Learn Washi Art and Japanese Paper Making

Make washi paper from raw materials in Tokyo's countryside

map Tokyo, Japan
2 Hours
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Minimum Age
Minimum Age
9 yrs
English / Japanese
Start & End Location
Start & End Location
Musashi-Itsukaichi Station
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Best Seller
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Child?aged 15 and under?: JYP ‎¥5200
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What's Included

  • Experience real Japanese paper making from raw materials
  • Enjoy the rich natural surroundings of Nishitama
  • Get lead by a professional Japanese paper maker
  • Create your original washi art
  • Draw a unique picture using the paper making method, without a brush
  • Option to create a colourful washi paper by pouring coloured kozo (mulberry) fibers into the frame



Kami-suki is a new style of papermaking that fits the urban lifestyle. Experience this traditional Japanese craft along with the art of washi in this Japanese craft class in Nishitama.??Experience the meditative practice of creating washi art, from preparing raw materials to make the paper to painting a picture without a brush.


Washi making is a Japanese traditional craft which is certified as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. There are a number of places in Japan where you can make a simple washi, yet the experience offered here is quite unique and distinct as you can start from making raw materials for paper. Immerse yourself in papermaking in the rich forest of Nishitama, Tokyo, while feeling the aroma of plants and refreshing breeze. 


In this class, you will create an original washi art piece with a unique method of kami-suki (paper making). You will paint a picture by pouring coloured kozo fibres into a string-framed mould.  Even a child can draw a solid and colourful picture easily. By compiling coloured paper fibres in layers, a unique artwork with various colour gradients will be completed. Why not create a distinct artwork showing your originality? Of course, you can take home your completed piece of work. This workshop offers the unique combination of traditional art methods and a modern twist.


Recommended Course

  • Hinode Washi Area
    • One Day Course: Hinode Washi→Hinode-sanso→Bukeyashiki (Ninja Experience?Princess Experience)
    • Half Day Course A: Hinode Washi→Hinode-sanso
    • Half Day Course B: Hinode Washi→Bukeyashiki (Ninja Experience, Princess Experience)

Recommended nearby spots

  • After finishing:
    • Tsuru-Tsuru Onsen
    • Shougo-tei
    • Kurochaya
    • Umaimono-kan


Learn Washi Art and Japanese Paper Making

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  • Meeting Point: (Come early too) Musashi-Itsukaichi Station or (Tell the taxi driver to) 6436 Oguno, Hinode-machi, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo  
  • ACCESS: It takes an hour from Shinjuku Station (without changing trains). We will pick up the first seven people at Musashi-Itsukaichi Station. For anyone coming after the seventh, please take a taxi.
    • Access by train
      • Shinjuku ⇓?JR Chuo Line 25 min. ?Tachikawa Station  ⇓ (JR Ome Line 15 min.) Haijima Station ⇓?JR Itsukaichi Line 20 min.? Musashi-Itsukaichi Station ⇓ Taxi?10 mins. One-way 1500 yen? ?On weekends and holidays, it is convenient to take Holiday Rapid service train (normal fare) from Shinjuku direct to Musashi-Itsukaichi (Approx. 1 hour) without having to transfer. Holiday Rapid train for Musashi-Itsukaichi is coupled with one bound for Ome. So when you take the train, please make sure the vehicle you get in is bound for Musashi-Itsukaichi.  
    • Access by car 
      • 15 min. from Hinode Interchange of the Ken-o Expressway. The eastbound lanes of the connecting Chuo Expressway are heavily congested on weekends and holidays. So please leave time to spare and come safely.
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Comfortable shoes, casual clothes (they may get wet) or apron, and a hand towel

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FromJYP ‎¥7050
Child?aged 15 and under?: JYP ‎¥5200
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