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Start Alice Springs or Uluru - 3 Days 2 Nights Tent Accommodated Tour (Goanna)

This tour ends Alice Springs or Uluru. Authentic Outback Experience with professional guides.

地図 アリススプリングス、オーストラリア
FromAUD $799
AUD $ 865 SAVE AUD $ 66
Children: AUD $811.5
次に利用可能: 今日


  • プロのガイドとキャンプサイトのホスト
  • 2朝食、3ランチ、2ディナー
  • 空調4 WD車での移動
  • ウルルでの原住民ガイド付き散策
  • エンドレススターのお食事体験
  • Camping equipment including a permanent tent with beds and mattress or optional swag 
  • All linen including pillow and pillowcase, fitted sheet, sleeping bag hire and towel
  • 水を飲んでいる 
  • $ 25のパーク料金


  • ウルル、カタ・ジュタ、キングス・キャニオン
  • Garden of Eden and Lost City
  • ウォーーハウスとジェームズ・レンジズ
  • キャメルファーム 
  • キングズクリーク駅 
  • アリススプリングス 
  • アティラ(マウント・コナー)
  • ムティトルールウォーターホール
  • ウルル文化センター


  • オプションのライトフィールド$ 42
  • フライト




This Outback tour shows you the best of Central Australia – a Red Centre travel experience you’ll never forget.

Day 1 - Alice Springs to Ayers Rock (Lunch / Dinner)
*Clients joining at Ayers Rock airport or resort will do so after lunch and therefore is not included. Please ensure you have had lunch prior to your collection.

After picking you up from your accommodation in Alice Springs bright and early, we hit the road on our adventure of a lifetime. (For those commencing the tour at Uluru we will collect you from the Outback Pioneer Hotel or meet you from your flight at the airport).

Our journey begins heading south to Erldunda travelling through the Waterhouse and James Ranges with a stop at the Camel Farm for refreshments and a Camel ride if you're keen (own expense).

We also stop at Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse where you can view or purchase Aboriginal artefacts.

On the way to Uluru, we stop to view Atila (Mount Connor), a mesa tableland and the first significant rock formation of our trip.

After a stop for lunch and our arrival at the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, we travel to the base of Uluru where your guide will lead you on an interpretive walk, hearing of the Aboriginal law and religion (Tjukurpa).

Continuing on, we meet our local Aboriginal guide who will provide a once in a lifetime authentic Indigenous cultural experience with an interpretive walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole where you will hear the stories of the unique landscapes, art, and culture of the local custodians, the Anangu people. 

We conclude at the Cultural Centre, where you may explore the displays and learn of the flora and fauna of this unique area.

Later, experience the famous changing colours of Uluru at sunset, complete with sparkling wine and nibbles. It's a great time to kick back and contemplate the day and the vastness of the desert.

Afterwards, settle in at our remote private camp, complete with our signature Endless Star dining experience before retiring to your swag under the amazing night sky or your comfortable safari tent complete with beds.

Day 2 - Ayers Rock to Kings Creek Station (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Rising early, take a short walk to a lookout close to our campsite to view sunrise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta without the hustle and bustle of the public viewing areas.

Afterwards, head off to Kata Tjuta for a walk through the "Valley of the Winds".

Next, we're off to Kings Creek Cattle Station for our second nights' private bush camp, complete with bush toilet and shower. With nobody else for miles, this camp has stunning views out over the George Gill Ranges and gives you a real feel for the outback.

Dinner around the campfire makes for a very social time with another night out under the stars. Tonight, listen for the sound of dingoes howling in the distance while watching the desert sky light up above you.

Day 3 - Kings Creek Station to Alice Springs (Breakfast / Lunch)
Today we head off to Watarrka (Kings Canyon) for a mind-blowing 6km walk through the towering walls, crevices and plateaus of Watarrka. We'll visit the Amphitheatre, Lost City and the tranquil ‘Garden of Eden’.

Later, we make our way back to Alice Springs travelling on a typical outback dirt road. We'll drop you back at your accommodation early evening and usually all meet later for a bit of a night on the town (Alice seems like the big smoke after 3 days in the bush).

This is an open age tour. You can choose either to stay in a permanent tent with bed & mattress or swag under the stars

What to bring: Torch, wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle (1.5 litres), walking shoes/boots, sleeping bag (if you prefer to use your own), toiletries, swimwear, towel, camera, comfortable and casual clothing for 3 days. 

