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9-Day Mexican Adventure Tour

Experience a side of Mexico you've never seen before on this fun-filled guided tour

map Sayulita, Mexico
9 Days
Minimum Age
Minimum Age
18 yrs
English / Spanish
Some meals
Start & End Location
Start & End Location
Mexico City
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What's Included

  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Some meals (5 breakfasts, 1 dinner)
  • Bilingual (English & Spanish) guide/tour leader
  • Visit 4 Mexican states situated in 3 climate zones
  • Discover the diverse cuisine of each state
  • Hike among unique moon-like rock formations
  • Swim in waterfalls in the jungles
  • Visit one of the most mysterious pyramids in Mesoamerica;
  • Go surfing, snorkelling and sailing
  • Visit the hometown of tequila and learn how this drink is made

Where We Visit

  • Zacatecas
  • Jalisco
  • Nayarit
  • Mexico City
  • Sombrerete
  • Sierra de Órganos National Park
  • Zacatecas
  • La Quemada
  • Guadalajara
  • Tequila
  • Sayulita


This 9-day adventure tour will allow you to experience Mexico like you've never seen it before. Over the course of the tour, you will get to visit 4 different Mexican states situated in 3 climate zones. You will explore numerous wonders of nature, from national parks to high mountains to extravagant rock formations and wet jungles. Swim in refreshing rivers and waterfalls and beaches as you soak up the beauty of each area. 


On this multi-day tour, you will also visit three "magic towns", 2 colonial cities and 2 UNESCO Heritage Sites. You will get to enjoy a range of different activities including hiking, surfing, snorkelling, tequila-tasting and much more.


Tours depart from Mexico City, making this an easy and convenient way to see all of the city's best surrounding areas. From the bustling nightlife of the country's capital to the small, remote towns and historical sites that lie outside of it, this varied tour coupled with your knowledgeable guide will provide a full understanding of Mexican culture. 


Day 1: Mexico City 


Welcome to Mexico City, the largest city in Latin America, where ancient and modern coexist in harmony. Arrive whenever you'd like and take your time to explore this diverse city before meeting your group and tour leader on Saturday afternoon.


  • Accommodation:
    • Shared room in a conveniently located hotel/B&B/homestay in Mexico City
  • Activities Included:
    • Welcome meeting


Day 2: Mexico City - Sombrerete


Join your group for a walking tour around the historic centre in the morning, which includes visits to the Metropolitan Cathedral, Zocalo, National Palace and Museum of Anthropology. Then choose what to do next in this diverse city as you enjoy an afternoon of free time. Your guide will be happy to give suggestions. Enjoy an optional dinner and get-together with the group in the evening before taking the overnight bus to Sombrerete,arriving there in the morning.


  • Transportation:
    • Private vehicle/mini-couch
  • Accommodation:
    • Overnight bus to Sombrerete
  • Activities Included: 
    • Walking tour in Mexico City
    • Guided visit to the Museum of Anthropology


Day 3: Sombrerete - Sierra de Órganos National Park

Surrounded by hills, you will love Sombrerete’s streets and churches, such as the Santo Domingo Temple or the Candlemas Chapel. After a traditional Zacatecas breakfast and tour around the town, go to explore Sierra de Órganos National Park -  one of the greatest natural wonders of Mexico. Follow your adventurous spirit and have an unforgettable day among incredible natural wonders. In the evening, you will have a BBQ dinner, play open-air games and party with the rest of the group.


  • Transportation: 
    • Private vehicle/mini-couch
  • Accommodation: 
    • Shared eco-cabin in Sierra de Órganos National Park
  • Activities Included:
    • Walking tour in Sombrerete
    • Hiking tour in Sierra de Órganos National Park


Day 4: Sierra de Órganos National Park - Zacatecas


After breakfast, go to Zacatecas, a colonial treasure declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architecture, urban layout and the irregular alignment of its streets. Upon arrival join a walking tour around the historic centre. In the afternoon, take a ride in a cable car, connecting the Cerro de la Bufa to the Cerro del Grillo. This experience offers you an unmatched view of the beautiful city. In the evening, opt to join an optional dinner and get-together in one of the local restaurants/bars.


  • Transportation:
    • Private vehicle/mini-couch
  • Accommodation:
    • Shared room in a conveniently located hotel/B&B/homestay in Zacatecas
  • Activities Included: 
    • Walking tour in Zacatecas
    • Cable car to Cerro de la Bufa


Day 5: Zacatecas - La Quemada - Guadalajara


In the morning, go to La Quemada - the ruins of the ancient civilization that are a unique treasure full of secrets yet to be unveiled. Free yourself from scepticism and get lost in the labyrinthine walls of what some claim are the ruins of Chicomoztoc, the legendary Place of the Seven Caves that gave asylum to the Mexica on their journey from the mythical Aztlan in search of the promised land.


