Black Sand Adventure Day Trip from Auckland

Head off the beaten track to Auckland's best black sand beaches for a day of swimming, rock-scrambling, hiking, even sand-dune sliding! PLUS you get 200+ photos FREE.

map Auckland, New Zealand
6 hrs
Start & End Time
Start & End Time
10 am to 4 pm
Max Group Size
Max Group Size
12 people
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Central Auckland
Fitness Level
Fitness Level
Not included
NZD $179
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What's Included

  • Auckland's most adventurous day trip!
  • Guaranteed to visit two of these exciting locations: Kitekite Falls, Anawhata Beach, Piha Beach, Whatipu Beach, Bethells Beach, Muriwai Beach
  • Small group tour
  • Personalised tour (locations selected on day depending on how adventurous the group are feeling!)
  • Activities include: swimming, rock-scrambling, hiking, sand-dune sliding and cave exploring
  • 200+ photos of the day for FREE!
  • Travel like a local

What's excluded

  • Lunch/snacks (we stop for lunch at own expense)

Why do we love this

"We love Black Sand Adventures because they tailor the tour to how you're feeling or what you want to see... so if you want to head to Bethells Beach and see where Taylor Swift filmed her music video, they'll take you there!"




We depart at 10:00am from central Auckland. We can pick you up and drop you back if you are within a 2 km radius of the Skytower. The whole day is 6 hours long and we will drop you back in central Auckland at around 4:00 pm.




This is your day, we will tailor it to meet your needs. If we have a group full of young backpackers we will probably go cliff diving, cave swimming and hiking. Whereas, if it's a mix of ages we may take things a little slower and go swimming in waterfalls or on scenic walks. It really is up to you, just however the group is feeling! You will be able to choose two exciting locations on the day which include amongst others Kitekite Falls, the Fairy Falls, Piha Beach, Muriwai Beach and Lake Wainamu.




We know where to go better than anyone, we can sniff out hidden spots and secret locations. We pride ourselves in travelling to places only locals know about and encourage you to #travellikealocal. On the day you'll feel like you're travelling with a group of mates and forget you are even on a tour.




 On our way to the chosen locations, we stop at Titirangi Village so you can buy lunch, water and sunscreen (at own expense).




We choose two locations a day from the list below and create a tour to suit the group (and the weather conditions on the day). Many of these locations are black sand beaches, with big waves, beautiful rock formations and backed by the iconic Waitakere Ranges. The activities vary from location to location but they include hiking, rock scrambling, cave exploring, swimming and loads of fun facts from your guide!


  • KiteKite Falls

Kitekite Falls is a beautiful 140 ft waterfall in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges. At this location we embark on a 30 minute easy grade hike, exploring native plants and wildlife. After the hike you can cool off with a swim under the waterfall. If the group is feeling a little more adventurous we will take you further up to the mid-section of the waterfall which is even more secluded. Or right to the top where you can leap from rocks into crystal, clear pools! We finish up with a 30 minute walk through lush rainforest before heading on to our next stop.


  • Anawhata Beach

This black sand beach is extremely popular amongst locals. It has remained untouched for many years and you will often find it completely empty. Here you will find impressive waves, the monolithic Keyhole rock, calm lagoons, low-level cliff jumps, beautiful sand dunes and a gentle river for a lazy swim. Or just relax and take it all in, as it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


  • Piha Beach

This is one of our classic stops! Again a gorgeous black sand surf beach. At this location you have the opportunity to go hiking, cave exploring, lagoon swimming, cave swimming, cliff diving, rock scrambling, explore tidal pools or simply subathe and relax. Piha Beach can be as chilled or as adventurous as you want it to be. You're guaranteed to see the best of Piha with us, we know this beach like the back of our hand!


