Last Minute Cycle Cambodia
Experience Local Cambodia
Cycle Phnom Penh to Siem Reap
Connect with locals on your cycle across Cambodia
Sunrise over Angor Wat

What's Included

  • All hotel accommodation
  • Bicycle hire
  • One Australian guide & one local guide
  • Full support vehicle for the ride with water and fruit
  • Four local grassroots Non-Government Organisations (NGO) presentations with local staff across Cambodia
  • Multiple field trips to villages and communities
  • Entry to The Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh & Angkor Wat in Siem Reap,
  • 4 dinners in Social Enterprise based training restaurants
  • Cooking class and much more.

What's Excluded

Almost everything is included with this trip. You will need to pay for some meals, but these will only be in small cafes and street food based restaurants. You will also need to purchase your own visa and travel insurance for this trip. If you are travelling on an Australian passport, you can receive your Tourist Visa at the airport for US$30. We advise you bring cash for this. It is required that all members of the trip offer a minimum US$160 donation for a charity we decided upon over the course of the trip.

What to Expect

Cycle Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, we cycle five days out of ten to cover the 450km between Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, with optional additional cycling in and around the cities we stop at in between.


Social Cycles will take you on a journey to interact and connect with local grassroots Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and the beneficiaries of a funded project of your choosing. Research what really happens on the ground and out in the villages with Social Cycles in a tour that carefully balances ethical research and local impact with cycling and site seeing.


Frequently Asked Questions

We cycle five days out of ten to cover the 450km between Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, with optional additional cycling in and around the cities we stop at in between.


There is a support van that will be able to drive you the distance you don’t want to cycle.

Pack light. A few light weight shirts – one or two long sleeve shirts to avoid an unwanted sunburn, sneakers, shorts (it can get pretty muddy), and something a bit fancy for dinner. And when we say fancy, we mean anything outside of your comfortable gym clothes. It’s easy enough to purchase any last minute amenities like toothpaste and moisturisers in the larger cities. You’ll find that it’s handy to carry a small bottle of sunscreen, insect repellent and band-aids. Take a convertible adapter so you can charge your cameras and phones etc.  

We won’t facilitate a trip where there is political unrest. The people of Cambodia, for example, are incredibly friendly and crime rates are low. The Australian Government recommends to ‘exercise normal safety precautions’ which is the same advice given for New Zealand and the UK. See Smart Traveller for more information.  

We’ll always be in an air conditioned room. If you’re travelling with your partner, you’ll have your own room. Otherwise, rates are based on twin share.

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Terms & Conditions:

Here’s the part nobody really wants to read. However, it’s important to read and understand the following terms and conditions before you book your tour with Social Cycles.

1. Passport and visas
You must carry a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip. Please ensure that you are in possession of the correct visas, permits and certificates for your trip, unless otherwise stated that Social Cycles will provide as part of the tour service for your particular trip. If you are travelling on an Australian passport, you can receive your Tourist Visa at the airport for US$30. We advise you bring cash for this. It is a chaotic cultural experience.

2. Age & Health requirements

Minimum General Policy: For the majority of our trips the minimum age is 18 at the time of travel.
Maximum General Policy: We have no upper age limit though we remind you that our trips can be physically demanding and passengers must ensure that they are suitably fit to allow full participation.
We are able to provide details on mandatory health requirements; however, we are not medical experts. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain proper and detailed medical advice at least two months prior to travel for the latest health requirements and recommendations for your destination.
Cambodia is hot. Temperatures can soar above 40+ degree Celsius and cycling 100km in these conditions require a certain level of fitness and endurance. We strongly recommend that you participate in the free Social Cycles Meet Up day tours based in Melbourne prior to departure to increase your fitness and/or have your riding assessed by either tour host Brett Seychell or Lien Nguyen.


3. Payment
Once you have booked a tour with Social Cycles, a 25% deposit will be required to secure your place. Thirty days prior to departure, the full payment will be required. Once processed and confirmed, we will send you a copy of your receipt to your nominated email address and/or postal address.


