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Philippines Adventure Tour - 10 jours

Explorez des plages isolées, des falaises calcaires majestueuses, des villages locaux et des joyaux cachés sur cette île évasion.

Carte San juan, philippines
10 jours
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  • Get a taste of the Philipines and experience secret island and bustling cities on this epic 10-day trip

  • Explore the world famous Puerto Princesa Underground River and visit Iwahig Prison

  • Go island hopping in Palawan (including food and drinks)

  • Relax on a private island beach camp (including all food)

  • Wander through rainforests, bathe in waterfalls and snorkel over coral reefs

  • Embark on an island kayaking trip through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world

  • Enjoy paddle boarding, swimming and beach picnics as you explore secluded islands

  • Enjoy a guided cliff top climb overlooking El Nido 

  • Learn about local culture and take a traditional cooking class

  • Private western guide throughout

  • Airport pickup on day 1

  • All accommodation, transportation & transfers including vans, flights, boats, taxis, and tricycles included

  • Welcome dinner and drinks overlooking the Manila skyline included

Ce qui est exclu

Sunset zipline (day 9) available for PHP 500, to be paid on the day. 

Pourquoi aimons-nous cela

An island adventure that takes you to secluded beaches, private island camps and through some of the Philipines most beautiful landscapes? What's not the love? This tour has everything, from Manila nightlife to tranquil ocean sunsets, and we think that's pretty cool. 


Want to see the Philipines but not sure where to start? Or just want to embark on an epic adventure? This is the tour for you.

Join a small group full of people who all want the same thing - to explore some of the most amazing places on earth! You'll have the chance to create lifelong memories with like-minded travellers and explore untouched paradise with new friends, all the while soaking up the beauty that is the Philipines. Before your adventure starts there'll be the chance to get in touch with others joining the trip, so you'll feel like old friends when you finally meet. 

Are you ready?

Day 1 - Manila 

Today, all you have to do is make it to Manila! Arrive at any time and the friendly One Adventure team will meet you at the airport. Travel with them through the winding city streets to your boutique hostel in central Manila, where you can settle in before joining the rest of the group for a welcome meal at a local restaurant.

After dinner, head up to the rooftop terrace and enjoy a few drinks overlooking the Manila skyline. For those looking to party, it's time to check out some famous Manila nightlife spots with guest-list entry into clubs and local bars!

Day 2 - Palawan

Today, take a short flight to Puerto Princesa in Palawan to really begin your Philipines trip. Check into your stunning boutique hotel and relax by the pool under the Palawan sun.

Come afternoon, it's time to visit we visit the Iwahig Prison. Here, the inmates govern themselves and learn new skills such as farming and Michael Jackson moves. It's a truly bizarre experience that you won't forget!

In the evening, take walk along the bay and sample some weird and wonderful Filipino street food by the water. If you’re brave enough you can try a balut (fertilized duck egg), a Filipino delicacy. Yum!

Day 3 - Underground River and Port Barton

It's an early start today! After a delicious breakfast, head out to the UNESCO listed Underground River, where you'll spend the day exploring the 5-miles of rivers and caves by boat.

Afterwards, drive over dirt roads to reach the remote fishing village of Port Barton. This is when you will truly feel like you’ve arrived in paradise. And it gets even better!

Spend the afternoon sipping fresh coconuts on golden sand while listening to some island reggae in the background.

Tonight you'll sleep in traditional Filipino style beach bungalows listening to the sound of the ocean outside your door... what bliss.

Day 4/5 - Private beach camp and 'Islander Experience'

Enjoy a fresh breakfast before hopping aboard a boat with a local guide. For the next 2 days, you'll delve into the local island way of life. This is the real islander experience!

Spend your days snorkelling over coral reefs, learning to fish with local guides, showering in jungle waterfalls and exploring tiny islands.

Come nightfall, gather around the fire by your own private beach bar. This is also the place to catch some of the most spectacular sunsets you will have ever seen, so sit back on a sandy perch and get ready. And don't worry about getting hungry! You'll be fully catered for with feasts of grilled fish, pork, rice and fruit prepared by locals. 

