New Zealand Tour North to South Island - 24 Days

Join this exciting small-group tour and spend 24 days filled with jaw-dropping New Zealand scenery and adrenaline-fuelled activities!

map Auckland, New Zealand
24 days
Start & End Time
Start & End Time
8:00 (Day 1) am to 7:00 (Day 24)
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Max Group Size
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Pick-Up & Drop-Off
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Start & End Location
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What's Included

  • Transport, breakfast and accommodation (max six shares, upgrades available)
  • Passionate Kiwi guide
  • Maori Cultural experience in the Coromandel and Rotorua
  • Traditional Maori ‘Hangi’ (food cooked using heated rocks and buried in an underground oven)
  • Ferry between the North and South Islands across the iconic Cook Strait
  • Two nights accommodation deep in the rainforest on the South Island's West Coast
  • Gondola ride in Queenstown to see panoramic views of the "Adventure Capital of the World."
  • Intimate small groups (max 16 people)
  • Guided tour to "off-the-beaten-track" locations
  • Surprise stops on the way



  • Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland
  • Abel Tasman National Park
  • 7 National Parks
  • Waitangi Treaty Grounds
  • Hundertwasser Toilets, Kawakawa
  • Maungawhau/Mount Eden
  • Cathedral Cove
  • Rotorua
  • Huka Falls
  • Matairangi/Mount Victoria
  • Wellington
  • Kaikoura
  • Christchurch
  • Church of the Good Shepard
  • Tekapo Dark Sky Reserve
  • Arrowtown
  • Franz Josef
  • Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki
  • Abel Tasman National park
  • Nelson

What's excluded

  • Upgrade your accommodation to a private room, for $2199. Please note - there are 2 nights on this tour where private accommodation upgrades are not available due to limited availability: Day 7 (Murupara) and Day 13 (MacKenzie Country). In special circumstances arrangements may be possible.


Be amazed by spectacular glaciers, majestic mountain ranges and crystal clear blue water. Absorb the beauty of  New Zealand's amazing landscapes, experience the traditional Maori culture and let the city of Queenstown take your breath away. This trip offers it all!

This New Zealand wide tour starts and ends in Auckland and covers all the highlights in 24 unforgettable days. Get ready for secluded beaches, jaw-dropping scenery, Maori culture, mountain ranges, lush rainforests - and more adventure activities than you can ever imagine!

'Must-do' events, such as a Maori Cultural night, Queenstown Gondola ride, 'Tiki' pendant carving experience and more are included. 

Your trip starts early in the morning, so you can opt to book accommodation in Auckland the night before the tour. Then you only have to walk downstairs on day one. A stress-free morning. Likewise, you can book an extra night for when we get back, so you are not in a rush once we end our trip.

Upgrading your accommodation to a 2-person private room costs $1999. The cost is per room, so if you share the room with someone else, you can split the cost between the two of you. You can select this upgrade as you build your tour.

Day 1 - Auckland to Paihia
Breakfast and dinner included.

This morning meet your guide and group for tasty breakfast and introductions. Hop on the bus for a leisurely drive to the subtropical "Winterless North". 

The Northland region is home to some ancient and impressive kauri forests, and you'll stroll through these today. Check out Tane Mahiuta, the hugest tree of them all! At over 1250 years old and over 51 metres tall, he will take your breath away.

You'll also visit Hikiange Harbour, known for its150-metre high dunes. If the weather is good, you can try sandboarding down these monsters into the beautiful water. 

Later, head to Paihia where you'll enjoy the sunset and feast on fish and chips. This is a jewel in the Bay of Islands, and the views don't get much better than this! 

Day 2 - Paihia
Breakfast included.

There are more than 140 islands dotted around the coastline here, so it's up to you how you spend your day!

Hit the water to discover the coves and beaches and take a cruise through natural rock archways and dolphin pods. You can even swim or snorkel with these beauties. 

If you want to stay on land, take a trip to Cape Regina, the northernmost tip of New Zealand. Here you can see where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean collide, a truly unforgettable sight. 

For the thrill-seekers, take a flight above the ocean on a parasailing adventure. 

Day 3 - Paihia to Auckland
Breakfast included.

Today, take a trip to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds and discover a piece of New Zealand history. The 35-metre carved waka (ceremonial war canoe) is a must-see.

