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Dolphin and Whale Watching

Watch as these magnificent mammals put up an incredible show in their natural habitat!

Get an unforgettable day out on the water discovering the beauty of nature out on a whale watching adventure with us. Watching these incredible mammals resting, playing and nurturing their young in their natural habitat is unlike any other experiences you will embark on. Take part in these whale watching tour at the prime destination, which includes Hervey Bay and Fraser Island


Whale Watching Season
Whale watching season generally starts from May to November in the Southern Hemisphere but varies for different states. Spot southern right whales as they migrate to the bay of Victoria and South Australia between June and October. The energetic humpback whales can be spotted from May to July and September to November along the coast of New South Wales. Queensland's whale hot spot Hervey Bay and Fraser Island increases your chance of seeing baby whales, humpback whales and dwarf minke whales between July through to October. A cruise between March and September at the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Coast will allow you to get up close and personal to go on a whale swim with whale sharks. 

Be sure to check out the details of each individual experiences, which would include the best time to go, price, what to wear, and what to bring with you to ensure you fully enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.