Backpacking Tips

6 Things I Always Regret Packing

Raise your hand if you like packing… I’m going to assume that not many people raised their hands. Let’s just be honest — packing sucks! If you’re like me, I usually leave it until the night before the flight leaves. I’m usually spending longer than necessary trying to figure out what to bring, looking at […]

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Best Australian Festivals to Attend This Summer

Goodbye winter, hello summer! Australia is bursting with things to do and social events during this time of year. There are plenty of music, arts, food and cultural festivals to keep you entertained all summer long. Here are a few of our favourites to check out this year. See you there? Queensland CMC Rocks Australia’s […]

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3 Food Hacks to Save You Money and Time When You Travel

In many travel destinations, good, cheap and accessible food is easy to find. But in other spots, that’s not the case.  Perhaps you’re travelling in a remote location without many shops or restaurants. Maybe you’re stuck with an hours-long layover in a barren airport terminal. Or maybe you just can’t be bothered trekking all around […]

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