Later, after lunch, wave goodbye to the Bay of Island before a very special rest stop in Kawakawa. Check out the grass-roofed, mosaic-covered Hundertwasser Toilets. Crazy!

There are some beautiful waterfalls around this area if you know where to look - and luckily your guide does! Stop off and check out the natural beauty on your way to Auckland.

You'll travel along the Northland's east coast, full of stunning beaches and coastal walks. There'll be time for a swim so keep your bathers handy.

Later, arrive in the city of Auckland for the night. 

Day 4 - Auckland to Coromandel 
Breakfast included. 

Spend some time exploring hilly Auckland this morning. Many of these hills are volcanic cones, and you'll have the chance to walk up one of the most famous - Maungwhau. Also known as Mount Eden, you'll catch 360-degree views of both the city and sea from here.

Later, head to the Coromandel Peninsula where you'll discover a paradise of beautiful beaches and rainforests. The drive here will take your breath away, with twists and turns around dramatic coastline. Watcha s the ocean gets closer and closer!

The Coromandel is home to the famous Hot Water Beach where thousands of visitors dig their own hot tubs each year. If the tide allows, you'll do the same. 

After some sandy fun, it's time to head to Whitianga. Sample the beaches take a surf lesson or just enjoy the vibes!

Day 5 - Coromandel to Waitomo
Breakfast included. 

This morning take a stroll along the cliffs and down into Cathedral Cove. You might recognise this spot from the Chronicles of Narnia. Ther's perfect beaches galore and massive rock arches and columns that are great for a photo shoot. 

You can also take a guided Cathedral Cove kayak trip and check out the stunning coastline from a different angle. Who knows, you might even meet a dolphin or two! 

Later today, wave goodbye to the east coast and hello to the west as you head to the tiny town of Waitomo. You can meet the resident glow worms tonight or kick back with a beer and admire the stunning stars. 

Day 6- Waitomo to Murupara
Breakfast and dinner included.  


Start Point:
End Point:

After kicking things off in the largest city of New Zealand, we will make our way north to the Bay of Islands and explore Northland and Paihia. Northland is the most tropical and hottest part of New Zealand. It is home to some of the best beaches and scenery on the North Island. Sit back, relax and leave the planning and surprises to your guides.
Bond with the group and get to know each other while taking in your first glimpses of the green fairy-tale landscape of New Zealand. You will admire volcanic islands, turquoise waters and perfect beaches. No wonder this is also a popular holiday destination among locals go.

Northland is the place with some of the best weather in New Zealand. Its tropical climate and fantastic beaches leave all travellers with a smile on their faces.


No extra add-ons available

Paihia is the perfect point of departure to go and explore the Northland region and the Bay of Islands. It is also home to the famous ‘Hole in the Rock'. There are plenty of boat trips you can join. Or how about swimming with dolphins, skydiving, sailing or just chilling out with new friends.

This area also played a big role in the history of New Zealand. It is rich in Maori heritage and culture. We will have the chance to visit spectacular waterfalls, go on scenic walks or take the ferry to one of the islands.

If you want to visit the very top of New Zealand, you can decide to do a day tour to Cape Reinga. You can find this lovely place where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet. This optional day tour includes a 90-mile beach drive. You can even try sand boarding if you are keen. 


Do you prefer to have a relaxing day? Then you can do one of the scenic walks departing from the town centre. Russell is also easily accessible from Paihia and offers some awesome views.


Available activities

  •  Swimming with Dolphins - Paihia $115
  •  Hole in the Rock Cruise - Paihia $105
  •  Scuba Diving $249 - $299
  •  Skydiving - Paihia $329 - $399
  •  Tall Ship Sailing $149
  •  Day Trip to Cape Reinga $129
  •  Discover Scuba $250

We will be visiting a tree on day three! Not just an old tree. This tree is known as the mighty Tane Mahuta, “The Lord of the Forest”, and is located in the Waipoua Forest.


Tane Mahuta is the tallest known kauri tree standing today. It is estimated to be somewhere in between 1,250 and 2,500 years old. Ask him how old he is when you get there!


We have got a couple more secret spots to visit during the day before heading back to the biggest city in New Zealand, Auckland. That is also where we will be spending the evening.


