Broome to Darwin Adventure Tour: 9 Days 8 Nights

Hit the Gibb River Road through the Kimberleys and discover Lake Argyle, the Bungles Bungles and Kunnunara!

Broome, Australia
9 days
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Maximum 13 people
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What's Included

  • Explore the Kimberley, Windjana Gorge and Kununurra
  • Swim in fresh water at Edith Falls and Bell Gorge
  • Discover Indigenous Rock Art at Manning Gorge
  • Watch the sunset over Purnululu National Park 
  • Make a stop at outback town Kunnunara
  • Experience stunning scenery and wildlife at Lake Argyle 
  • Embark on bush walks with a dedicated wildlife hiking guide 
  • Experience secluded bush camps
  • All National Park entry fees and camping fees included
  • Meals included 
  • Pick up and drop off included
  • All camping gear exceptsleeping bags included

What's excluded

  • Lake Argyle Overnight Cruise ($120 payable on board)
  • Helicopter Flights at Purnululu National Park
  • Sleeping Bags

Why do we love this

We love it because this is a great way to see a part of Australia that's untouched and undiscovered side. We love that this tour takes you through some of the most beautiful spots in the Top End and really immerses you in the outback experience."


The Kimberley is calling! Get ready for the trip of a lifetime as you hit the road from Broome to Darwin and encounter sights like Lake Argyle, Windjana Gorge and Edith Falls along the way. Spend nine days exploring the rugged, wild wilderness of Australia's top end on a trip you'll never forget. 

Day One
Your outback adventure begins with a pickup from your Broome accommodation, and from there it's east into the Kimberley! Chat with fellow travellers or take a nap as the Adventure Truck wends its way along the dusty road.

Your first stop is the famous Boab prison tree near Derby. An incredible natural wonder, but also a reminder of the area's history, this giant hollowed out tree was used as a prison in the early pioneering days. 

Next, head to Windjana Gorge and marvel at the stunning rockface and soaring cliffs that surround you. Take a walk through the sandy beaches and winding creeks and continue your explorations on a hike around the gorge. Keep your eyes out for freshwater crocodiles swimming in the waterholes!

From Windjana it’s time to head to your first wilderness bush camp of the tour. This is a chance to escape into nature with the stars above and only the sounds of insects and wildlife around you. 

Day Two
Pack your mobile phones away today! You're heading deeper into the bush today for a technology retreat. Wake up nice and early to catch the sunrise, then head off to your first stop for the day - Tunnel Creek

This area is full of history and is a place of great significance to the local Aboriginal people. A 750 metre long stretch of creek, which runs underground through one of the oldest cave systems in Western Australia, this is a natural wonder that will blow you away. The caves were a hideout for Aboriginal warrior, Jandamarra in 1897, and you'll have the chance to see the many rock paintings inside and learn more about the story. 

Next, hit the Gibb River Road and head to your next stop for the day. A 700km long outback track which runs between Derby and Kununurra, the Gibb Road is an exciting ride. It’s not the easiest route and the track is often rough, but it's a thrilling and visually spectacular trip. Along the road's length are waterfalls, rivers, gorges and wildlife to discover, and a new adventure is never far away.

Your first waterfall stop is Bell Gorge. Take a short walk to a creek at the centre of the gorge and enjoy exploring the many pouring cascades and sparkling pools at their base. If you're feeling warm, take a dip or settle back on the rocks to enjoy a delicious lunch surrounded by shady ledges and towering cliffs.

From Bell Gorge, it's back onto the Gibb Road on the way to your camp spot for the night. Collect firewood and set up camp in a secluded wilderness setting before settling back in swags to enjoy the stunning night sky above you. 

Day Three
Today it's back on the Gibb Road - first stop, Manning Gorge. 

You'll spend most of the day here, exploring the white sand and sparkling waterways lined with Pandanus trees. Take a hike through the gorge to reach a sprawling waterhole which you must swim across to reach the rest of the trail! After this refreshing dip, you'll reach the top of the gorge and will be treated to stunning views of the surrounding landscape.  We must swim across the river before following a trail leading to the top of the gorge. Along the way, keep your eyes out of hidden examples of Bradshaw Aboriginal Rock Art.

On the return route, you'll be able to swim and rock hop along the creek before you reach the main waterhole at the gorge's entrance. 

If there's enough time, you'll also be able to visit Galvan’s and Adcock Gorge. 

Your camp tonight is either at beautiful Manning Gorge, where toilets and showers are available or in the tranquil the bush depending on the preference of your guide.

Day Four
Wake up with an early morning swim in the gorge, then continue on your Gibb Road trek. Stop along the way to check out secluded waterholes and explore Ellenbrae Cattle Station.

From there, head to Pentecost River and enjoy the magnificent landscape of ranges, river and red rocks. You'll be driving through the water here, and it will be an exciting ride. Pentecost River is 60 metres wide and home to plenty of saltwater crocs, so keep those window up! 

After getting your thrills for the day, it's on to your camp for the night, another bush spot under the outback stars. 

Day Five
El Questro Station is your first stop for today. Home of more beautiful landscapes and the stunning Emma Falls, this is a great place to spend the morning exploring. Hike through the gorge to a towering waterfall with a cool plunge pool perfect for swimming at its base.  

Next, head to Purnululu National Park, more commonly known as the Bungle Bungles. Spend your time here hiking and exploring the gorges and sprawling landscape of the park and enjoy wandering the valleys, creeks and hills of this unique environment. 

End the day watching a spectacular sunset from your camp.

Day Six
Enjoy an early Bungle Bungles sunrise from a secluded outback spot, complete with a cup of tea and breakfast! 

After a short drive, stop at the beginning of the Cathedral Gorge hike. This is a spectacular walk through the beehive rock formations to Cathedral Gorge. 

From here, you have the chance to explore the Bungle Bungle's further with a scenic flight. Please note scenic flights are at your own expense and organised on the day.

Your next stop is Echidna Chasm for another incredible bush hike where you'll follow a creek through a narrow passage in the Bungles. 

After a stop for lunch, it's time to depart Purnululu and find your bush camp for the night, this time on a lovely creek with a sandy beach, perfect for stargazing. 

Day Seven
Get your first taste of the outside world today, as you make a stop at Kunnunara, a true outback town. Spend some time catching up on news and messages from back home as you enjoy some free time in the town.

From Kununurra, head to Lake Argyle for the experience of a lifetime. This is often the highlight of travellers trips, and you'll understand why when you see this stunning freshwater lake full of birds and wildlife. Board a boat with a local guide, and learn about the landscape and animals, from the wallabies in the rocky shores to the freshwater crocodiles cruising by.

Afterwards, there's time for a quick swim before watching the sunset from the water.   

Tonight you'll be camping on one of the remote islands around the lake which will be a true 'private paradise' moment. There's no one else around for miles, so relax and enjoy watching the lake by night. Snuggle by the campfire and stargaze or if you're feeling warm, jump into the surrounding water for a midnight swim. 

Day Eight
Enjoy a sunrise from your island camp; then it's back onto the boat and back to the truck to continue the journey. 

Drive East towards the NT border and Keep River National Park, another amazing spot for hikes and outback explorations.

You'll be camping here for the night, so enjoy the afternoon exploring the rock formations and valleys. 

Day Nine
It's time to say goodbye! Today you're arriving in Katherine, ready to explore Edith Falls and Nitmiluk National Park. Enjoy more adventure, hiking, swimming and soak in the last of the stunning outback landscape. 

You'll arrive into Darwin at around 6pm, and will be dropped at your accommodation by your guide.

This is a 9 day tour, departing Broome and ending in Darwin. 

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