Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb: Fast Summit

Tight on time? Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge at an express pace and take in the city from a whole new perspective.

map Sydney, Australia
2 hrs 15 min
Start & End Time
Start & End Time
9:00 am
Max Group Size
Max Group Size
Minimum Age
Minimum Age
8 yrs
Fitness Level
Fitness Level
FromAUD $295
ValueAUD $303SAVE 3%
Children: AUD $199
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What's Included

  • Accelerated, faster-paced climb to the summit
  • Ideal for those with higher fitness levels
  • 360 degree views of Sydney Harbour
  • Bridge Climb group photograph
  • Bridge Climb cap
  • Official Climber Certificate of Achievement
  • FREE entry to the Pylon Lookout


Being over an hour shorter than the standard Bridge Climb, the Bridge Climb Express is perfect for those who are looking for the quickest way to reach the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Opened in 1932, the iconic bridge joins the north and south shores of Sydney Harbour, carrying 8 lanes of traffic and two rail lines, with over 200,000 vehicles crossing the steel bridge every day!


Suitable for the more energetic types, your Bridge Climb Express tour begins at the Climb Base – the original architecture of the Bridge. Before you begin your climb of 1,002 steps, you’ll have the opportunity to brush up on your knowledge via the visitor centre and cinema; showcasing information on the history, construction and preservation of the steel structure. Be sure to check in at the front desk at least 15 minutes before your departure time, where you’ll receive your health and safety assessment. The only items you will need are a pair of sunglasses (the brightness from the top of the bridge is quite dazzling!) and some comfortable shoes. All necessary climbing apparatus will be provided for you, suitable for the weather on the day.


When everyone is ready to set off, your climb officially begins by connecting to the safety line, leading you through the purpose-built tunnel within the original foundations. Follow the catwalks to the South-East Pylon, before continuing skyward via four ladders. The surrounding buzz of Sydney Harbour life stimulates your senses as you climb through to the upper arch. From here, the summit remains in sight as you approach along the outer arch of the Bridge, adjacent to the Opera House. Throughout your tour, your Climb Leader will relay relevant information about the Bridge and its history; including its construction and opening in 1932, and how it is used for local events and celebrations now.


On reaching the summit – 134m above sea level – you’ll share a group celebration. Spend a few moments congratulating yourselves on your achievement and absorb the exhilarating 360 degree view that surrounds you. Leave your personal items at the Climb Base in the lockers provided, and make the most of the free photo opportunity with your climb leader. Additional photos can be purchased when booking your ticket, or at the end of your climbing experience.


Following this, you’ll climb across the spine to the Darling Harbour side, and begin your descent to the Climb Base. On your return, you may wish to reward yourself with some refreshments from the café. But before you say goodbye and exit the attraction, be sure to have a browse around the shop for some memorabilia to remind you of one of the greatest experiences of your life!


Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb: Fast Summit

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Yes. To participate you must be 8 years and over 1.2 metres tall. Children aged 8 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult, with a maximum of three children per adult.

When considering whether this activity will be right for your child, we would like you to consider the following:

  • Safety is, and always will be, our number one priority for all of our Climbers.
  • We will equip kids of this age in smaller BridgeSuits, belts, mittens, or fleeces based on the day’s weather conditions.
  • Climbing the Bridge is an all-age experience. The stories our Climb Leaders share during the experience is appropriate for a broad age range.
  • Children will be required to climb with and next to their parent/guardian.
  • To climb the Bridge, children must be 8 years old and 120cm tall to participate.
  • Parents/guardians must remain with their children throughout the Climb experience, and must assist BridgeClimb staff by managing their equipment preparation and behaviour.

Yes. Anyone who can sustain moderate physical exertion up to 3½ hours over 1.75km should find the BridgeClimb exhilarating. Our oldest climber, Mrs Chris Muller, reached the summit at 100 years old.

Our Climb times range from 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the Climb type you choose. We ask that Climbers allow a 15 minute provision to collect photos and depart. This applies to all Climbs.

  The conditions vary based on the day’s weather and the Climb you choose. You can expect to possibly:

  • climb ladders and walk on catwalks
  • participate in prolonged stair climbing
  • walk along uneven surfaces and via narrow passageways
  • be exposed to all weather conditions

Yes. Please bring your own glasses or sunglasses to wear on the day of your Climb. (No DVR – digital video recorder – glasses thank you.)

No, unfortunately not. Climbers cannot take loose objects, including cameras, phones or GoPros, on the Bridge. This is to safeguard against anything falling from the Bridge. We provide secure lockers for you to keep your camera or any loose objects in during your Climb. Our photographically-trained Climb Leaders will capture photos of you during your Climb. Each climber receives one free group photo as part of the experience. Additional photos are available for pre-purchase with your booking, or from our Photographics Team after your Climb.

Please wear comfortable, enclosed rubber-soled shoes such as running, sport or hiking shoes. PVC and leather-soled shoes are not ideal.

We provide secure lockers for you to keep any loose objects in, including phones and cameras, during your Climb. The key to your locker will be securely attached to you at all times.

We equip you in all the outdoor gear you’ll need for your Climb based on the day’s weather conditions and our health & safety essentials, but don’t forget to bring your own shoes! Please wear comfortable clothing on the day of your Climb in case you need to wear it under your suit for warmth.

Small print
Terms & Conditions:

  • All Climbers climbing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge (“Bridge”) are required to arrive and ‘check-in’ at the supplier's premises at least 15 minutes prior to the advised departure time as per Climber’s voucher or confirmation advice (“Proof of Purchase”).
  • Climbers must be 8 years of age or over, be at least 120cm, be of sound mind and be in good health. Climbers may be required to undergo a test to assess whether they are capable of completing a Climb. Every three Climbers between the ages of 8 and 15 inclusive climbing together must be accompanied by one paying adult Climber.
  • The supplier reserves the right to add, withdraw, substitute and/or vary advertised routes and departure times (Arrangements) for Climbs without notice for reasons of safety, security, due to restricted access as required by the Roads and Maritime Services or any matters out of the reasonable control of the supplier. However, reasonable endeavours will be made to maintain Arrangements as advertised.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that a booking is cancelled, the following fees will apply:

  • Cancellations more than 14 days before departure: no fee
  • Cancellations within 14 days of departure: 100% of the cost
  • Please note: rescheduling at any time is subject to availability and price differences.

Read full supplier's terms & conditions

Location map

BridgeClimb Sydney
3 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000


FromAUD $295
ValueAUD $303SAVE 3%
Children: AUD $199
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