No extra add-ons available

After saying goodbye to the metropolis of Auckland, we will hit the road together on our way south to the best-kept secret of North Island, the Coromandel.

Stunning remote beaches, densely wooded forest and clear azure blue waters. That is what makes the Coromandel one of New Zealand’s favourite getaways. 


At low tide, we will go to the world-famous Hot Water Beach. There you can dig a hole in the sand where natural hot springs bubble up and create your own personal hot tub!
You can also carve your own tiki pendant from bone here. A very unique Kiwi experience. An original self-made souvenir to take home with you.


Available activities

Sea Kayaking $105

It is not a secret that the incredible landscapes of New Zealand have featured as the setting of many blockbusters. We will go for a walk along the cliffs down to Cathedral Cove, which you will recognise from the Chronicles of Narnia. 

Cathedral Cove almost looks surreal with its perfect beaches, massive rock arches and majestic columns. It is one of the most popular spots in the Coromandel.

From the Coromandel, we will head west through some beautiful green hills dotted with New Zealand’s iconic sheep. We will arrive at Waitomo, famous for its glowworm caves.


No extra add-ons available

Waitomo is world-famous for its magnificent glowworm caves. You will be totally amazed by the blue Waitomo glowworms twinkling on the ceiling. There are many different ways to explore the caves. If you are adventurous and not afraid of getting your feet wet, then black water rafting is the ultimate way to experience Waitomo. 

Get in a wetsuit, sit on top of an inner tube and float down the maical caverns and underground maze of the Waitomo caves. Switch your headlamp off and you will think you are watching a sky full of blue stars. Do you want an extra level of adventure? Then you can go on one of the tours that offer abseiling down into the caverns, tubing, zip lining and climbing waterfalls. There is a different way to discover the caves for everyone. 


After lunch, we will continue our trip to Rotorua, famous for its geothermal activity and Maori culture. It is nicknamed the Vegas of New Zealand. There are plenty of activities and things to do in Rotorua.

The Zorb is a very popular activity. It is a Kiwi invention that involves rolling down a hill inside a giant air-cushioned ball. Or enjoy one of the Maori cultural evenings and experience the traditional Maori heritage.


Available activities

  •  Black Water Rafting $138
  •  Lost World Caving Experience $380
  •  OGO $35 - $80

The North Island is mainly volcanic, but Rotorua is unique because of its geothermal activity. It boasts some incredible natural wonders, such as neon blue and red lakes, steaming rivers, active volcanoes and geysers galore. 

We will start with optional white water rafting or sledging on the Kaituna River, including a 7-metre waterfall. Do you prefer something more relaxed? Then there are many other spots to explore around town, including local hot springs.

Here you will have the chance to head over to Matamata and tour the Hobbit film set from The Lord of the Rings. Or how about the Otorohonga Kiwi House where you can get a glimpse of our national icon. Reenact the movie scenes with the rest of the group or just pretend to be a Hobbit while sipping from a refreshing ginger beer.

After having lunch in town, we will take a trip up the Rotorua gondola (cable car) to another stunning panoramic view. We will have the chance to ride down on the Luge (go-karts with no engine). Such fun!

On our way to Taupo, we will stop at Orakei Korako or Waiotapu. This is what makes Rotorua famous. Not to mention its unique smell. Walk around in these extraordinary geyserland and thermal parks. Check out all the unique geothermal activity in the region.  


Available activities

  •  Rafting Kaituna River $99
  •  Water Touch Bungy $169
  •  The Shire Set Tour in Rotorua $114
  •  Sledging $109
  •  Rotorua Canopy Tours $149

Lake Taupo at North Island was created 70,000 years ago by the world’s largest volcanic eruption in history. The eruption was extremely dramatic. Records indicate that the sun even became hazy in China. Taupo Lake is a freshwater lake and is as big as Singapore.
Feeling adventurous? We challenge you to start your day with a skydive. Conquer your fear and jump out of a plane at 12,000 ft high!  Do not forget to look down at the lake. On a clear day you can spot both the west and east coast of the North Island. Experience the ultimate thrill of skydiving and admire stunning New Zealand beauty from up high. 
Another option is to walk the Tongariro Crossing. It is one of the most beautiful walks in the world and takes roughly 7-8 hours. Transport is included and in winter a guide will accompany you. Many of our tour members have described this as a highlight of the tour. A reasonable level of fitness is required for this activity. 
Green and turquoise volcanic lakes greet you at the top. Be prepared for stunning vistas that stretch on for miles to the coast. If you are feeling fit, you can climb Mt. Ngauruhoe, also known as Mt. Doom in the Lord of the Rings.


