Auckland Bridge Bungy

Are you brave enough to jump from Auckland's Harbour Bridge? New Zealand's ONLY ocean touch bungy!

Auckland, New Zealand
2 hrs
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Minimum age
10 yrs
Fitness level
NZD $165
Children: NZD $135
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  • Bungy jump at Waitemata Harbour (Auckland Harbour)
  • New Zealand's only ocean touch
  • Equipped to offer every bungy option - so you can have ankle tie, harness jump or tandem!
  • Exclusive access to Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • All safety equipment and safety briefing provided
  • FREE t-shirt!

What's excluded

  • Covered, suitable footwear must be worn by everyone.
  • Photographs/videos are not included in the jump price.

Why do we love this

"We love it because Auckland Bungy offers you New Zealand's ONLY ocean touch!"


Enjoy stunning views of the Waitemata Harbour and an exclusive Bridge walk out to our specially constructed Bungy pod, this experience will thrill and surprise you, especially if you opt for a water-touch and enjoy a nice ocean dip! The Auckland Bridge Bungy is equipped to offer all varieties of Bungy jump including ankle tie, harness jump or tandem - what's your style? So go on, tick off a bucket list moment and bungy jump from Auckland Bridge.



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All Bungy Jumpers and Swingers must be at least 10 years old AND 35kgs EXCEPT for the Nevis Bungy, where you must be at least 13 years old AND 45kgs.

The weight restrictions vary by product, here are a list of the minimum and maximum weights.  There are no height restrictions on Bungy Jumping or Swinging, but all Bridge Climbers must be 120cm

Kawarau Bridge Bungy – 35kg min/235 kg max
Ledge Bungy - 35kg min/127 kg max
Nevis Bungy – 45kg min/127 kg max
Auckland Bridge Bungy – 35kg min/150 kg max
Nevis Swing - 35kg min/220 kg max
Ledge Swing - 35kg min/107 kg max

A Bungy Jump utilises our custom made Bungy Cords - after freefalling the cord stretches out to allow you to bounce a few times in an adrenalin fuelled but safe manner. Whilst our Arc attaches to you via wire cables and the Swing rope. Swingers never bounce, after a short freefall the wire or rope catches you and the sensation is the same as a rollercoaster- and you will swing in a massive arc.

Covered footwear is mandatory for the Nevis Bungy, the Auckland Bridge Bungy & the Auckland Bridge Climb. As for the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, The Ledge and the Nevis Swing, you may choose to wear shoes or go barefoot.

YES! All of our sites have the capacity to host spectators too, depending on which site it is, there can be costs associated with spectating. See individual site pages for details.

Yes, the Kawarau Bridge Bungy and the Auckland Harbour Bridge are the only 2 tandem Bungy options. And the Nevis Swing can also be done tandem. 

Please book TWO jump spots.

The maximum combined weight at the Kawarau is 235kg and in Auckland is 150kg. There cannot be more than a 30kg difference between the weight of the two Jumpers. Please note that other considerations will be taken into account on the day such as height difference and the weather, so we cannot guarantee until the day of your Jump that you will be able to do it tandem.  However, we will work with you to ensure that you are taken care of.


We are located at 105 Curran Street Extension, Westhaven Marina in Herne Bay, 5 minutes from downtown Auckland. Free parking is available on site. Transportation is included and is available from the Maritime Museum, located in the Viaduct.

Small print
Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum age 10 yrs (Children 14 and under need to be accompanied by an Adult)  Minimum weight 35kgs and Maximum weight 150kgs, All Bungy Jumpers must also be at least 120cm in height to fit the harness correctly. AJHB New Zealand must be informed of any medical conditions. For full terms and conditions:

Cancellation Policy:

  • Refunds will only be given in the event that weather prevents a person from Bungy Jumping or a customer is deemed unable to Bungy Jump by our Operations Crew, due to medical reasons.



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A J Hackett
105 Curran St, Westhaven, Auckland 1010, New Zealand


NZD $165
Children: NZD $135
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