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Category: Sport

One Climb to Rule Them All: Conquering the Lord of the Rungs Waterfall in Wanaka

If you've ever dreamt of a climb that transcends the ordinary, where adventure reaches new heights and nature unfolds its grandeur in ways unimaginable, then the Lord of the Rungs Waterfall Climb in Wanaka is your ultimate quest! This extraordinary journey, often dubbed as the "LOTR Climb," is not just an adventure—it's an epic tale […]

5 Reasons Why You MUST Visit Japan in 2019

Japan is a popular travel destination for people from all around the globe. Year-round, it offers incredible food, beautiful natural scenery, plenty of history as well as a rich and diverse contemporary culture. Throughout the year, there are all sorts of specific reasons to visit Japan, from cherry blossom season in the spring to the […]

5 ways to feel like you flew to Russia for the World Cup

World Cup fever is heating up! If you’ve been watching the soccer and wishing you were in Kazan or Moscow, you’re not alone. With teams from every country and an exotic backdrop, it’s hard not to get travel envy, but with accommodation and flight prices skyrocketing, Russia isn’t exactly backpacker destination number one. Luckily here […]

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