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Take on New Zealand's number one day walk, with easy transport to and from your start and end point!

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What's Included

  • Choice of one-way or return shuttle
  • On time departures
  • 5 departures daily
  • 5 return times

What's excluded

  • Please note this is transport only. You are required to bring hiking equipment, food and water needed.

Why do we love this

We love that these guys make conquering the Tongariro Crossing SO easy. With transport organised, all you need to focus on is the spectacular walk!


Often described as New Zealand's greatest day walk, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is an unforgettable journey. It's a challenging hike across a remarkable volcanic landscape, with lava flows, steam vents, emerald-coloured lakes, an active crater, magnificent views to take in along the way. The 19.4 km long track takes around 6-8 hours to complete. 

Because this is a one-way adventure, you'll need to think about getting to and from the walk... that's where Tongariro Crossing Shuttles comes in! With 5 departures daily, Tongariro Crossing Shuttles will you to your destination quickly and easily. 

Shuttles depart from 6 stops in National Park Village, including the new transport hub at the Railway Station. If required, pickup is also available from various spots on the way, such as the Mangahuia DoC campground.
A moderate degree of fitness is best for this walk, but with an early shuttle in the morning and late shuttle in the afternoon, it's easy to complete the journey comfortably. There are 5 different return times per day, so you'll have the chance to complete the walk at your own pace. 

Tongariro Crossing Shuttles are located at the base of the Tongariro National Park in National Park Village, just 60 minutes drive from Taupo and 30 minutes drive from Turangi, Ohakune and Taumarunui.

Please note:
The Tongariro Alpine Crossing track is very well marked and there are toilet stops along the way. However there no rubbish bins or fresh water supply, so it is important to pack lots of water and take all of your rubbish out with you.

Because this is an alpine crossing, the weather is very changeable! It is common to experience strong winds, heavy rainfall, snowfall and rapid changes in temperature, even in summer. Check the weather before your hike and come prepared for different conditions. Travelling with Tongariro Crossing Shuttles will give you an advantage here, as because they're local to the crossing area, they can monitor the weather first hand. If the weather is better than expected, they'll take advantage of it!

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    One way Shuttle from Ketetahi Car Park to Mangatepopo Car Park.
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It is 19km of track which climbs variably from 1100 metres at the start to 2000 at the highest and then back to about 1100 metres for the finish. Afterwards, you will know you have done some work. That said, people of all ages and fitness complete the crossing every year. The best approach is one of preparation, do not take it lightly and come properly equipped.

Hard to answer but our standard reply is from 6-8 hours. Sure we have people who race over in 4 or 5 hours and the record for running it is 95 minutes but the whole point of having our range of departure and pick up times is that you complete it in the time that is comfortable and convenient for you.

There are no shops of any kind either on the track or at the start or finish of the track. Such commercial activities are not allowed in the national park.

Yes, there are toilets at the start, at the end and at several points in between. Please. Please, please make use of the toilets and do not pollute the park by going behind a rock.

The steepest part of the track is near the Mangatepopo Road end of the track. It is thought better if tired people after a long days walk are not then faced with the most difficult downhill part of the track. Walking downhill is when you are most likely to have an accident. It is also much easier to walk with the flow of other people on the track rather than having to constantly dodge around them all by coming the other way.

Given the number of people who walk the crossing accidents and injury are surprisingly rare. That said you can make it easier on yourself by firstly NOT going off the established track. Passers-by and ultimately search and rescue can find you much easier if you are on the track where you are supposed to be. Secondly, communicate. Take your phone and use it if necessary, the emergency number in New Zealand is 111 (one-one-one). Effective communication is enhanced by knowing where on the track you are. Thirdly, ask for help. Other walkers will help you if you ask so don’t be shy. You can also take re-assurance that TCS knows where you are. We have your name and if you don’t emerge at the other end of the track then procedures to find you will swing into action.

We have a lot of pick-ups but due to legal limits on how long our drivers can work in a day, they are not unlimited.  If we need to make a special trip to collect you because you missed all 5 return buses then there will be an extra fee.

From a safety point of view, the risky aspects are wind, rain and visibility. High winds especially are a problem and more so in combination with even light rain. Rain without high winds is not a safety issue. Occasionally low cloud cover does produce visibility problems though this more so in winter than summer. You should also be looking at any dramatic changes which may occur during the day, both positive and negative (perhaps you may start the crossing in poor conditions with the promise of a great day to emerge). Putting safety aside walkers may want to look at other weather aspects from an enjoyment point of view such as temperature, overcast, sunshine, etc.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 100% refundable tickets & transferable tickets
  • As a courtesy please cancel the booking the night before to ensure we are not waiting for you and delaying other hikers. 

Location map

Tongariro Crossing Shuttles
Mangatepopo Rd, Tongariro National Park 4691, New Zealand


FromNZD $35
Child: NZD $35
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