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Category: Queenstown

7 FREE things to do in Queenstown

Welcome to the adventure capital of the world! Queenstown is tons of fun, but all those epic bungees, white water rafting trips and jet boat tours can add up. Here are 7 free activities to enjoy between each adrenaline rush. They’ll give your wallet a break and will mean you’ll be able to afford your […]


Having just spent the weekend in Queenstown and with quite frankly too many activities to choose from, I've decided to narrow down the list. So here are my top 3 adrenaline activities, ranging from the slightly hair-raising to mildly terrifying... and no, eating a Ferburger in under 30 seconds is not one of them! NUMBER […]

Adrenaline pumping with the Shotover Jet in New Zealand!

Heart of Adventure We’re in Queenstown, heart of adventure in New Zealand. Exactly what I love. Everything that has to do with speed, adrenaline and adventure sounds fun to me. We got a few things booked in Queenstown and one of it is the Shotover Jet. The shotover River is the famous river that runs […]

What are Base Hostels like in New Zealand?

Base Backpackers is a popular hostel with various locations in and around Australia and New Zealand. During my time in New Zealand, I was lucky enough to stay in five of these. This included stays in Queenstown, Wanaka, Wellington, Taupo and Auckland. My flight from Brisbane landed in Queenstown, and for April, it was unseasonably […]

What makes New Zealand's South Island so cool?

I feel very lucky to have seen some amazing and beautiful places on our travels so far. New York, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the incredible beaches of Fiji and plenty of places along part of the East Coast of Australia. However, I can safely say that New Zealand has blown me away more than any other […]

Vortex Cinema - A World of Possibilities

The Vortex Cinema is based in the hub of central Queenstown. It is immersed in the busy atmosphere of the popular New Zealand town, and sits along Shotover Street, which is also home to many famous cafes, businesses and hostels. The complex caught my eye as I was exploring the beautiful little streets. I thought […]

Shotover Jet - Ultimate Thrills on the Iconic River

The scenery of Queenstown continues to blow me away. Every time I look outside, I sense a feeling of complete awe. It is certainly one of the most beautiful places I have seen. Often words, or even photographs, cannot justify the pure beauty before my eyes. I feel so lucky to be able to wake […]

Skippers Canyon Jet - Incredible Scenery and A Thrilling Ride

I certainly got more than I expected when we ventured out of Queenstown to experience the famous Skippers Canyon Jet. It was an overcast Sunday but the iconic New Zealand town never fails to look amazing. The whole experience lasted a total of three hours, from the time we were collected in the middle of […]

Hydro Attack - When Shark Meets Machine!

When I arrived in Queenstown, it struck me how mountainous the surroundings were. I was expecting some incredibly beautiful scenery, but I wasn’t expecting the scenes that greeted me one afternoon as I went for a stroll in the centre. It is a small little town centre with unique shops and it has a lovely […]

GForce Paragliding - Views of Queenstown Like No Other

Queenstown is just an example of pure beauty. I was swept away by it as soon as we landed. It was unseasonably wintry, and after spending six months in Australia I was required to adjust quite quickly. The chilly atmosphere had a refreshing feel about it, and the snow-dusted mountains were just incredible. The view […]

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