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10 FREE ways to experience Melbourne

Marvellous Melbourne was voted the world’s most liveable city not just once – but SIX times you guys! That’s pretty good going. But for me what makes a place liveable is the stuff you can do without blowing your hard earned cash. Here are our top 10 FREE things to do while you’re in Melbourne. […]

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The ultimate packing list for ANY trip!

Yay! You’re going on an adventure! Time pack your bags and get the hell outta here… wait before you leave, you do actually need to ‘pack’ your bags. NOOOOO! What should I bring? What is the weather going to be like? It’s a stressful situation even for the most organised of us. But don’t worry […]

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10 things only a backpacker would understand

You’re a rare breed backpacker. You experience a whole heap of things that many people will never come across in their LIVES… goon hangovers, questionable street food and the god damn usefulness of a travel towel. But we’re with you, we know how you feel, we’ve experienced them too and put together a useless BRILLIANT […]

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10 unglamourous secrets about travelling

We’ve all read dozens of blogs with dos and don’ts, tips and tricks, must-sees and must-definitely-not-sees… If there’s one thing that I’ve learned during my travels, it’s this: nobody’s perfect! Even the most experienced traveller occasionally screws up. I jotted down ten not so glamourous things about travel that you won’t read about in most […]

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8 reasons to travel with a conscience

Travelling is awesome we all know that. But what makes it EVEN better, is giving something back to the country you’re falling in love with. Whether it’s working with animals or teaching children, travelling with a conscience strengthens your skills, gives you a deeper understanding of your destination, helps those in need and oh yeah, […]

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