After lunch, continue to Guadalajara - one of the largest cities in Mexico and a cultural epicentre of the region. Explore the avenues and alleys of the historic centre, stop in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral, which combines neoclassical, baroque and gothic styles. Follow your trip leader and see the top cultural and historic attractions of this beautiful city. In the evening, opt to join an optional dinner in one of the local restaurants.


  • Transportation:
    • Private vehicle/mini-couch
  • Accommodation:
    • Shared room in a conveniently located hotel/B&B/homestay in Guadalajara
  • Activities Included:
    • Walking tour in Guadalajara
    • Guided visit to La Quemada Archeological Zone


Day 6: Guadalajara - Tequila - Sayulita


In the morning, go to Tequila - a place where a world-famous drink comes from. The volcano of Tequila extends its arms to embrace this colourful "Magical Town". It is a land of blue-gold that rises from the foot of the Río Grande Canyon thanks to a landscape of agave crops. The area was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006.


After visiting one of the local tequilerias ("tequila factory"), taking a tour around the town and eating an optional lunch, continue to Sayulita - a laid-back "Magic Town" on the Pacific coast that provides a breath of multiculturalism with an atmosphere similar of the sixties: peace & love, harmony with nature and a friendly & relaxed environment. Surfing is one of the main attractions of this fishing town, to which fishing enthusiasts come from all around the world.


In the evening, join for an optional dinner and get-together in one of the local restaurants/bars.


  • Transportation:
    • Private vehicle/mini-couch
  • Accommodation:
    • Shared room in a conveniently located hotel/B&B/homestay in Sayulita
  • Activities Included:
    • Walking tour in Tequila and Sayulita
    • Tequila factory tour


Day 7: Sayulita


Relax on the beach, surf or take on an optional day tour to Islas Marietas (UNESCO), one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Mexico’s Pacific coast formed long ago by volcanic activity. In the evening, join an optional dinner and get-together in one of the local restaurants/bars.


  • Accommodation:
    • Shared room in a conveniently located hotel/B&B/homestay in Sayulita


Day 8: Sayulita 


Today, you can choose to be lazy or active - it's up to you. Relax on the beach sipping a refreshing cocktail, surf or snorkel, help to release saved turtles in a local turtle camp, take a jungle hike, bike or ride a horse on a secluded beach, etc. In the evening, join for an optional farewell dinner in Sayulita before taking an overnight bus back to Mexico City. You will arrive back around 10 am the next day.


  • Transportation:
    • Private vehicle/mini-couch
  • Accommodation:
    • Overnight bus to Mexico City


Day 9: Sayulita - Mexico City


Arrive back to Mexico City in the morning. This is the last day of our trip, so choose by yourself when to leave.  If you decide to extend your vacations, we can always book you extra nights, or even take you on our next adventure.


  • Transportation:
    • Private vehicle/mini-couch


9-Day Mexican Adventure Tour

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  • Clothes and footwear fitted for long walks and irregular terrain.
  • Raincoat and light jacket.
  • Swimming suite, flip-flops, hat/cap, sunglasses, sunblock.
  • Repellent for mosquitoes.
  • Little backpack or handbag for personal articles.
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Terms & Conditions:

  • No airport pickup is included in this tour, so you will need to reach our accommodation independently by public transport or taxi. If you need any advice or help with organizing your transfer (we can book it for you for an extra fee) please let us know.
  • The exact address and name of the accommodation will be shared with you after your booking is confirmed. You will meet your group and tour leader at your accommodation on Day 1 during a welcome meeting.
  • If you choose a Double/Triple/Quad room option, please let us know your preferable bed allocation (separate single beds vs. king-size beds) when booking and we will do our best to satisfy your request.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation of the Tour is associated with fees that depend on the number of days remaining from cancellation of the contractual relationship to the beginning of the Tour:
    • 60 days and more before the start of the Tour: 0% of the remainder of payment;
    • 30-59 days before the start of the Tour: 25% of the remainder of the payment;
    • 15-29 days before the start  of the Tour: 50% of the remainder of the payment;
    • less than 15 days before the start of the Tour, including the case when the Customer is absent on the Tour without prior notice to the Company: 100% of the remainder of the payment.
    • In cases of First and Second of this point, the Customer has a right to change the dates of his/her travel without cancellation fees by choosing the future date of departure for the same Tour or another Tour with the same or lower price. This right can be applied only once per each booking.
    • The Customer does not pay cancellation fees if he/she arranges a substitute participant for a Tour. Notification of a change in the name of the customer must be made no later than 15 days before the start of the Tour unless the Company and the existing Customer agrees otherwise. The notice must be in writing and must include a statement from a substitute participant that he/she agrees with the booked travel agreement. The original Customer and substitute participant is jointly and severally responsible for paying the remainder of the price of the Tour.
  • Cancellation fees of all extra services booked with the Company (airport transfers, pre, and post-night accommodations, single room surcharge and additional activities):
    • 31 days or more before the beginning of the Tour: free cancellation.
    • 30 days or less before the beginning of the Tour: 100% of the price of extra services.

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