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Atelier de peinture par points à Uluru

Découvrez les formes d'art uniques du peuple Anangu et voyagez dans un monde fascinant de croyances culturelles autochtones.

Carte Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australie
1 heure 30 min
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5 yrs
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Enfant (5 - 15 ans): AUD $ 34
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  • 1.5 heure de cours d'art fascinant avec un artiste local Anangu
  • Une introduction amusante à la culture et aux croyances autochtones
  • Learn about ancient symbols used in Anangu art and teachings
  • Learn some introductory Pitjantjatjara words (Pitjantjatjara is a local language spoken by Anangu).
  • Ramène à la maison une incroyable peinture par points de ta propre histoire

Pourquoi aimons-nous cela

We love that you get to experience Aboriginal traditions directly on this tour. Meeting a local Anangu artist and learning some Pitanjara words is a great way to get an insight into this incredible culture! 


Learn about one of the most fascinating cultures in the world! Prepare to be amazed as you go on an unforgettable journey deep into the heart and soul of Aboriginal culture. It’s the oldest surviving culture in the world! You’ll be blown away by the fascinating stories and language of these ancient indigenous people.

During this 1.5 hour workshop, a local Aboriginal artist will demonstrate the strong link between Aboriginal art and history. You’ll get an introduction to several intriguing desert art forms and you’ll even get the chance to paint your very own traditional dot painting! 

There are more than 500 indigenous tribes or nations spread out through Australia. One of them is the Anangu people who live in the Central Australian desert near Uluru or Ayers Rock. The Anangu have been very successful in keeping alive their traditional language and culture and they still have a close relationship with nature. They are protectors of one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions, Uluru - a sacred Anangu site. For thousands of years, this area has had a strong symbolic value and it continues to be covered in mystery. 

Today, you'll meet some of the Anangu people and discover more about their culture, traditions and language. Enjoy a dot painting workshop with a local artist - a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience this fascinating culture first hand. 

During the workshop, you’ll be introduced to different desert art forms. The local Anangu artists are highly experiences, but be careful – their passion is contagious! There’s a chance you’ll end up discovering an unknown talent for dot painting.

You'll learn about the symbols and styles used to tell stories in Indigenous culture. These painting styles and special symbols tell stories from the so-called Creation time or Tjukurpa. Relaying the past is an important aspect of Indigenous art, and cave paintings and other artwork make it possible to travel back in time and understand ancient tales. This is why dot painting is such an important part of Aboriginal culture - it’s a fantastic way to see what happened in the past. 

As you learn about these traditions, you'll chat with the artist too, and learn some introductory Pitanjara words.

Then, the highlight of the day! You'll get to get to test your own artistic skills. Using the tips and tricks you’ve learned during the workshop, you’ll paint your very own story. 

The best part is that when you’re done, you can take home a beautiful little piece of indigenous art. What better souvenir to ask for?

Tours occur daily:

April - September: 11.30am - 1.00pm and 2.00pm - 3.30pm.

October - March: 10.30am - 12.00pm and 1.30pm - 3.00pm.

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Atelier de peinture par points à Uluru

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  • Don’t wear your best clothes – we use acrylic paints that can be really tough to come out if any accidents occur.
  • A water bottle to keep you hydrated.
  • A hat and sunscreen will never go astray out in the desert!
  • In the cooler months, rug up for the outdoor occasion.
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Termes et conditions:

Maruku reserves the right to alter any of the tours and change the structure of tours if required. This could be a result of weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances and/or cultural reasons. Tour durations may vary from advertised times

  • Child rates apply to children who are 5 - 15 years of age (inclusive)
  • Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a paying adult
  • The workshops only operate with a minimum of 5 pax.
  • Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  • Guests with disabilities are welcome provided they are accompanied by an able-bodied companion and do not require special assistance from Maruku personnel.
  • Cultural Obligations. Please be aware that the Maruku artists are traditional Aboriginal people with strong cultural obligations. In the event of ceremonial duties or other unforeseen circumstances, Maruku may not be able to provide the specified tour as advertised.


Politique d'annulation:

  • Remboursement complet - si nous avons reçu un préavis de plus de 24 heures pour la visite annulée.
  • Aucun remboursement ne sera accordé pour les annulations dans les 24 heures du départ du tour.
  • Les remboursements ne seront pas accordés aux clients qui sont «non-présentation».
  • Les circonstances atténuantes nécessitant un remboursement de la tournée seront évaluées au cas par cas.
  • Les modifications aux réservations avec un préavis de plus de 24 heures sont gratuites.

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AUD $68
ValueAUD $72SAVE AUD $4
Enfant (5 - 15 ans): AUD $ 34
Family of 4: AUD $198
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