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Category: Life

A Guide to Costa Rica on a Budget

The first time I ever went to Costa Rica was the first time I ever travelled alone. I was in uni on a very limited student budget, looking to see and do as much as possible for the lowest cost.  So I set myself a challenge: Spend no more than $1,000USD on the whole trip. […]

10 Tips Every Backpacker Should Know

Tell your bank you’re leaving  You don’t want to land overseas to realise your card is frozen for “suspicious international transactions”. Notify your bank of your travel plans beforehand to save you this hassle. Many banks even allow you to do this easily right within their mobile apps! 2. Embrace minimalism I’m sure you know […]

Visiting Melbourne? Here Are the 5 Restaurants You Must Try

Melbourne is brimming with amazing dining spots, from the cheap and cheerful to the prix fixe fine dining destinations and everything in between.  The dining scene in Melbourne is great for two main reasons:   1. The city is a cultural melting pot, meaning the restaurant options reflect these cultures and   2. We take our food […]

Top 7 Travel Destinations for Couples

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the idea of a romantic getaway may be on your mind. But before booking a trip with your sweetie, it’s important to know which spots are best for couples traveling together. Whether you prefer the city, beach, mountains or country, there’s sure to be something on this list […]

Making the Most of your Travel Money: the Backpacker's Budget

So your tickets are booked, your bags packed, and your bank account is on the decline. Your savings have taken quite the hit (punch) and it’s completely messing with that post-booking high you’ve been riding. The journey is all mapped out, but the finances seem a little slimmer than they should before a big trip. […]

New Year's Eve: Where in the World to Celebrate

The year 2018 is reaching its final stages. Christmas cheer is spreading nicely, and our holiday bellies are comfortably settling in. After Christmas Day, while we watch in woe as the decorations are packed away, we wait mere days for the new year to arrive. Whether you’ve lived your best life in 2018, or you’re […]

Around the World in Christmas Traditions

The silly season is well upon us and Christmas is now just around the corner. ‘Tis the season for elaborate decoration, gingerbread baking and big family gatherings… but not for everyone. Depending on where you are in the world, you could be hiding your brooms from wicked witches, or even devouring KFC. Here’s a look […]

Spooky Halloween traditions around the world

It's almost Halloween... and tis the season of creepy clowns, scary spirits and gruesome ghosts! You probably know this holiday as a time of dress ups, lollies, and scary movies, but there are actually hundreds of different versions of Halloween all over the world. Depending on where you are, you could be celebrating Halloween by […]

Uluru, Kata Tjuta et Watarrka – Les trois merveilles de l'Outback Australien

Mon expérience avec la compagnie « The Rock Tour » dans le Territoire du Nord 3 jours et 2 nuits de Uluru à Alice Springs «Palya » – Bienvenue sur les terres Anangu ! Je tenais absolument à découvrir la cambrousse Australienne appelée « Outback » avant de rentrer en France. Le Centre-Rouge m’a paru être une destination indispensable ! J’ai pu […]

What to expect: Way Outback Cicada Dreaming Tour

I was yearning to discover the Australian Outback that surrounds the Northern Territory. Therefore, in June, I embarked on the 3-day “Cicada Dreaming” Tour with the most experienced company “Wayoutback Australian Safaris” starting from Alice Springs and ending in Darwin. This trip takes you right through the incredible Top End. If you are interested in […]

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