Cambodian Boxing Masterclass

Master the martial art of Muay Thai in a 2 hour masterclass with Cambodian boxing champion!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2 hrs
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2 hours of boxing with a local Cambodian boxing champion


Muay Thai is a very popular, deadly martial art that originated from Angkor Empire. Phnom Penh tourists who want to learn more about this deadly martial art have something to smile about now because they can simply sign up for Cambodian Boxing Lessons with Champion Fighters.


On this lesson, you’ll embrace the local sports and how local residents defend themselves from personal attacks, which used to be very common in the ancient times that led to the development of the deadly martial art. Learning all you can about the most popular martial art will greatly add to your experience of the region. You will appreciate the intense training, commitment and hard work boxers have to go through to become champions.

Learning Cambodian boxing will allow you to take your Phnom Penh holiday trip with you to re-live it many times because you’ll be able to gain boxing techniques that are unique to Cambodians. We offer you the opportunity to learn how to use the most effective parts of your body such as elbows, fists, feet and knees for most impact and to help you keep fit as well. The Cambodian champion fighters will teach you how to attack, defend yourself from thugs, and how to keep fit. The original masters in Cambodia will show you various techniques of Cambodian martial art that you want to continue practising even after you’ll have gone back home. 

The sessions start by our instructors telling you a bit of the history of Pradal Serey (Cambodian Boxing) before giving you an overview of what the whole session will entail. All of the masters are natives of Cambodia and are champion fighters so you’re in the hands of professionals who know it all and will be able to teach you successfully whether you have a prior experience in Boxing or otherwise. 

After a brief history, what follows is a series of warm-ups and cardio exercises, which will help you to build the needed foundation for real boxing, apart from helping you prevent injuries during training.  Chin Kav Chai will be your host, and will help you make the most of the gym so that you can learn basic techniques of boxing such as punching, kicking and leg movements from the local masters. This will allow you to learn the boxing techniques that you often see the Cambodian champion fighters use during competitions. 


All champion fighters speak perfect English and therefore, all of the sessions are conducted in English. For you to be able to converse with the locals during the Cambodian Boxing Session experience, you’ll have a translator. 

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Please ensure you have your own travel insurance as this is a local tour offered by locals who do not offer 3rd party insurances. At no point will you held for any claims.


These representatives have been vetted and trained by respective city offices in matters of communication and safety. (Facilitators will only be provided for Hosts who do not speak English). Not only are they your guide and translator, but in addition they have all the necessary information (nearest hospital and emergency numbers) should your safety be compromised during an experience with our hosts.


Please note details of your host and their meeting points will be sent to you once you have booked with us.

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No refunds for cancellations. If the tour or activity is cancelled by us for any reason - a full refund will be processed.

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FromUSD $32
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