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Category: Christchurch

5 Crazy Facts about New Zealand

Think you know New Zealand? Think again! Here are 5 crazy facts about the country that will definitely surprise you! 1. Christchurch used to have a local wizard! There's no denying New Zealand is a magical place, and that's not just because it was the set of Lord of the Rings! In 1982, Christchurch actually […]

Why backpackers are missing a trick with Christchurch!

"Just for a few days right?". That was the response I got when telling people I was going to Christchurch. Countless articles talk about the buzz of Auckland or the thrill of Queenstown, but the South Island's largest city always seems to be unfairly forgotten. I'd describe Christchurch like Justin Bieber - you're not supposed […]

New Zealand is more than just Kiwis and Hobbits

We all know a New Zealander, and we all know that they’re usually confident their country is the best in the world. Having travelled here twice and now lived here for 9 months, I must say, I can see their point. Of course, they’re fairly good at rugby, they have quite endearing accents and little […]

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