SkyJump Auckland

Experience the thrill of New Zealand's highest jump and only Base Jump by wire!

map Auckland, New Zealand
45 min
Start & End Time
Start & End Time
Every 15 min
Max Group Size
Max Group Size
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Not included
Minimum Age
Minimum Age
10 years
Fitness Level
Fitness Level
FromNZD $225
Child (10 to15 years): NZD $175
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What's Included

  • 192 metre jump off the Auckland Sky Tower
  • Reach speeds of 85 km an hour!
  • Free ticket to Auckland Sky Tower's Observation Level

What's excluded

  • All equipment is provided, but we do need you to wear lace up shoes!

Why do we love this

"We love it because jumping from Auckland's Sky Jump makes you feel like a movie stuntman, or a super hero, or a very big bird!"



SkyJump can best be described as Base Jumping with a wire attached to you. Different to Bungy jumping, you'll fall very fast at 85kph for approximately 11 seconds, before coming to a smooth landing on the Sky City Plaza below. 


We have highly trained jumpmasters who suit you up, rope you up and talk you through everything you need to know before you take the leap. They'll be with you up until your toes are balancing on the edge. Let go, fly and experience the rush of your life! 


SkyJump Auckland

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Safety is one thing you don't have to worry about! SkyJump is OSH approved and very rigorous safety standards are upheld. Our Jump Masters undergo intensive training and always operate in teams, checking each other's work as they go. SkyJump is an adventure activity with a very low real risk but very high perceived risk, so as the saying goes - it's mind over matter! Is it scary? ... we're going to say yes! You are, after all, jumping off a perfectly good tower to fall 192 metres towards the ground,  it is scary but that's the point, isn't it?

  • The maximum weight limit for SkyJump is 122kgs.
  • The minimum weight limit for the SkyWalk is 35kgs. However, in strong winds this is increased to 45kgs.
  • The minimum age for SkyJump is 10.
  • We have no maximum age - in fact our oldest jumper to date is a 100 year old woman!
  • People with heart problems should consult their physician.
  • We apologise, but pregnant women are unable to SkyJump for the health and safety of you, and your unborn child.

There is no set minimum weight for SkyJump but all Jumpers must fit our harnesses and this will depend on body shape and height. Final decision will be made by our crew.

All you need is comfortable clothing and lace up shoes. We'll kit you up in SkyJump flying suit and full body harness.

Each jumper will have their own personal locker in which we get to keep everything, including coins and any loose items.

Both activities require you to jump off something high, but the similarities end there. With SkyJump, you stay in a super hero style flying position, so there is no hanging around upside down or bouncing around. You simply fall fast and smooth, and land on your feet at the bottom, on the perfectly placed target.

From check-in at Mission Control to waving goodbye to our crew with an adrenaline fuelled grin from ear to ear, the SkyJump experience takes around 30-45 minutes. Those that encounter nerves on the ledge 192 metres above Auckland may take a little longer! Your friends and family are more than welcome to come along to watch you as you complete your SkyJump. We'll take them out to the landing platform for no charge, where they can watch you glide down and land gracefully (or not so gracefully) on your feet. A live video feed of the view up the top will keep them informed of your progress.

We have a photo and video USB package available for purchase after your jump. Our SkyJump Masters will attach a GoPro camera to your wrist before heading out on the SkyJump platform. This records your jump from start to finish. It's really up to you whether you wish to record the look on your face as you throw yourself off a perfectly good tower, the stunning views of Auckland, or whether you choose just to forget about it and fling your arms out in sheer joy to get a mixture of the two. The video also has sound so maybe keep that in mind if you want children to relive the SkyJump with you! The photos consist of a shot on the platform of you with your best super fake confident grin, and one photo of you mid-air at the beginning of your jump. The price for the USB package is $65 (all digital photos and movie file on the USB plus the two printed photos). If you just wish to purchase the two printed photos this will cost $30.

We have modified the equipment to make it safe for the SkyJump activity, and for this reason you are unable to use your own camera equipment.

Small print
Terms & Conditions:

  • The minimum age is 10 years
  • The maximum weight is 122kg

Please note that the bookings are processed manually and please chat to us before making the booking or you can book with us and your booking is confirmed only once confirmed by the tour operator.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that a booking is cancelled, the following fees will apply:

  • Cancellations or changes more than 24 hours before departure: no fee
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of departure: 100% of the cost


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Sky Jump Limited
Auckland Sky TowerCorner Federal and Victoria StreetAuckland City, New Zealand


FromNZD $225
Child (10 to15 years): NZD $175
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