4. Cancellation by you
Should you wish to cancel a booking, you must notify Social Cycles in writing or by email.

Cancellation with 60+ days notice: 100% refund of the tour only price (exc. Flights)
Cancellation with 30+ days notice: 50% refund of the tour only price (exc. Flights)
Cancellation with less than 30 days notice: No refund available
Please note that there are no refunds or transfers on flights after payment and confirmation, regardless of notice given.


5. Cancellation by us
In the event that Social Cycles cancel a trip, notification will be given no less than 30 days before the departure date of the trip. Social Cycles will return all money paid for the trip cost, including flights purchased through Social Cycles. 6. Itineraries
Social Cycles reserves the right to make changes to itineraries before or during a tour in the interests of safety resulting from war, disease, natural disaster, safety, or changed local conditions. Your guide has the right to make any necessary changes to the itinerary for the reasons listed. Any client not adhering to changes made for these reasons will be deemed to have left the tour and is no longer under the care of Social Cycles.
Hotels, restaurants and similar facilities included in the itinerary are subject to change. In the event of this Social Cycles will endeavour to find a suitable replacement/substitute of equal or better quality.


7. Insurance
You have the option of purchasing basic travel insurance as part of your tour package. Alternatively, you are welcome to purchase your own. Travel insurance for the trip is mandatory. Please note, in order to purchase travel insurance, you must have return travel arrangements. For example, you cannot purchase travel insurance for two weeks if you are on a ’12 month backpacking adventure’ with no flight ticket home. Please contact us for more details.


8. Personal belongings
You are responsible for your own personal belongings and anything that may happen to them whilst on the tour. Social Cycles Pty Ltd and their guides, leaders and support staff do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings.


9. Personal Responsibility
Due to the nature of the style and locations that Social Cycles operate in, Social Cycles Pty Ltd and their guides, leaders, and support staff do not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, illness, damage, accident, fatality, delay or inconvenience experienced from time of departure to time of return arising out of any such adventure trip organised by Social Cycles.
Cambodia is a dangerous place to cycle. The roads are very busy and the road rules differ to Western-based countries. You are responsible for yourself on the roads and expected to take the utmost care and attention when on the roads. There will be a support van on call at all times during days of transfer that you can ride in if you choose.


10. Promotional Material
Social Cycles Pty Ltd has the right to photograph and film all aspects of the tour in order to produce further promotional material. This material will be available to all participants after the tour free of charge. Images may be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels owned by Social Cycles. Images may also be used by third parties in collaboration with Social Cycles for co-branded promotional purposes.


11. Privacy Statement
You will be required to provide some of your personal information to Social Cycles in order to complete your booking. Please note that details such as your full name, date of birth and passport numbers will be provided to third party suppliers. This will only be done where required for legal reasons (eg. booking flight tickets, permits, hotel bookings in some countries). Your email address will not be shared with anyone!


12. Cycling Safety
You must wear your helmet anytime you are on your bicycle. You must wear complete shoes whilst cycling. Gloves are recommended. The bikes do not come with any lights. Therefore, cycling at night is not permitted. You are responsible for your own safety at all times during the tour.


13. Child Protection Policy
Social Cycles takes its commitment to Child Protection and Privacy very seriously. Therefore, you are required to adhere to the following practices whilst on tour with us.
? Under no circumstances are children to be touched. This includes picking up children, hugging or holding hands.
? Photos or video are not to be taken of children unless permission is obtained by a parent or guardian. Interruption of children’s education will be kept as minimal as possible.
? All riders must remain under the supervision of Social Cycles staff and/or NGO leaders when in the company of children during organised activities.

Cancellation Policy:


Cancellation with 60+ days notice: 100% refund of the tour only price 
Cancellation with 30+ days notice: 50% refund of the tour only price
Cancellation with less than 30 days notice: No refund available

All customer cancellation & refund requests are also subject to our website’s own refund conditions.


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