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Great Barrier Reef & Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) Day Trip | Departing Townsville or Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island, Australia

Snorkel and dive on the Great Barrier Reef and MOUA to discover the beautiful colours and amazing life of this underwater world!

Duration9 Hours
Start & End Time
Start & End Time7am to 4pm
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Pick-Up & Drop-OffNot Included
Minimum Age
Minimum Age6+
Start & End Location
Start & End LocationTownsville or Magnetic Island

Great Barrier Reef & Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) Day Trip | Departing Townsville or Magnetic Island Highlights

  • Get up to 10% cash back per person when you book with us

  • A full-day trip to the Great Barrier Reef and the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA)

  • Reef Ecology talks to enhance your experience

  • A choice of snorkelling or diving (certified divers only)

  • Snorkellers include:

    • Demonstrations and snorkelling instructions on snorkelling techniques and in-water assistance

    • All snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins and full-length suit)

    • Floatation devices like noodles, jackets and life rings

  • Divers include:

    • Two in-water sessions

    • Use of all relevant diving equipment - tanks, weights, BCD, regulator, dive computer, wetsuit

  • Iced water, cordial, tea and coffee throughout the day

  • Morning tea, buffet lunch, and afternoon tea

  • MOUA and Mooring fees

  • Experienced, professional, fun and safe crew with a passion for the marine environment

What to Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the itinerary look like?

07:00               Townsville passengers board at Breakwater Marina at the end fueling wharf

07:25               Depart Townsville

07:50               Magnetic Island passengers board from Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal

09:00               Morning tea

09:45               MOUA and Great Barrier Reef site briefings

10:00               Arrive at Great Barrier Reef – John Brewer Reef (MOUA) site

10:20               Dive 1 / Snorkel 1

12:00               Lunch

13:00               Dive 2 / Snorkel 2

14:00               Depart site for Nelly Bay

15:00               Afternoon Tea

16:00               Arrive and disembark passengers at Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island

16:30               Arrive and disembark at Townsville Breakwater Marina

Please note that the above schedule is as a guide only, actual times on the day may vary.

  • Morning Tea - Fruit platter and assorted biscuits

  • Lunch - Buffet-style lunch spread with chicken, ham, salami, cheese, salads, assorted condiments, bread, peanut butter and vegemite

  • Afternoon Tea - Fruit platter, cheese, crackers and assorted biscuits

  • All Day - Tea, coffee, cordial and chilled water

Day Trip passengers will receive a trip status confirmation via text or email from the Operator at 4pm the day prior to their scheduled trip.

A trip is confirmed when the forecast weather conditions are safe enough to travel, and the tour has met minimum passenger numbers. If you do not receive a confirmation via text or email, please check your junk mail. If you still have not received a confirmation by 4:30pm, please call The Operator on: (07) 4724 0600 and select 2 if after hours.

A minimum of school age (6) is recommended to come on board for snorkelling. The child snorkelling rate is from 6 to 11 years of age. A minimum age of 12 is required in order to try a SCUBA dive.

Yes, any passengers who may experience motion sickness should take appropriate medication before the trip. There are preventative herbal seasickness tablets (Travacalm) for sale on board for $4 for two tablets, but if you require something stronger, please check with your chemist prior to the trip. It is advisable to take one tablet the night before your trip and then one to two tablets (depending on your size) approximately an hour before you board the vessel; always read and follow the medication guidelines. Please drink extra water on board to combat the effects of dehydration.

Tropical North Queensland is great for diving all year round, with different marine life encountered with every season.

Winter (June to Sept)

The winters usually bring cooler, clear days with better visibility. However, the winds vary from light to 25 knots in about 1-2 weeks cycles. The following are to be expected during this time of year:

  • Humpback Whales July to Sept.

  • Visibility tends to be better: 15-25 m +.

  • The water temperature is 21-24 degrees Celsius.

  • Daytime air temperature is up to approximately 25 degrees Celsius.

  • Night-time air temperature is down to 10 degrees Celsius.

Spring/Summer (Oct to Dec)

In summer, the water warms up and generally offers lighter winds, perfect for more snorkelling and diving.

Coral spawning occurs around the full moon in October and November

January to April is the wet/cyclone season with high humidity but can offer some great diving with extended periods of calm seas between tropical low-pressure systems.

  • Huge schools of bait fish, Manta Rays and occasional Whale Sharks are seen.

  • Visibility is approximately 10-15 m +.

  • The water temperature is approximately 25 – 31 degrees Celsius.

  • Air temperature from 28 – 35 degrees Celsius.

Yes, you can still dive in stinger season. The Operator ensures all divers are offered full-length wetsuits or stinger suits to protect them during the stinger season. Box jellyfish are coastal dwellers and are, therefore, unlikely to be encountered at the reef. Irukandji Jellyfish is a planktonic animal found throughout the tropics. Their sting can be extremely distressing but unlikely to be life-threatening.

The crew on board will find a dive buddy for you on the day, trying to match your skill level as much as possible. They also offer experienced Dive Guides for $20 for each dive, which can be paid for onboard.

It is easier for The Operator if you present this card when boarding the boat, so please don’t forget it. However, if you do not have your card or have lost it, you will need to advise them in advance so that they can look up your certification with some of your basic information; there is a $10 charge for this. If you are not a PADI, NAUI or SSI diver, you will need to provide them with some proof of your certification. CMAS, BSAC, and RAID divers must bring and show certification cards, as there is no other way to check!

Your dive time depends on several things – your air consumption, experience, exertion, depth and even your excitement level! On average, dive time could be around 40 minutes. Please note that currents can reduce your dive time.

The tanks are mainly 88 cu ft (11 Lt) aluminium tanks with “K” valves. DIN valves or adaptors are available on request.

Please inform The Operator prior to trip departure if you have a ‘DIN’ regulator so they can ensure you are catered for.

The Operator has had disabled/mobility-impaired passengers on board the vessel previously. However, due to the nature of the vessel and the dive itself, passengers must contact them prior to booking so they can assess your needs and give advice on their suitability for diving. In addition, anybody who cannot stand up with gear should notify the Operator in advance.

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