Discover Rare Tropical Fruits

If you love fruit then don’t miss this tour that takes you to a local fruit market to sample the best of the local produce.

map Hanoi, Vietnam
4 hrs
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What's Included

  • A rare tropical fruit tour
  • Free parking on the premises
  • A translator
  • A friendly and knowledgeable guide
  • A selection of delicious Vietnamese tropical fruits to try



If you consider yourself to be something of a ‘fruitaholic’ then this is definitely the right tour for you. Explore the best rare tropical fruit in Vietnam as you tour Hanoi taking in the best of the local produce on offer. Sample some of the rare varieties of fruits that are grown and sold in Vietnam and learn about the nutritional benefits of a high fruit diet.


See how street vendors sell the fruit here and sample the different ways that the fruit can be prepared, such as in smoothies or eaten raw. See the rainbow displays of fruit on sale in Vietnam and learn the names and flavours of a range of tropical produce.




Vietnam is a tropical country, and with that in mind you will find a huge selection of tropical fruit sold here. Fruit in Vietnam is usually cheap and nutritious and is known for its high mineral and fibre content that leads to a healthy diet amongst the locals.


Whatever time of year you visit, you will find a huge array of seasonal produce on sale, and you can try fruits such as durian, mangosteen, dragon fruit, jackfruit, and papaya. Fruit in Vietnam is sold in a multitude of ways, and you will meet with your guide who will take you around the streets of Hanoi so that you can see some of these in action.


Your friendly guide will start the tour by taking you to a street market where you will get to see the fruit in its purest form, before introducing you to some of the local fruit vendors so that you can see all the different ways in which fruit is used in Vietnamese cookery. This includes eating the fruit raw, preserving it in jam, or blending it into a delicious smoothie.


You will also get to learn how to choose the best and freshest produce if you shop in the market, and you will even get the chance to learn how to bargain in Vietnamese as you shop.


You will also get the chance to try some fruit based deserts and drinks as part of the tour, and as most Vietnamese fruits are either very sweet or very sour, this tour will definitely perk up your taste buds and introduce you to some new flavours.


If you want to learn more about the local food scene in Hanoi, then definitely don’t miss this tour.


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It is recommended that you bring water as it can get hot during the tour


Monday - Sunday


The session lasts for 4 hours and can be booked from 9 am to 1 pm

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FromUSD $27
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