Cambodian Bark Art

Try out this fun and unique art craft of the Cambodian people; you’ll be barking all about it to your friends and family. And here you thought trees were just good for paper and oxygen!

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What's Included

  • Three hour lesson in Bark Art
  • Kid-friendly environment (8+)
  • Transportation to and from the workshop
  • A translator to help facilitate language barriers


Similar to traditional leaf art, bark art is a unique way of using pieces from nature to create a beautiful masterpiece to share with everyone. You’ll learn from the extremely talented Long Samnang, who studies at the Royal University of Fine Arts. Samnang is originally from the Takeo province and he hopes that his passion for the arts can be put to good use in helping to relieve a bit of  his mother's financial burden as a single mother. He is passionate about art and wants to help the world to know all about Cambodian fine arts and the rich culture behind the different mediums.


If you’re looking for a creative class that is unique to Cambodia, this bark art class is definitely the way to go.




Trees provide many things for humans -- oxygen, shade, paper, and even syrup, among other things. And while they are an artistic work of Mother Nature herself, symbolizing strength through their roots and stability in their structure, tree bark is also a great medium to work with in an artistic manner. In this class, Samnung will show you how tree bark -- something you may see every single day -- can be reconfigured in a way to look like a beautiful piece of art, worthy of putting up in any home.


While it might look simple, you might be surprised by how differently it could turn out if you simply did it on your own, without any instruction at all! The selection of wood pieces, the size, the color and the shape of the bark all play a part in contributing to the final piece of art you’re creating. You’ll learn that the principle here is similar to many mosaic art pieces created all over the world and based on the concept of different toned 'pixels.’ Here, the pixels are substituted y unevenly sized pieces of bark which makes it slightly more complicated. Samnang will teach you with kindness and patience in this course, while allowing you the liberty of creative freedom to shine. Samnang enjoys creating temples out of bark, but participants are encouraged to bring in photos or any inspiration to recreate with bark. Samnang will let you know if you’ll be able to pull it off in this 3 hour course!



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FromUSD $22
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