Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Experience Japanese culture with an interactive and authentic tea ceremony!

map Kyoto, Japan
45 minutes
Start & End Time
Start & End Time
Minimum Age
Minimum Age
6 yrs
English and Japanese
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What's Included

  • Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in an authentic setting
  • Have a go at making green tea yourself
  • Learn about the history and Zen spirits of the tea ceremony
  • Watch the traditional way of tea and taste matcha tea and sweets
  • Learn about different teas from a tea master
  • Try your hand at whisking matcha
  • Enjoy a ceremony that changes each month

What's excluded

If you would like to wear kimono, additional fee is 3000yen per person. Please come 15-20minutes before the starting time if you would like to wear a kimono.

Why do we love this

We love that you don't just sit and watch in this tea ceremony - you'll be making and trying teas yourselves. The ceremony changes each month, according to the 'season' - the way Japanese have loved and described these ceremonies since Heian period - which we think is pretty cool!


Experience traditional Japanese culture as you delve into the history of the country's most loved beverage, tea! Called Chanoyu, Sado or Ocha, tea ceremonies are an important part of Japanese life. Get a taste of the tradition, culture and history as you watch tea masters, try whisking matcha and enjoy some classic Japnese sweets. 

Your day will be divided into three parts, each stage teaching you something different about the tea ceremony process. You can also immerse yourself in Japanese culture even further and complete the ceremony wearing a kimono! This is an extra 3000yen per person and you'll need to arrive 15-20 minutes before the start time. 

To start your tea experience, begin with an introduction and brief description of some of the processes and teas. You'll learn a little about the Zen spirits of the tea ceremony and its history in Japnese culture. You'll find out where matcha tea comes from, how to make it and what it tastes like. 

Next, watch the tea masters show you the traditional methods for making tea, and enjoy the ritualistic and soothing motions. Each ceremony is a process of preparing, serving and mixing green tea (matcha) with different Japanese sweets and you'll have the chance to try some of these with the green tea that's prepared.

You won't only be watching the ceremony either! Get involved and learn how to greet and move as you go through the ceremony. Your host will also prepare utensils that represent Japanese seasons, which is an extra special experience. 

Finally, have a go at whisking matcha tea yourself to really get a sense of the tea making process! 

The tea ceremony is celebrated in the traditional way, changing each month according to the 'season', so you'll always learn something new. This is the authentic way Japanese have loved and described this process since Heian period, and these ceremonies are immortalised in their literature and history. 

There's no better way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture, so take a sip and dive into your Japanese adventure.

Tour times are: 
A. 11:45-12:30
B. 13:00-13:45
C. 14:15-15:00
D. 15:30-16:15
E. 16:45-17:30


Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

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We recommend the family with small children (maybe 0-3 years old) to join Private Tea Ceremony.
If you would like to join shared tea ceremony, we ask you to go to the waiting room next to the tea room in case your baby starts crying or something. I’m sorry for this inconvenience because we need quiet atmosphere during the tea ceremony.

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Yes, we can prepare western chairs for the guests who have the difficulty to sit on the floor. The number of the chair is 5. Please feel free to ask. 

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Our capacity is 10 people usually in a tea room of the 1st floor because tea ceremony is held in the small tatami room authentically. But if you were a big tour group, we can open the larger tatami room on the 2nd floor.
We can accept 23 people.  If you were the group of over 23 people, we recommend you to part in 2 groups, and take turns.
For example, Group 1 visit Kinkakuji temple during Group 2 experience tea ceremony. And take turns.
We are just a 1 minute walk from Golden Pavilion.


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Photos are OK! Unfortunately, video is not usually allowed.
If you use it only for you (Please don’t publish on the You Tube or something), it’s OK.

If you are a reporter for  TV, Radio, Newspaper or magazines, we are happy to answer the interview. Please feel free to ask at

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Tea Ceremony Koto
37 Kinugasanishi Goshonouchicho, Kita, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 603-8377, Japan


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