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Explore the world with Travello, the largest and most trusted travel community. Meet other backpackers and solo travellers, find travel buddies and get rewards to use as discounts on tours and activities.

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Madison Laise
Madison Laise
Travello is a solo traveler's dream! The app's community makes it easy to connect with other travellers. The rewards program is a lifesaver for budget trips. Booking tours and activities is a breeze. Highly recommend! 🌍✨
Michael Linagh
Michael Linagh
This is the app solo travellers have been waiting for. I was worried about traveling by myself, but within a few minutes of downloading the app I had already connected with other Aussies in Barcelona. This is the GOAT of travel apps
Ellen O’Hanlon
Ellen O’Hanlon
I’ve never used an app that gives you rewards just for using it, but Travello does. I used this app all the way through Australia and it saved me so much money on tours and activities. The community in there is great and I’ve met so many people that I ended up travelling with. 5 stars.

Discover the world’s largest travel community with Travello

Travello is the world’s largest and most trusted travel community. Used by travelers in over 180 countries.

Travello is the best place to make travel friends from around the world.

Connect with travellers

  • Meet other travellers, backpackers and solo travellers within a few taps
  • Discover and message travellers nearby for advice, meetups or adventures
  • Join groups of like minded travellers

Discounts on Tours & Activities

  • Use Travello, earn rewards and get discounts on tours and activities
  • The ONLY app in the world that rewards you for just using the app
  • SAVE 💰💰 on tours and activities around the world

Match Travel Plans

  • Add your trip to Travello and we will show you who will be there at the same time
  • Connect with travellers before you arrive
  • Take the stress out of travelling solo

Share travel memories

  • Inspire and be inspired with the amazing travel content on the Travello feed
  • Discover local gems and hidden locations only other travellers know
  • Share your adventures and build your following

Get rewarded for doing what you love

  • You explore, we reward!
  • Just use Travello and we will reward you with points to use on Tours & Activities
  • The perfect way to save money as you travel
Get the app now, and join the Travello Community!
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