New Zealand

Tamaki Maori Village

  I walked towards the bus which was supposed to take me to Tamaki Village.  The friendly atmosphere made me smile, and I sat down. Our bus driver was motivated and made us interact with him. We learned a lot of Maori words and about what we have to expect in Tamaki village, a Maori […]

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Te Puia – New Zealand Māori Arts & Crafts Institute

I went to visit Te Puia – New Zealand Māori Arts & Crafts Institute surrounded by Te Whakarewarewa  Thermal Valley. I entered Te Puia through the gateway, passing five carved portals leading to the sacred Maori place. In them, you can already see the connection of Te Puia and carving. On the site you can visit […]

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Kaitiaki Adventures – Rafting and sledging

After a short night, I got up and prepared myself with my bikini and a towel. Rafting was on my schedule. The shuttle picked me up and brought us to the headquarter of Kaitiaki, which means guardian in English. We were stuffed with wetsuits, shoes, jackets, helmets and of course life jackets. Fully dressed we […]

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My first day in Rotorua – Canopy Tours

I got picked up from my hostel by a staff member of Canopy tours. We, that means me and the rest of the group, were taken to the office where we had to fill out a form and were weighed to check if everyone fulfilled the requirements. After everyone had filled out the form, had […]

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My first day in Rotorua – ZORB

My next stop was Zorb. You could easily go there by bus as well. Before you go there make sure you have your swimsuit with you, so you can decide on site if you want to do the wet or the dry ride. The first thing you have to do is to complete a completed […]

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My first day in Rotorua – Skyline

My alarm rang at six a clock, a time I am not used to anymore. I dragged myself out of the bed and put the rest of my belongings in my backpack. The Nakedbus was supposed to be leaving at the harbor, next to Britomart. When I arrived there was already a long line of […]

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Sunset Sailing on Arcturus

I made my way down to Viaduct Harbor, the wind blowing trough my already disheveled hair. The closer I got the more I could smell the sea and feel the liberty. Finally, I saw the pole of the Arcturus in front of me and wasted no time to jump on board. I was cordially received […]

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Is the Tongariro Crossing really the world’s best 1-day hike?

If you are looking for a one-day hike set in the most exotic location, look no farther than the Tongariro Crossing trail on New Zealand’s North Island. Here you will traverse contracts in landscape from dense woodlands to that resembling a Scottish moor and even trek across a volcanic landscape that leaves you feeling as […]

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Underground Star Lights Exist Down Under

One of the most fascinating things about the underground world is the diversity of creatures that live there, often in total darkness. And I mean TOTAL darkness. If you have ever been on cavern tour where they shut off the lights for about 5 minutes to let you get a feel of the totality of […]

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