries and shawl-like limestone formations. You can hear the roar of the underground waterfalls and get closer to the glowworms.


If you are an adventure seeker try the unique experience of black water rafting. Explore the caves through tubing, abseiling and waterfall jumps. You can also combine walking, climbing, swimming and tubing through the spectacular Black Water Rafting TumuTumu Cave. Discover impressive cave formations and the fabulous glowworms.


Do not miss out on spectacular 100-metre abseil and dry caving adventure. It is voted as one of the best activities to do in New Zealand. You get to explore the massive vaults of the Mangapu Cave system.


Also try out Haggas Honking which includes 4 hours abseiling, rock-climbing & slipping and sliding through the caves all while you are down a hole only on the support of a rope!