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Category: Cambodia

16 of the cheapest countries to travel

Is your growing bucket list putting pressure on your pocket? Do you want to travel but are worried about the price of accommodation, attractions and food all adding up? One of the most daunting things about travel is the cost… but it doesn’t always have to be expensive! The world is full of bargain destinations […]

What I wish I’d known Backpacking in Asia

Here are 12 things I wish I’d known before backpacking in Asia. But the most important thing I learnt was to RELAX. Your mosquito repellent won’t be as good as the one you can buy in country. Leave it at home and grab some that’s formulated for where you’re going. I bought some highly praised spray from Boots, and ended […]

A Life-Changing Holiday

ACPE student, Scott Reynolds, returns from a life-changing volunteer trip to Cambodia Scott Reynolds has recently returned from a life changing three-week trip to Cambodia made possible by The Australian College of Physical Education where he is currently studying a Bachelor of Applied Fitness. This is the second year in which ACPE staff and students […]

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