Head out South

There is nothing quite as picturesque as South Island in New Zealand. Nearly one-third of this idyllic paradise is either designated as a park or a reserve meaning there is plenty of wilderness to explore. And there are many ways to explore it, too. The West Coast is the site of many geological wonders. Here […]

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Dive into Northland

The Poor Knights Islands in Northland is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true If you are looking for an adventure that combines your love of the outdoors with your love of diving, then look no farther. Just off New Zealand’s North Island lies the Poor Knights Islands. Here you will find a 4million year old […]

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Walking the Glaciers

Very few places in the world offer the adventure seeker the opportunity to walk on glaciers like New Zealand does. The West Coast contains remnants of the ice age cascade created from the enormous snowfields of the Southern Alps. Resting just 300 metres above sea level, New Zealand’s glaciers are the most accessible in the […]

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Mythical Creatures Lake Waikaremoana

Escape into the enchanted forest surrounding Lake Waikaremoana, the ancestral home of the Ngai Tribe, also known as the “Children of the Mist.” If that isn’t inviting enough, consider this – this region is also home to the patupaiarehe, mythical fairy creatures reported to have lured the wives of Maori warriors away. Nestled entirely within […]

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Add a Bike or Two to Your Campervan

This summer Britz is adding cycle power to their fleet of campers.  With 18 New Zealand Cycle Trails to choose from throughout New Zealand, which cater to all abilities, there’s no excuse not to enjoy nature at its finest with friends and family. If you are heading north of Auckland this summer and looking for […]

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Travelling Solo

“Never miss an opportunity to make memories” – a piece of advice given to me by a friend a few years ago. This single sentence opened up my life. After completing a 2 year contract in IndiaI decided to spend a few months travelling before heading home to New Zealand. Travelling solo is not my […]

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Look Up!

 The clear, unpolluted skies of Queenstown will provide the perfect setting for Skyline Queenstown’s new stargazing experience. Thanks to Skyline’s magnificent location and Queenstown’s long winter nights, guests on the company’s new Skyline Star Gazing tour will be able to get closer to another world than ever before. “The view from Skyline is out of […]

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KJET ramping up for a wet reception

Queenstown’s newly re-branded Jet boat company is set to show off its ”thrilling” new look as warmer weather heralds the start of the busy season. Kawarau Jet — now re-branded to KJet — is gearing up for what is always the busiest time of year for the company as warm, long days make for perfect […]

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Queenstown bar does it’s bit for world peace

The spectacular Remarkables mountain range viewed from the deck of renowned Queenstown bar The Boiler Room, provided the perfect backdrop to a music video recording which will go global. Five Queenstown bands gathered on The Boiler Room deck earlier this week to record Kiwi music footage that will form part of a global concert to […]

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