Available activities

  •  The Tongariro Crossing $65 - $175
  •  Skydiving over Lake Taupo $299 - $389
  •  Sail Lake Taupo $44
  •  Water Touch Bungy $169
  •  Sail Fearless $39

As we drive around Lake Taupo we will see more and more of the majestic Mt Ruapehu, Mt Tongariro and Mt Ngauruhoe. Mt Ngauruhoe is the volcano that is known as Mt Doom in Lord of the Rings. Of course, we will stop briefly for a nice photo.


We will arrive in Wellington in the evening. Sit back, relax and let our knowledgeable guide take you out for an exciting night on the town.


Available activities

Water Touch Bungy $169

This hidden treasure at the bottom of the North Island is anything but boring. New Zealand’s capital is a young city with many green spaces and beaches. It feels more like a small town than an urban capital. Discover its beautiful street art, quirky bars and quaint cafes. The city offers heaps of things to do. It is impossible not to love Wellington.


There is something for everyone here! Visit Weta Studios and find out how the Lord of the Rings movies were produced (optional tour also available). Or how about a ride on the old-fashioned cable car to the Botanic Gardens. You can also visit Te Papa, a famous and free museum in Wellington that is filled with peculiar things, interactive exhibits and the stories and legends behind the history of New Zealand. If you want to relax, you can explore the various beautiful beaches around the town. 


Join the group on a trip up to Mt. Victoria, one of the most iconic spots in Wellington. It offers amazing views and plenty of walking tracks to tackle. Mt. Victoria is a Wellington icon and one of the highlights of the trip.


Available activities

Weta Workshop $0 - $25

This is a classic New Zealand activity! Sail the Cook Strait between the North and South Islands. Watch the city lights of Wellington fade way from the decks of the ferry. The views of the vast ocean will be greeting us.


Keep an eye out for the occasional dolphin jumping out of the water alongside the boat. 

After spotting in a vineyard or two, the majestic mountains around the Marlborough Sounds will rise up and welcome us to the South Island. On our road trip along the rugged coast to Kaikoura we will take in views of fantastic mountains that crash down into the turquoise ocean. Be prepared to see seal colonies and waterfalls here and there as well.

Keep your camera close for a visit to the fur seal colonies? There may even be even baby seals! If the weather is warm enough, we can have a bonfire on the beach together and prepare our own little Haka family BBQ.


No extra add-ons available

Rugged snowcapped mountains drop right down to the beach in Kaikoura. It is an incredible backdrop where you can experience amazing sea life.


Kaikoura offers something for every traveller. Go giant whale watching, fishing, kayaking, mini-golfing or swimming with hundreds of friendly and curious wild dolphins in the crystal blue water. How often do you get the chance to swim with wild dolphins?

After our activities, we will make our way down to Christchurch. This city is filled with beautiful gardens, lazy rivers and heritage buildings. We will finish the day and stay at Haka Lodge.


At the end of the day, we can have a family BBQ together. Hang out with new friends and watch the sun go down. What a perfect way to end an epic day on the South Island.


Available activities

  •  Swimming with Dolphins $95 - $175
  •  Whale Watching $150

Christchurch was seriously damaged by earthquakes a couple of years ago. Today the city is undergoing an impressive transformation. It offers nothing but potential.


We will explore the iconic downtown area. We will find out in which amazing ways the whole city has reunited to rebuild their place. You will find many quirky shops, specialised cafes and characteristic spots to dine. Not to mention the young fun Kiwi culture! Christchurch is hot!

We will then leave Christchurch and make our way to Tekapo. One of New Zealand’s most famous lakes. The bright turquoise Lake Tekapo, surrounded by the jagged Southern Alps, will most certainly take your breath away. 

How could a lake possibly be so bright blue? Minerals left by ancient glaciers are the cause of its magical turquoise-coloured water. And that is not all! Towering mountains and pink and purple Lupin flowers along its banks make the lake almost seem surreal. 