Tonight you'll sleep in tents right on the beach, ready to wake up in paradise!

Day 6 - El Nido

After breakfast, it's time to say goodbye to soak in the last of your spectacular beach surroundings. El Nido is your next stop! This spot proves why Palawan was named the most beautiful island group in the world.

Surrounded by islands and towering cliffs, El Nido is a secret paradise that you will never forget. It's hard not to feel lucky as you take in the spectacular views that surround you. 

Tonight you're staying in the funkiest hostel in Palawan. Exclusive to One Life, this slick hostel looks more like a boutique hotel than a backpackers! Settle in, then head out to one of the favourite reggae beach bars in the evening for food and fun with your new friends.

Day 7 - Island Hopping

Today, set sail on the most (in)famous boat in El Nido. This custom built boat will take you on an island-hopping adventure to secret beaches and pristine reefs around the Bacuit Archipelago. Go kayaking in emerald waters or jump in and snorkel over coral teaming with life.

All your food and drinks are taken care of today, including cocktails and beer, so all you need to do is relax and have fun. 

Snap some shots of your backflips and sunbathing, then settle back and watch the sunset over the pristine ocean.

Come nightfall, set sail back to El Nino where the comfort of your bed awaits.   

Day 8 - El Nido Town

It's time to get active today. Embark on a short trek and canopy walk up to the famous cliffs overlooking El Nido and catch the best view of Cadlao Island.

After all that exercise, you’ll need some chill-out time, so it's lucky that there's a traditional Filipino massage around to help out! Enjoy a massage near the beach to help ease those muscles and take your time to relax and enjoy your surroundings for the rest of the day.

If you feel like exploring further, walk around the town and meet some friendly locals.

Day 9 - Cultural Day

Today it’s time to experience and immerse yourself in unique Filipino culture. Start the day with a bike ride to the local market to learn about the types of fresh seafood and local produce on offer.

Afterwards, take a short jungle hike and discover the flora and fauna that grows in the lush rainforest.

Later on, check out your accommodation for tonight - an exclusive beach hut nestled in the trees.

There's a huge range of fun activities for you to do today, from climbing coconut trees, bottom line fishing and coconut shaving, to traditional Filipino cooking lesson or learning Filipino dance. Enjoy learning more about this fascinating country as you laugh and play with your fellow travellers and locals.

Afterwards, relax on the stunning Las Cabanas Beach to take in the incredible sunset. There's also the option to ride of a zip line here if you're after an extra adventure! An exhilarating ride between two islands over the ocean, you won't forget this experience in a hurry. 

Day 10 - Goodbye!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. It's the end of this adventure, but that just means the next one can start! If you've booked onward travel, say goodbye early, or jump in a minivan back to Puerto Princesa where you'll finish your trip. 

This is a 10-day tour, starting in Manila and finishing in Puerto Princessa. 

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Philippines Adventure Tour - 10 jours

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  • Activités d'aventure incluses dans la visite
  • Frais médicaux
  • Effets personnels (en cas de perte de bagages ou de vol)
  • Vols manqués
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Visa restrictions can vary depending on your nationality and we advise you check which conditions apply to you as soon as possible. For flights out of the Philippines it is compulsory to have proof of onward travel when entering the country so ensure that you have a flight departing the country before you arrive.
It is up to you to organise your own visas (if required) for the trip. Most nationalities are allowed to enter the Philippines without visas for a stay not exceeding twenty-one (21) days for tourism.

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The cost of food and drink in the Philippines is quite low, even for South East Asian standards. Everyone spends money differently so it’s not easy to give a specific number for how much money you will need. 
ATMS are few and far between, so make sure you have enough cash with you for smaller day-to-day expenses. We do not advise to bring travelers cheques as finding a place to exchange them can be difficult in Palawan. Your group leader will advise you where there are ATMS in the towns and cities so you don’t have to carry too much cash on you at any one time.

