Enjoy a helicopter ride to the Franz Josef Glacier, then embark on a three hour guided hike on the ice!

地図 Franz Josef、ニュージーランド
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  • Enjoy a spectacular helicopter flight over rugged terrain
  • Embark on a three hour guided hike on the ice
  • Discover New Zealand's famous Franz Josef glacier 
  • Explore the area with a professional, experienced guide
  • Enjoy exclusive access to the glacier
  • Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains
  • Relax with complimentary access to Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools


"We love this tour because it ticks off two major New Zealand activities. A scenic helicopter flight AND a glacier exploration? These are must do experiences in New Zealand!"


Are you ready for a day on the ice? Discover New Zealand's famous glacier landscape, explore Franz Josef Glacier and embark on a hike through the snow and ice.

This Franz Josef Glacier helicopter tour is a once in a lifetime experience that you simply can't miss. Combining a helicopter ride with a hike means you get to see the best of Franz Josef, from the sky and the land! You'll enjoy views of wild, icy terrain and the towering mountains around you. 

Franz Josef Glacier is considered the gem of New Zealand's West Coast Glaciers. There are very few glaciers left in the world which are accessible to the public so what you'll see on this tour is really special! 

Your journey starts at the glacier base in Franz Josef Village where the friendly team will check you in, get you kitted out with the essential gear and give you a pre-trip briefing.

From here, your guide will lead you on a short walk through native forest to the helipad. From the moment you step on board the chopper, the excitement begins. Sit back as your experienced and highly trained pilot whisks you away, up and over the jaw-dropping landscape.

You'll travel over the jaw-dropping landscape with the opportunity to take in the full panoramic majesty of K? Roimata o Hine Hukatere nestled within the surrounding mountains.

After a thrilling flight, it's time for a glacier landing. Take some time to check out the views before you begin your 3-hour glacier hike. Accompanied by a professional guide, you'll learn about this incredible landscape as you go. Get ready to see some of the most pristine and awe-inspiring glacier scenery in the world!

Your guide will choose your route carefully as you go, making sure you see all the highlights of this beautiful place. Keep an eye for spectacular ice formations as you make your way through the towering peaks and glistening blue ice. It's a changing landscape here, and you'll find yourself sliding through narrow crevasses, between towering walls of ice, crawling through blue ice tunnels and hanging out in ice caves.

You'll enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and have plenty of photo opportunities along the way. During your hike your guide will also tell the story of K? Roimata o Hine Hukatere and will share their knowledge of the glacier and surrounding area. You'll learn why Franz Josef is so unique and will come away from your trip with a new understanding of why this landmark is so special.

After your hike, relax and enjoy your free access to the Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools! The perfect spot to warm up and rejuvenate after your icy adventure. 

And don't worry if the weather is bad - if your trip is cancelled due to weather, Franz Josef Glacier Guides can transfer you onto the Glacier Valley Walk on the same day. There's no obligation to participate and you can cancel at any time!

Please come prepared for chilly temperatures. Wear 2-4 warm upper body layers ideally woollen or polypro (not cotton), quick drying trousers or shorts (no jeans). You'll also need to bring food and drink for the day and sunglasses, sunscreen and a camera.

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Heli Hike、Heli Ice Climb、Glacier Valley Walkのチェックイン時間は、予約確認書に記載された旅行時間の15分前です。 



氷上での最大滞在時間は4時間ですので、バックパックを持参する必要はありません。私たちはあなたにカメラ、日焼け止め、サンラス、水、スナックを運ぶことができるように小型の袋を提供します。ヘリコプターにはスペースが限られていますので、持ち込むものを制限してください。 iPod、財布、携帯電話、鍵を持参しないでください。

青い氷は氷河のツアーの主要なハイライトです。ヘリコプターが氷上に上陸して、氷河が提供する最高のものを探検できるように、Heli Hikeツアーでは青い氷を見るチャンスがあります。 



氷河が成長し、雨が降らないようにすることができるのは、氷河地域(6-8 m /年)の高い年間降雨量です。この壮大な氷河はここにはありません。私たちはGoretexレインジャケットやズボン以上の防水など、雨の中で最高の保護を提供しています。

時には天気はヘリコプターが飛べないことを意味します。大雨、高風、低雲。このような理由でツアーがキャンセルされた場合、Franz Josef Glacier Guidesは自動的にあなたを当日のGlacier Valley Walkに乗り換えます。参加する義務はなく、いつでもキャンセルすることができます。私たちは偉大な氷河の経験を忘れないようにしたいと思っています。 

はい!この旅行は115 kgに制限されています

The helicopter ride is 5 minutes long each way. The hike is approximately 3 hours long. 


  • Please note that the bookings are processed manually and please chat to us before making the booking or you can book with us and your booking is confirmed only once confirmed by the tour operator.
  • Due to the risks involved, tours are not suitable for anyone that is pregnant. 
  • ガイドには、予約された旅行に適したフィットネスや能力を持たないお客様の旅行を縮小またはキャンセルする権利があります。あなたが予約した氷河旅行を完了できない場合は、払い戻しを受ける権利はありません。 
  • As tours operate in a mountain environment certain events may result in customers having to stay on the glacier overnight. 



  • If the tour is cancelled due to weather and if you are not able to reschedule your tour - a full refund will be processed.
  • 出発前24時間以上のキャンセルまたは再スケジュール:無償
  • 出発前の24時間未満のキャンセル:100費用の%
  • 出発から24時間以内の再調整:サプライヤーの絶対的な裁量であり、費用の最大100%までの料金が発生する可能性があります。





氷河のベース63 Cron Street、Franz Josef Glacier


nzd $ 449
13 NZD $ 459 SAVE 17 NZD $ 10
Child (8 to 16 yrs): NZD $449
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