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Category: Travel Stories

Under the Spotlight: Olly Gaspar's Six Years of Non-stop Adventure Travel

When it comes to the legends of adventure travel, few names resonate as profoundly as Olly Gaspar. With six years of non-stop exploration under his belt, Olly has cemented his place as a travel expert and an inspiration to wanderlust-driven souls worldwide. His blog, "We Seek Travel," is a testament to his relentlessly adventurous spirit […]

Moreton Island Day Trip: Get Wrecked Tour 

Located off the coast of Brisbane, Moreton Island is the third-largest sand island in the world (after K’gari/Fraser Island and North Stradbroke Island) and is a must-visit when exploring Southeast Queensland.  So, what’s so great about Moreton Island? For starters, it’s most known for its Tangalooma Wrecks - 15 shipwrecks laying 20 metres off the […]

10 unglamourous secrets about travelling

We've all read dozens of blogs with dos and don’ts, tips and tricks, must-sees and must-definitely-not-sees... If there’s one thing that I’ve learned during my travels, it’s this: nobody’s perfect! Even the most experienced traveller occasionally screws up. I jotted down ten not so glamourous things about travel that you won’t read about in most […]


I never imagined Australia could get THAT cold in winter, next time I move to another country I will definitely research the weather before packing! Something else I never imagined as a European, was that I would have to go NORTH to find the warmth. Well, we are Down Under after all. On the 1st of […]

A breathtaking day hike through the picturesque hinterland of the Gold Coast

After two months of city life, I wanted a break, a real break. I really needed to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne. My little holiday to the Gold Coast was already a big step in the right direction, but after some good time on the beach, huge parties and a scenic sunset kayak […]

The water maze of the Gold Coast; Exploring the inland waterways in a kayak

  Born and raised in the Netherlands I basically breathe water. So what do you do when you get the opportunity to join in on a kayak tour? Ow yes count me in please! And what if this tour includes delicious wine, beautiful sunsets and (my all-time favourite) tasty cheese! Then you got me hooked. […]

Strange and Romantic Love Traditions From Around the World

  Valentine's Day is fast approaching - the time of year when we treat our sweethearts to chocolate, flowers and other treats in order to show them how much we love them. These Valentine’s Day traditions are typical for our culture, but what about love and romance in different parts of the world? What are […]

5 embarrassing travel stories from Asia

Epic travel pictures and awesome adventurous videos are all over the Facebook walls and Instagram accounts of most Globetrotters. Add a hashtag (or a hundred of them) and BAMMMM... time to count all our likes and feel like a heroic celebrity (for 1 minute). But what about our not so heroic travel moments? You know […]

Agroventures - A Land of Crazy Fun in Rotorua

Rotorua, based on the north island of New Zealand with its iconic hot pools surrounding Lake Rotorua, is not just a treat for the eyes. Sightseeing and walking are fantastic past times in this beautiful New Zealand town, but you’re also free to enjoy the many exciting adrenaline activities that are on offer within close […]

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