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Waterfall Classic Kayak Tour

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Paddle from the mouth of Waitangi Inlet, past the wondrous Haruru Waterfall and Mangrove Forest!

Duration3 hours
Start & End Time
Start & End TimeDeparts 9:00 am Daily & 2:00 pm (November – March)
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Pick-Up & Drop-OffIncluded
Minimum Age
Minimum Age7 years
Fitness Level
Fitness LevelLow

Waterfall Classic Kayak Tour Highlights

  • Half day kayak adventure
  • Local pick-up/drop-off service
  • Tour photos
  • Sunscreen and use of dry bags
  • Use of water pistols


  • Waitangi Inlet
  • Haruru Waterfall
  • Mangrove Forest

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What to Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Sun protection, a hat, towel, bug repellent (fall, winter, spring), camera (at your own risk). We give you complete instruction (90% of our paddlers have never kayaked before)

Yes. You will get wet as this is a water based activity. Most likely you will only get your feet wet getting in and out of the kayak.

Very easy. Here’s why. Sea kayaks are longer than normal kayaks. This decreases the wave drag and so you require less effort to go forward. These kayaks are also fitted with a foot-operated rudder which keeps the kayak going straight. This means your energy is used to propel the kayak forward, not wasted trying to keep it straight.

Our kayaks are extremely stable. Capsizes are rare. The kayaks have extremely large cockpits. When a rare capsize occurs, the paddlers will usually fall out before the kayak is completely upside-down. For non-swimmers : remember, your buoyancy jacket will keep you floating. Our trained guides will right the kayak and get you back in without any hassle.

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