After sunset, it gets even better. The area around Tekapo is known as a "Star Reserve" thanks to its incredibly clear skies. It is the ultimate place in New Zealand to see the stars and galaxies. Watch the stars appear over the lake from the hostel that’s just a few feet from the shore.


Available activities

Hot Air Ballooning $395

The road to Queenstown (passing plenty of glacial blue lakes, soaring mountains and green valleys) is almost as beautiful as the city. Taste some splendid wines in the famous region of Otago, or explore some of the local salmon farms. Grasp this unique opportunity to see a more diverse side of the South Island. 

Queenstown is the undisputed adventure capital of New Zealand. You cannot miss out on visiting this stunning place when travelling around the Southern Island. The city is surrounded by the awe-inspiring Remarkables. Some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in NZ. Lake Wakatipu is another must-see miracle. Postcard photo alert! 

The Gondola will carry us high up above Queenstown. There is nothing like watching the sunset over New Zealand’s prettiest city with new friends before experiencing the famous nightlife in town.

We will be spending the night at Haka Lodge in Queenstown. There we can cook some meals together, and chill out in the luxury hostel lodge. The next day is going to be packed with activities, so be sure to get a good night's rest!


Available activities

  •  Scenic Flight $370
  •  Kawarau Bridge Bungy $195
  •  Paragliding $219

You will have a full day in Queenstown. Include as many bucket list activities and things to do, as you wish. Choose for paragliding, bungy jumping or mountain biking while your Haka friends cheer you on. Or how about horse riding through breath-taking Lord of the Rings locations in Glenorchy. Or swinging Tarzan-style through a canyon with a new friend. Queenstown is the highlight of any trip to New Zealand. No doubt about it! 

Did you know that Queenstown is also home to the most famous burger in New Zealand. Grab a yummy 'Fergburger' as you explore the town! 


Are you into hiking? Then why don't you try out New Zealand’s Great Walks and conquer part of the Routeburn track? Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. Driving into the park is amazing. And wait until you get on the water! Sail around the fiords passing thundering waterfalls and mighty cliff faces. You will find out why this is one of the most spectacular spots in New Zealand.

Milford is universally loved by all, no matter if it rains or if the sun shines. Experience it from the decks of a boat or kayak around the steep cliffs. If you're lucky, you might even spot a sea lion or dolphin popping up to say hello. Magical! 


Available activities

  •  Paragliding $219
  •  Canyon Swing $229
  •  Skiing/Snowboarding Day at The Remarks $160
  •  Canyoning Queenstown (October - April Only)$199
  •  Nevis Bungy $50 - $275
  •  Kawarau Bridge Bungy $195
  •  Extreme Jet Boating $145
  •  Horse Trekking at Glenorchy $165
  •  Heli-Mountain Biking $425
  •  Milford Sound Trip $125 - $499
  •  Skydiving over The Remarks $339 - $439
  •  Middle-earth Tour in Queenstown $185

Get ready for a spectacular drive from Queenstown to Wanaka. Great views, beautiful stops and plenty of surprises! We will stop in the beautiful historic Arrowtown. Get your exploring shoes on and go out to discover the town. 

Then we are off to Wanaka. We will stop at New Zealand’s oldest pub for a drink or two in Cardrona. Then we continue our journey towards Wanaka, a stunning lakeside holiday town.

Wanaka is a year round destination, surrounded by majestic mountains and a glacial blue lake. There is a thriving young vibe in the town and plenty of things to do. In the warmer months, you can do tons of lake activities. Go for a swim or try out waterskiing, wakeboarding or kayaking. Or how about a beautiful hike or bike ride. Go all around the lake and admire its surrounding natural beauty. 

In winter, Wanaka is one of the most popular snow sports destinations in New Zealand. There are several great ski fields close to the town. At the end of an active day, you can hit the cafes on the lakefront and enjoy a well-deserved drink with the group.


