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Backpacker Deals is a website created by and for people who love to travel. We live & breathe travel and know how important it is for a traveller to get the best adventures for the best prices. Our team of like-minded travellers is the foundation from which everything else stems: great customer service, the best deals on tours & activities and extensive travel knowledge.

Absolutely not! You do not need to be a backpacker or staying at a backpacker hostel to book a deal on our website. We like to help everybody travelling, no matter if you're a regular traveller, flashpacker, tourist or local! Anybody is welcome. 

Of course! Backpacker Deals is very safe. We work only with 100% secure payment systems. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. Be assured that we do not save any credit card details on our servers.

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We strongly advise every customer to take out travel insurance. It is your own responsibility to purchase travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for any liability incurred to us or our suppliers. As well as, possible travel related accidents you wished to be insured for.

Backpacker Deals does not provide any advice on required vaccinations. Please contact your doctor or travel clinic for vaccination advice. Please ensure you get your vaccinations or boosters in time before leaving for your travels. Some vaccinations require a longer period and/or multiple injections to settle in. Please inform your medical expert with a detailed itinerary so he/she can provide you with all required vaccines.

Backpacker Deals does not provide any advice on required visas. Please contact the relevant embassy to check what visa is required for your nationality.

Once you book with us online, we will give you the details and contact number of the tour operator. Feel free to contact your tour operator for any questions about your tour. 

Your feedback helps us ensure that we maintain the high standards adhere to at Backpacker Deals, so we'd love to hear from you! You are more than welcome to reach out to us at support@backpackerdeals.com or via the contact page on our website. 


We use third party reviews via Yotpo so all the reviews you read about us are 100% authenticated by real people who have been on a tour or activity. You can check our reviews here.

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No. Your voucher will have a stated expiry date. You will be able to use your voucher up to the expiry date. For vouchers that require booking, you can also choose the time and date that suits you through our calendar booking tool.

Some of our bookings require passport details. If we require your passport details we will ask for them in our booking form. 

Yes absolutely! We understand you're not always able to plan ahead. When you buy an open dated voucher, it has an expiry date stating when you need to redeem it by. Once the voucher expires you will not be able to redeem or extend the expiry date and no refunds are offered. 


When you buy an open dated voucher, it is your responsibility to book directly with the merchant.




We’re more than happy to help you out with a booking. Please feel free to contact us via online chat or email us at support@backapckerdeals.com.

予約が完了次第、確認メールをお送りします。電子メールが受信トレイに届かなかった場合は、迷惑メールボックスを確認してください。お願いします お問い合わせ 両方に確認がない場合あなたの受信トレイまたはあなたの迷惑メール。

Backpacker Deals' payment systems are very safe. We work only with 100% secure payment systems. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault.

We are constantly working on ways to make payments as easy as possible. Currently, we accept the following payments:

AUD - マスターカード/ビザ/アメックス/アップルペイ/ペイパル
NZD - Master Card / Visa / Amex / Apple Pay(近日発売予定)/ PayPal
USD - マスターカード/ビザ/ペイパル
THB - マスターカード/ビザ/ペイパル
ZAR - マスターカード/ビザ








Depending on when and why the activity or tour got cancelled, will determine the refund amount. Please refer to your voucher terms and conditions and supplier refunds policy for further info.

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We are always looking for new partners and suppliers. Please check out our Merchant Portal for more information or contact us to discuss a potential partnership.


If you think your question has not been answered here, please contact us via email support@backpackerdeals.com and we will endeavor to respond to your query within 12 to 24 hours. 


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