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Shuttle buses run from El Nido every hour on the hour from 4 am to 7 pm (with the exception of 12 pm). Therefore guests can book their flight from Puerto Princesa to any destination in the Philippines on Day 10 of the tour anytime after 3 pm. The journey takes 6 hours so bear this in mind.
There is also a small airport in El Nido from which can you fly to Manila, Cebu, or Boracay from with an airline called Air Swift. The flights tend to me a little more expensive from here but you won't have to sit in a bus for 6 hours. If you fly from El Nido you can leave at any time of day.

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Termes et conditions:

Visa restrictions can vary depending on your nationality and we advise you check which conditions apply to you as soon as possible. For flights out of the Philippines it is compulsory to have proof of onward travel when entering the country so ensure that you have a flight departing the country before you arrive.

For domestic flights in the Philippines, One Life Adventures provides you with all your transport whilst on tour. This includes taking 1 domestic flight along with 20kgs of luggage. For all departures from septembre 3 onward, a checked luggage allowance of 20kg is included in the price of the domestic flight.

What to bring 
We do a fair bit of moving around during the trip, including buses, vans, flights and boats. This is why we highly recommend traveling light and with a backpack rather than a suitcase. Trust us, jumping off a fishing boat onto an island beach camp with a 25kg suitcase is not an easy task.

It is a mandatory requirement for you to have the necessary basic personal insurance cover in order to participate on any of our tours. Please reply to this email with your insurance number and full insurance details. More information about this can be found on our website. Travel insurance on all One Life Adventures trips is compulsory. Our group leader will be taking care of you from the moment you arrive, though things can happen which are out of our control. This is why we require everyone who travels with us to have their own travel insurance by the time they depart for the trip. You will have a much more enjoyable trip knowing that you are covered no matter what happens!

Politique d'annulation:

Si vous devez annuler votre réservation avec One Life Adventures, vous devrez nous en informer par écrit (par courrier ou par courrier électronique). Si vous annulez votre réservation, les frais suivants seront appliqués:
• Frais d’annulation de 300 USD par réservation.
• Pour les annulations reçues moins de 30 jours avant le départ, le paiement complet sera perdu.

Aucun frais d'annulation ne sera annulé pour les raisons suivantes:
Blessure ou maladie.
• Incidents inattendus à la maison.
• Vols retardés, reprogrammés ou manqués.
• Problèmes climatiques, sociaux ou politiques.

Annulations par One Life Adventures
One Life Adventures peut annuler un voyage à tout moment avant le départ si, en raison de terrorisme, de catastrophes naturelles, d’instabilité politique ou d’autres facteurs externes qui rendent difficile ou dangereuse la gestion du voyage. Si nous annulons votre voyage, vous pouvez transférer les montants versés à une autre date de départ ou dans les cas où l’annulation est due à des événements extérieurs indépendants de notre volonté, les remboursements seront déduits de toutes les dépenses irrécupérables telles que les vols intérieurs déjà réservés par One Life Adventures. . Nous ne sommes pas responsables des frais accessoires que vous pourriez avoir encourus à la suite de votre réservation, notamment des visas, des vaccinations, des frais de voyage excédentaires ou des vols non remboursables.

Il peut arriver que nous ne fixions pas le nombre minimal de passagers requis pour effectuer le circuit. Si cela se produit, One Life Adventures en informera les clients aussi loin que possible avant le départ. Nous donnerons à chaque passager la possibilité de transférer sa réservation à une autre date de départ disponible. Si vous ne parvenez pas à vous joindre à une autre tournée, vous serez intégralement remboursé. Si cela se produit, vous ne pourrez faire aucune réclamation pour perte résultant de l'annulation ou de la réduction dans ces circonstances. Ceux-ci incluent, mais ne sont pas limités à, les vols non remboursables et les perturbations de vols futures.

Pickup Locations
  • Make own way to Z Hostel
  • Manila Airport
  • To be Advised


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