Available activities

  •  Paragliding $219
  •  Canyon Swing $229
  •  Canyoning Queenstown (October - April Only)$199
  •  Nevis Bungy $50 - $275
  •  Kawarau Bridge Bungy $195
  •  Extreme Jet Boating $145
  •  Horse Trekking at Glenorchy $165
  •  Skydiving over Southern Alps $339 - $439
  •  Heli-Mountain Biking $425
  •  Tiger Moth Acrobatic Plane Ride $299
  •  Skydiving over The Remarks $339 - $439

Is there a better way to start your day than with a thrilling skydive over Wanaka? Take in the stunning glaciers. Later in the day, you can admire the same glaciers from a different viewpoint. We will even get to see Mr. Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand. Or how about going back in time? Take a flight over the town and lake in a vintage Tiger Moth biplane.

You can also mountain bike along the lake or climb up the iconic Mt. Iron in town for some nice views. If you want to keep your day less adventurous, you can visit the iconic Puzzling World. Have some fun and try out all the games and activities.

We will then head towards the wild west coast of the South Island. We will be crossing the beautiful mountains in Haast and get a good view of the sea.


Get excited for one of the most iconic and scenic road trips around New Zealand. Apart from the stunning west coast views, there are plenty of other surprises and secret spots to dsicover today.

The whitebait season is between September and December. Whitebait is a small fish that is a delicacy in New Zealand. They serve it fried up with eggs and on toast. It is a local treat that you definitely have to try! We will stop at one of the secret local spots to try it out.


Available activities

  •  Skydiving over Southern Alps $339 - $439
  •  Tiger Moth Acrobatic Plane Ride $299

Another New Zealand highlight: Franz Josef Glacier. You will marvel at the sight of bright blue ice fields, surrounded by green mountains, dropping down into a rainforest. The glaciers are relatively easy to access. Hiking on or around them is a must-do.

A very popular way of visiting the glacier is by helicopter. There are also some Heli-hike options. We really recommend a Heli-hike if you can afford it. It brings you to the most amazing blue ice! Try out ice climbing for the first time, or chill in the hot springs down below. You can also choose to stay in town and carve your own Greenstone necklace.

Franz Jozef offers more than its beautiful glaciers. There are plenty of opportunities for kayaking, quad biking, horse riding and even group karaoke if you want to give a small performance!

You will see Mt. Cook twinkling behind the glaciers of Franz Josef. This highest mountain in New Zealand is one of the reasons why the setting around Franz Josef is about as beautiful a setting as you can find.


Available activities

  •  Heli-Experience with Snow Landing $240
  •  Kayak in Glacier Country $115
  •  Glacier Heli Hike $449
  •  Quad Biking $160

Many Kiwis argue that the west coast of the South Island is what New Zealand used to look like. Vast ancient rainforests drop down into rugged coastlines. Huge waves crash onto beautiful beaches. And what is that in the background? Oh it is the magnificent Southern Alps. Can it get even prettier than that?


Go back in time and admire the green forests around Punakaiki on our drive along the coastal road. Excited yet? You should be! Our expert guides have some surprises up their sleeves for this part of the trip. One of them includes a spot or two to get your feet wet.

The South Island is called Te Waipounamu, which means ‘the water Greenstone’. It is named after the abundance of Greenstone (jade) that can be found there. We will visit one of the famous artisan Greenstone factories in Hokitika on our way north. We will also be passing through many old gold mining towns before we arrive in Punakaiki.


If this is your last stop, then you can decide to take the Tranz Alpine train back to Christchurch, one of the most iconic train journeys in New Zealand crossing the Southern Alps.


No extra add-ons available

North of Punakaiki’s famous Pancake Rocks. We will sleep in the rainforest next to the beach at the unique Te Nikau Retreat. One of the best places to stay at in the area. We will build a bonfire and watch the sun go down over the ocean. The perfect way to enjoy this untamed part of New Zealand.


The Pancake Rocks are one of the many natural wonders on the South Island. They are formed by huge basalt columns along the coast. At high tide seawater shoots up through the many blowholes creating a roaring performance.


Around Punakaiki you will find opportunities for surfing, kayaking and caving. You can even get the chance to make your own knife; the perfect souvenir to bring home. Other options are horseback riding and walking along the Paparoa National Park.


Available activities

Underground Rafting $185

On our way north from Punakaiki, the scenery and weather will get better and better. From exploring some caves to visiting fur seal colonies to various adventure activities... There is plenty to keep you busy.

From visiting secret waterholes, flying a stunt plane yourself to going for a bit of a skydive or hang gliding, there are plenty of activities in the area to choose from.

