The Best Of Perth - Wildlife Park, Swan Valley, Pinnacles & Sand Boarding

From wildlife to adrenaline enjoy a day filled with some of Perth's must see attractions!

map Perth, Australia
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What's Included

  • Caversham Wildlife Park
  • Delicious vineyard lunch in Swan Valley (halal certified)
  • The amazing Pinnacles in Nambung National Park
  • Sandboarding in Lancelin
  • Comfortable Explorer bus and professional guides



Come along for an awesome day of natural beauty and outdoors fun! We’ll visit some of the must-see spots around Perth including a wildlife park, Swan Valley, and the Pinnacles. After all this relaxing, we’ll then end the tour with a kick of adrenaline. At our last stop Lancelin, we’ll bring out our sandboards and invite you to jump on and sandboard down the dunes.


It’s a tour full of amazing sights, so bring your camera and let’s get going!  


Explore Caversham Wildlife Park

The fun starts in Caversham Wildlife Park which is located within the huge Whiteman Park. Caversham is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Perth and you’ll soon find out why. It’s a unique opportunity to get up close with all of Australia’s most iconic animals. The park has the largest private collection of native wildlife in Western Australia and you’re about to meet a few of the animals.


We’ll have about an hour to explore the park. During our visit, we’ll see heaps of exciting animals like wombats, lizards, penguins, possums, and a great variety of birds. You’ll of course also meet Australia’s perhaps most famous animal, the kangaroo. In fact, you’ll even get the chance to feed one out of your hand!


Another must-do Aussie experience in the park is to visit the koalas. These fluffy, sleepy teddy bears are probably some of the sweetest creatures you’ll ever see in real life. We know you’ll be tempted to smuggle one out in your backpack, but we have a better idea. The best way to remember your new furry friend is to get your picture taken together, so bring out your best smile!


After all this animal fun at Caversham Wildlife Park, we’ll jump back on the bus and head to our next exciting stop.


Have lunch in a Swan Valley vineyard

At this point, you’ll probably start to get hungry, so we’ll swing by Swan Valley to grab lunch. The valley is known for its wide range of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and internationally acclaimed vineyards.


We’ll take you to one of our favorite vineyards where we’ll treat you to a refreshing wine tasting. Kick back and enjoy life as you try some of the finest wines in the region. Once we’re all ready, we’ll have a delicious lunch accompanied by a glass of wine or beer.  


All of the above is included in the tour. The only extra money you might spend is if you’d like an additional drink with your lunch. Please note that alcohol is not available to guests under the age of 18.


Walk around The Pinnacles

Next up is one of the most amazing natural wonders in Western Australia. The Pinnacles are located in the Pinnacles Desert within Nambung National Park. As we drive through the park, you’re not going to believe your own eyes. For a second, you might even think we’ve landed on a different planet. Through the window, you’ll see some absolutely fantastic limestone formations up to four meters high. They were created thousands of years ago when seashells where broken down into lime-rich sand.  


Apart from its unique scenery, Nambung National Park is also famous for its wide range of animals and bird life. At the modern Discovery Center you’ll learn about the park’s flora and fauna as well as the history of the Pinnacles themselves. From the center, you’ll be able to explore this weird area on foot and take some unreal pictures.


Go sandboarding in Lancelin

To round this awesome tour off with a bit of adrenaline, we’ve planned one last fun activity: we’re going sandboarding!


We’ll do the sandboarding in the small fishing town of Lancelin which is located next to some super fun sand dunes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you’re more than welcome to jump on a sandboard and give it a go. We’ll provide the sandboards so all you need to do is put on a smile and have fun!


Departure information

Depending on the pick-up and drop-off locations of the day, our pick-up time will be approx. 8.30 am and drop-off will be 7.30 pm.


Perth: we pick up from several central Perth locations including all hotels, apartments, hostels and the Wellington Street coach stand. 


Fremantle: most of the time we can also pick up from Fremantle accommodation. 

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‘Explore Tours’ restrict each scheduled day trip to twenty passengers.  

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Yes. The team loves children and are more than happy to have them on day trips.

Saying that, you should be aware that some of the trips are quite long (up to 11 hours) and we can be driving for up to two hours without stopping, so young children may get very restless.

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In general though Children are classed as those aged between 2 and 15 years old and you will need to pay the child price for them.

Infants are those aged below two years old and travel free on day trips as long as they sit on an Adult’s lap. No food is provided for Infants as it is assumed that the parents will bring food for them.

If you would like your infant to be provided with a child’s portion of lunch, or have their own space on the bus, you will need to select a child place rather than an infant when booking.

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No. In vehicles that seat more than 12 people it is not compulsory for passengers to wear seatbelts. So children under 3 years old can travel free on ‘Explore Tours’ day trips as long as they sit on an adults lap.

Children who are three years old and over are required to have their own seat and you will need to pay the child price for them.

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Handbags and small rucksacks are ideal for ‘Explore Tours’ trips to hold for sun cream, hats, cameras and snacks etc.

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Yes. ‘Explore Tours’ is adequately insured for all of its operations through a Tourism Operators insurance policy.

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You don’t need to be super fit to enjoy this day trip. All trips involve a certain amount of walking, whether that is from the ‘Explorer Bus’ to a vineyard entrance or having a walk around the sandy pathways of the Pinnacles.

The trip isn't suitable if you are unable to walk unaided e.g. without the use of a walking stick.

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The weather in Perth is fantastic (especially if you like sunshine) and is comparable to that of the Mediterranean. Perth is the sunniest capital city in the world, with an average 8 hours per day of sunshine, 365 days per year.

In the summer months (roughly November to March) it can get very hot, but the Fremantle doctor (a cool southwesterly breeze) helps to keep things feeling a little cooler.

In the winter months the daily temperature is still in the high teens and the wind dies down a lot, but the sun is still out and it is a great time for those who don’t like it too hot.

Spring and Autumn are brilliant times to visit Perth as the temperature is in the early to mid-twenties and hotel accommodation isn’t as expensive.

Perth has also been ranked inside the World’s top ten most livable cities for several years in a row, with part of the reason being the great climate. So whatever time of year you decide to come visit Perth we are pretty sure you will love it.

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Comfortable footwear for walking short distances would be ideal, especially on the Pinnacles trip.

As Perth is the sunniest capital city in the world you will need sun cream, a hat, sunglasses, a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and a camera to capture all the amazing sights you will encounter.

Most of all remember to bring your adventurous spirit!

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Unfortunately we do not currently have wheelchair accessible vehicles, but we are working on it and do hope to have some soon.

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Black bean burger, cumin, chipotle, piquillo, smoked paprika aioli chips (v)


Mandoon chicken salad, mixed leaf, tomato, cucumber, avocado, cashew, alfalfa


Lobster rolls, brioche, iceberg, sweet potato chips


Togarashi spiced squid, wasabi mayonnaise, mizuna


Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, pizza fritte salad (v)


Children’s Menu

Mini wagyu burger and chips


Penne, bolognaise , parmesan


All our meat and chicken is halal.




Glass Surveyors White


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Beer / Soft Drinks

Glass of Munich Lager

Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Lift, Soda Water


Only available Monday - Friday

Menu subject to change without notice


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