  • Whatipu Beach

Here you'll feel like you've stepped into Jurassic Park. This is a vast, empty, black sand beach with impressive dunes, caves, lush vegetation, harsh grey rock, and beautifully clear turquoise waters.Whatipu Beach is the safest swimming beach on the West Coast! And it gets better, if you're lucky you may find penguins (little Blues) and seals. If you're really lucky, you may spot a whale or a couple of Orcas. Whatipu is a spot most tourists don't go to and very few tour groups operate out here. It's also a great place to camp for a few days. If you want, we can take you out there, show you around and collect you in a couple of days, to drop you back to the city. Message us if this is an option for you!


  • Bethells Beach (Te Henga Black Sand Dunes)

This is another one of our favourite spots, it's ideal for adventurous backpackers and kids. Here you can climb to the top of 100+ foot sand dunes and run, slide or roll your way back down. In the winter there is a quick sand river (it's safe) to mess around in and summer we finish at the beautiful Lake Wainamu for a swim and leap off the wharf! This place is so much fun.


  • Muriwai Beach

This is one of the most chilled out spots we visit. It's a 60km black sand beach and has the darkest sand of all the beaches. Interestingly, this 60km stretch of sand is actually a registered road (with a speed limit and everything). If we have smaller groups, we take the 4WD for a drive along the beach! At the south end of the beach, there are huge cliffs with hundreds of gannets nesting, making for a great photo opportunity (September - April). It's an awesome, laid-back location.


Other potential spots we visit include... KareKare Beach, Arataki Visitors Centre and the Fairy Falls




Throughout the day we take hundreds (200+) of photographs of you as you climb, swim, hike, slide down dunes and all photos are completely FREE - we send you a link at the end of the day. 




We receive outstanding reviews from our customers, we've actually never had a bad review! Which just goes to show that we really do make sure you guys have the best black sand adventure possible.




Black Sand Adventure Day Trip from Auckland

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No, you don't need to be a triathelete. A moderate level of fitness is needed - we take small children, elderly people, and generally all ages. It isn't really a wheelchair friendly tour, due to the locations being very remote. But if you can walk, you will be fine on the Black Sand Adventure. Some of the activities, if they aren't your thing, you can opt out of, and just enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax for a bit. 

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  • Swimwear - even if it's winter and you think you wont swim, you will likely cross rivers, pools, get splashed by surf.  You may not swim, but you will want the option. 
  • Jandals - this is Kiwi for FLIPFLOPS or what the Australians bizzarely call 'Thongs'. Footwear that is easy to take on (when the sand is hot, or we are walking on rocks) or take off (when we wade across rivers, pools, etc). 
  • Track shoes can also work. Some people prefer them on rocks. 
  • Water - there is no drinkable water in any of the places we go.
  • Sunscreen - you can burn in NZ much faster than anywhere else in the world (hole in Ozone Layer) - bring sunscreen.
  • A raincoat. NZ has 4 seasons in one day. Even if the sky is blue - bring a raincoat. It will protect you from the wind.
  • Camera - especially waterproof cameras are awesome. If your camera isn't waterproof, don't panic - we will be taking lots of pics of the day and they are free!


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2018-01-11 12:23:491

We make a pit-stop (15-20 mins) on our way to the locations, at Titirangi. Here you can buy lunch, water and sunscreen.

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2018-01-11 12:27:281

No, we will adjust the tour to suit you if you can't swim at all. We have a chat about swimming capability before we leave. Many of our customers haven't been able to swim.

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The Black Sand is very different to beaches in Hawaii or Iceland. It is still black from iron, but it is a mixture of iron and silicon. It's the softest and finest sand in the world. It is more like dust, or powder snow... powder snow that is warmed from the sun!

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Yes. Our guides take typically 200+ photos a day of our groups. We try to get you swimming, climbing, scrambling, in amazing scenery! 

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2018-01-11 12:27:281

Customers must be over the age of 16 unless accompanied by an adult. We can take children as young as 4 on our trips.

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  • Stables on Elliot Street


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