Eventually, we will arrive in Motueka, the gateway to Abel Tasman National Park, one of the gems of the South Island. Golden beaches meet up with tranquil lagoons and crystal clear water. They are what makes the Abel Tasman the perfect getaway from the mountains.


Available activities

Skydiving - Abel Tasman $299 - $399

Enough of the big mountains. It is time for some sandy beaches. Abel Tasman can be explored in many different ways. Options are walking, kayaking, water taxi or a combination of all three. There are also opportunities for sailing and canyoning. 

One of New Zealand’s great walks, the Abel Tasman trail is easy and meanders along the coastline. Anyone can do it. There are great viewpoints, secluded beaches and even waterfalls hidden about this part of the South Island. And the best part: it is one of the sunniest regions of New Zealand!

In the park we will get to overnight on a boat-turned-hostel, enjoy a BBQ together on the deck, swim off the boat and hang out together under the stars. This is one of the most unique experiences you can have in New Zealand. How often do you get to sleep on a boat under the stars in a national park?


Available activities

  •  Kayaking $99
  •  Abel Tasman Canyons $269

Nelson, the sunniest place in New Zealand, is a paradise for travellers. From beautiful beaches and bays with drastic tidal flows, to bright blue skies and more vineyards than you can imagine. Nelson has a lot to offer.


In addition to beautiful landscapes, Nelson also boasts great cafes, unique art galleries and boutique shops to explore. In Havelock, on the way to the port, we may even get the chance to try some famous New Zealand mussels.


We will go back to Picton to catch the ferry as the sun sets over the Cook Strait on our way back to Wellington. Be on the lookout for leaping dolphins!


No extra add-ons available

Take a deep breath, swap stories and photos and travel back to Auckland, where our amazing journey started a few weeks ago.


No extra add-ons available

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It starts and ends in Auckland.

Yes - we'll provide you with the contact details of Haka Tours in your booking confirmation. You can contact them to opt to stay in Auckland before and after the tour. As well as to book additional activities.

Yes! Around 70% of our guests are solo so you can absolutely join this, or any other of our tours.

Everyone has their own favourites, but in general we find that these are the most popular:

  • Skydiving - Taupo
  • Nevis - Queenstown
  • Black Water Rafting - Waitomo
  • Canyon Swing - Queenstown
  • Heli-Ice Explorer - Franz Josef
  • Milford Sound Day Trip - Queenstown
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Terms & Conditions:

  • The supplier offers’ adventure, snow and mountain-biking tours across New Zealand that are designed for travellers that are young of heart and ready for a good time. To travel with us we require that you are at the minimum age limit of 18 years at the time of travel. Anyone over the age of 50 years is more than welcome on our tours but please be aware that a moderate level of fitness is required whilst on tour, so we do recommend that you are relatively fit, healthy and looking for the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Each passenger is entitled to take one case, the sum of its length, width and depth not to exceed 160 cm (63 inches), weight limit 20 kilograms along with a small daypack. Airlines permit only one cabin bag per person, in which personal items such as cameras, make-up etc. should be carried, though you need to check with your airline provider as to their specific requirements. Over-limit luggage cannot be carried. The supplier operates in a similar way and asks if you have over the above limit to please get in touch before your tour. Baggage is at 'owner's risk'. Most airports, hotels & hostels offer storage services for additional luggage.
  • Activities booked on tour will be charged at the standard retail rate. The supplier operates a voucher system with our activity partners which means we pay in full via a "voucher" for any optional activities instead of you paying the activity provider direct. The activities you select whilst on tour will be added to your "Activity Balance Sheet" with the full balance taken at the end of the tour or when your activity balance exceeds $500 NZD. By operating a voucher system with our activity suppliers, we are able to better manage tour logistics. Your activity balance can be paid via MasterCard, Visa or cash. Credit card payments have a 2% credit card processing fee. The supplier does not qualify for any group booking discount with our activity suppliers. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to our activity voucher process whilst on tour.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that a booking is cancelled, the following fees will apply:

  • Cancellations more than 45 days before departure: $99 fee
  • Cancellations between 44 and 8 days of departure: 50% of the total cost
  • Cancellations within 7 days of departure: 100% of the cost



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