Swim with Sea Lions

Make a splash with sea lions and get up close & personal to these beautiful creatures!

Port Lincoln, Australia
4 hrs 30 mins
Start time
08:00 am
Max group size
Pick up & Drop off
Minimum age
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Child: AUD $139
Family of 4: AUD $599
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What's Included

  • Swim with the cutest sea lions on the planet!
  • Scenic boat ride to Seal Cove
  • Free transfer to and from listed accommodation venues
  • Comfortable boat with changing and shower facilities

What's excluded

  • Light snacks and refreshments are available to purchase on board.


Do you like puppies? Then you’re going to love the Australian sea lion! Nicknamed the “puppy dogs of the sea", these little cuties are some of the most remarkable animals Down Under. Our tour is a unique opportunity to experience this rare creature in its natural habitat. We offer an awesome underwater adventure where you’ll get up and close with the sea lions. If they like you, you might even make some furry friends!  


Be warned - they’ve been given their nickname because of their playful nature and irresistible cuteness. So far, no guest has been able to resist their charm!  


Meet an incredible animal

The Australian sea lion is a rare and endangered animal. It can only be found on specific islands in Western and Southern Australia. With an estimated total population of just 14,730 individuals, we’re extremely lucky to have them here in Port Lincoln. Because of these low numbers, the Australian Government is taking special measures to make sure the sea lions are protected. Don’t worry, we take good care of our little puppies!


As a species, the Australian sea lion is famous for having an abnormal breeding cycle. Most other sea lions have a breeding cycle of 12 months, but here in Australia, we like to do things differently. That’s why our cute Aussie sea lions have a breeding cycle of closer to 18 months.


Jump in!

Apart from this little fun fact, the sea lions are known for being circus artists. The sea is their playground and they love performing their favourite tricks for our guests. As soon as they see our boat approaching, they swim out to say hello. Just like puppy dogs, they get excited every time we come by, and their happy barking will definitely bring a smile to your face.


And here’s the best part of the tour: you get to jump in the water with them! Put on your swimsuit and prepare for an underwater experience you’ll never forget. Once in the water, you can swim and snorkel around the sea lions. They’ll put on an amazing show full of somersaults and graceful swirls – don’t forget to applaud!


Comfortable boat trip

From the marina in Port Lincoln, we’ll sail to Seal Cove which is where the sea lions live. From the boat, you’ll be busy taking photos of the beautiful scenery in the area. To make the trip comfortable for you, we have toilets as well as changing rooms on board. In fact, we even have a shower with hot water so you can rinse off after your epic swim.


If all this fun makes you hungry, you can also buy a selection of drinks and light snacks on board. And if you just can’t get enough of the cutest sea lions on the planet, we also have merchandise available.


Departure point

The tour leaves from the boarding pontoon opposite By The Sea Gallery on the corner of Jubilee Drive and South Quay Blvd. at Port Lincoln Marina (unless otherwise stated). Pick-up time is at 8:00 am. Please be at the location at 7:30am.


Pick-up locations

Pick up time is 7:30 am. We offer free return transfers (to and from the boarding pontoon) from the following accommodation venues:

  • Adventure Backpackers ($25/night 6-bed dorm)
  • Navigators Inn
  • Bay 10
  • Port Lincoln Hotel
  • Grand Tasman Hotel
  • Port Lincoln Cabin Park
  • Port Lincoln Tourist Park

We charge a $10 transfer fee per person to pick up guests from all other accommodation venues.

Return Time: 12:30pm


Minimum Amount Of Passengers: 4
Maximum Amount Of Passengers: 18


What to bring

  • Warm jacket (you might get a little chilly out on the water or after a swim)
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Your camera (we also sell disposable underwater cameras on the boat for $30)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen (the Aussie sun is serious business, so we recommend being sun smart)


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We have a camera on board that the crew use to take photos throughout the day. One of the crew will use the underwater camera to take photos of you and our playful, sealy friends. Just ask the crew for the underwater camera to take with you and take as many pictures as you like of your buddies and of course a good old selfie!

When we get back from the tour the camera is downloaded at ABC headquarters (please allow a week from the day of your tour for all photos to be uploaded) we then upload these to Facebook. From there you can copy them to your own computer for FREE!

You are very welcome to bring your own underwater camera/GoPro if you have one. Remember to upload any cool photos or videos you get onto our Facebook page so the other guests who were on the trip with you can share it!

Finally, we have disposable underwater cameras available for purchase on board on the day.

The marine area needs to be protected. Guests are given instructions not to remove or touch any marine grasses, rocks etc. We access the area by boat and therefore do not cause any damage to the seafloor.

Our vessel undergoes an annual survey and we have a strict preventative maintenance schedule that ensures that there is no risk of oil leaks, spills etc. Guests are instructed to swim with the Sea Lions and only interact if the Sea Lions approach them.

We value the natural environment, where we swim with the Sea Lions is classed as a Natural Reserve and therefore we do not allow guests to access the Australian Sea Lion’s breeding area or hall out beach.

However, you will find that as soon as we anchor at ‘Seal Cove’ the Sea Lions will bound out to greet you and spend the whole hour and a half swimming and entertaining you!

The Sea Lions are wild animals, we do not in any way condone touching these playful creatures but they often come within centimetres of you to say hello.

The tour is interactive and informative and trained guides will give you detailed information about the Australian Sea Lions as well as the other local flora and fauna. Staff are regularly trained to ensure that the information content on tour is true and correct.

Interaction on our sea lion tour is guaranteed.

Small print
Terms & Conditions:

  1. The supplier offers deferrals or alternative dates on a case by case basis.
  2. The supplier reserves the right to offer an alternate trip to the one advertised in the event of bad weather. 

  3. All admissions and equipment hire charges to be paid and finalised prior to departure.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that a booking is cancelled, the following fees will apply:

  • Cancellations more than 14 days before departure: 10% of the total cost
  • Cancellations between 14 days and 48 hours of departure: 20% of the total cost
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of departure: 100% of the cost

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FromAUD $199
ValueAUD $205SAVE 3%
Child: AUD $139
Family of 4: AUD $599
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