  • 3 Days 4WD Goanna Dreaming Red Centre Tour - Start & Finish Alice Springs
    2 Nights Accommodation: Permanent Tent with Bed & Mattress or swag under the Stars Travel in an air-conditioned 4WD Meals: 2 Breakfast, 3 Lunch, 2 Dinner Aboriginal Guided walk Professional tour guide
    FromAUD $799
    AUD $ 865 SAVE AUD $ 66
    次に利用可能なもの: 明日
  • 4 Days 4WD Goanna Dreaming Red Centre Tour - Start & Finish Uluru
    2 Nights Accommodation: Permanent Tent with Bed & Mattress or swag under the Stars 1 Nights Accommodation in Alice Springs Travel in an air-conditioned 4WD Meals: 3 Breakfast, 3 Lunch, 3 Dinner Aboriginal Guided walk Professional tour guide
    FromAUD $899
    AUD $ 965 SAVE AUD $ 66
    次に利用可能: 03/11/2019


あなたは間違いなく私たちの冬の間に - 5 Cに格付けされた寝袋を必要とします。夏には、すべての夜が暖かくないわけではありません。 

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私たちの冬の日は一般的に軽度で、ほとんどの場合、日中は半ズボンとシャツを着用することができます。しかし、夜と早朝は非常に寒いかもしれません。あなたは暖かい服を持って来る必要があります - 長いズボン、良いジャンパー、ウインドブレーカー、ビーニー、スカーフ、手袋と良いウールの靴下をお勧めします。


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いいえ、持ち運びに必要なのは水ボトルだけです。最低 1.5リットルのボトルを推奨します。私たちは、すべての散歩の開始時と終了時に記入できる大きな冷水の容器を運びます。ほとんどの散歩には水補給施設があります。暖かい場所や散歩道(カカドゥ/中央オーストラリア)には、特に暖かい季節に追加の1リットルの水が運ばれることをお勧めします。

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Cornflakes /Weetbix

Cows Milk

Fruit and Instant Coffee


Wholegrain Wraps/Sandwiches

Cold Sliced meats



Stirfry and Vegetables

BBQ (Sausages, steak or chops)


Coleslaw / Salad / Potatoes


Muesli Bars / Fruit

Please note: The menu is always changing this is only an example

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We have Gluten free foods on our Safaris with most being naturally gluten free such as rice, rice cakes, etc. We provide gluten free pasta. We do not provide specialist items such as Gluten Free muesli and bread. Generally speaking foods that naturally have gluten we do not provide a gluten free option of (ie bread). We have lots of fresh vegetables and fruit with meat dishes cooked separately to vegetable dishes to cater for those that choose not to eat meat. Also, with anyone who is Lactose Intolerant, we do not provide any milk substitutes. So, if you prefer to carry any, that’s not a  problem, we can store it for you.

If you want a specific food item we ask that you provide this yourself no matter your dietary requirement.


We find many people with allergies, particularly nut allergies. It is important for guests to know that whilst we will not purposely give them a food with their allergen in it, it is their responsibility to check the label if they are concerned. We do allow guests to provide their own snacks and we cannot control what other guests choose to bring themselves, therefore if someone has a nut allergy for example, we cannot guarantee that people on the vehicle will be not eating nuts and it is their responsibility to look after their health needs. Generally on our trips the only food source that will have nuts is Muesli bars. All allergies, no matter how small must be disclosed and noted prior to departure.

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  • 文化的な理由、季節的な変化、運行のロジスティックス、アクセシビリティのために旅程が変わることがあります。

  • ツアーは5歳以下の子供には適していません。

  • 車両のスペースが限られているため、荷物は1日パックと1つの柔らかい夜間バッグ/バックパックに制限してください。余分な荷物はアリススプリングスの宿泊施設に保管してください。エアーズロックで始まる場合は、大型荷物が車両/トレーラーに保管され、3日中にアクセスできないので、あなたが3日間に必要なアイテムを備えた1日パックとソフトな一晩バッグ/バックパックを持っていることを確認してください今回。




  • 出発前の30日以上のキャンセル:総費用の25%
  • 出発の14日と29日の間のキャンセル:総額の50%
  • 出発の8日と13日のキャンセル:合計料金の75%
  • 出発の7日以内のキャンセル:合計料金の100%





FromAUD $799
AUD $ 865 SAVE AUD $ 66
Children: AUD $812
次に利用可能: 今日
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