Calligraphy Class

Learn the beautiful and elegant art of calligraphy in Hanoi with a knowledgeable local teacher.
Hanoi, Vietnam
2 hrs
Start & End Time
Start & End Time
Max Group Size
Max Group Size
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Not included
Minimum Age
Minimum Age
12 yrs
Not included

What's Included

  • A calligraphy class
  • A translator
  • Free parking on the premises
  • A friendly and knowledgeable teacher
  • Free Wi-Fi


What to Expect

Learn all about the ancient art of calligraphy which was first introduced to Vietnam by the Chinese. Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the elegant brush strokes of traditional Vietnamese calligraphy and enjoy a class with a self-taught teacher who has risen to fame as one of the best calligraphers of his generation.


Learn the meaning of the different characters in Vietnamese calligraphy and how the different brush strokes can change the meaning of each word. Find out how Chinese and Vietnamese characters differ, and learn to write in both.


Discover how Vietnamese calligraphy developed and explore both old and new calligraphy techniques. Practice your own Vietnamese calligraphy and bring home a souvenir scroll of your time at this calligraphy class.




You will meet with Pham Ha Linh, a calligraphy master who is self-taught but who has risen to prominence in Vietnam thanks to his skills. At the class, you will start by learning the history and cultural significance of Vietnamese calligraphy which was first introduced to the country by the Chinese. Your teacher will explain the different artistic techniques used in Vietnamese calligraphy, and you will get the chance to watch a demonstration by this master in front of you.


You will then get the chance to practice your own brush strokes, and your teacher will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the artistic process. You will also get to learn the meaning of many characters used in Vietnamese calligraphy and the way in which they change according to the number of brush strokes.


As you learn this ancient art form, you will get to create your own masterpiece under the watchful eye of your teacher and you can choose to adapt the brush strokes to writing in your native language, or you can have a go at some Vietnamese characters. If you want to learn how to write your name in Vietnamese script, then you can sign up for a further two classes, as it will take some time for your teacher to interpret your name into Vietnamese and teach you the brush strokes.


The class will take place in the traditional style, and all students will sit on the floor and work in harmony at a low table, the way in which Vietnamese calligraphy has been practised for centuries.


Meeting Point

Pham Ha Linh’s Workshop


What to Bring

It is recommended that you bring water as it can get hot during the day and where clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on


Please also note that this class takes place on sitting on the floor, but that special arrangements can be made upon request before the class




The lesson lasts for 2 hours and can be booked from 9 am to 3 pm


Terms & Conditions:

No cancellations and no refunds

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