New Zealand

NeighBros reunite!

The real MVP, Jacinda Ardern, announces return of Trans-Tasman travel from April 12. There’s a lot you can do in 9 months, in fact, I could’ve grown a whole human in the time since NZ decided to burst our little travel bubble. Yet here I am, childless (thank the Lawd) and bookin’ a flight to […]

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5 Crazy Facts about New Zealand

Think you know New Zealand? Think again! Here are 5 crazy facts about the country that will definitely surprise you! 1. Christchurch used to have a local wizard! There’s no denying New Zealand is a magical place, and that’s not just because it was the set of Lord of the Rings! In 1982, Christchurch actually […]

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What makes Milford Sound so special?

The Milford Sound Cruise offered by Jucy Cruises proved to be an exceptional sightseeing experience in one of the most beautiful places in not only New Zealand, but in all the world. In fact, Milford Sound has been considered a number of times, as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’. Milford Sound Though the waterway […]

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3 reasons to go Black Water Rafting in Waitomo

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go Black Water Rafting with the Legendary Black Water Rafting Company. We opted to do the 3 hour Black Labyrinth tour. Here’s how we got on. Waitomo (‘wai’ meaning water and ‘tomo’ meaning sinkhole or cave) on New Zealand’s North Island is world famous […]

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3 Fun & Cheap Things To Do in Taupo

Exploring New Zealand on a backpacker budget? Can’t afford a skydive? Check out these cheap things to do in Taupo that won’t break the bank! 1. Huka Falls Huka Falls are HUGE! How huge? 220,000 litres of flowing water per second kind of huge (that’s enough to fill one Olympic sized swimming pool every 11 […]

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