Beginner Surf Lesson Gold Coast

Get to grips with surfing with our 2 hour beginner surf lesson, suitable for all age groups and levels of fitness!

Gold Coast, Australia
2 hrs
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9 yrs
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What's Included

  • All equipment included
  • Sunscreen
  • Professional Instruction from our experienced surf coaches
  • 2 hours learn to surf experience
  • Complimentary transport from Surfers Paradise to the best beach on the Gold Coast




Can you imagine yourself riding a wave on the beautiful Gold Coast? This 2-hour beginner lesson is designed to let you experience the thrill of surfing. The surfing instructors are there to make it fun, safe and easy for people of all age groups and levels of fitness!
Who wants to "Get their Surf on"?
"Get your Surf on" allows you to get on a board and experience the thrill of surfing. It lets you enjoy a maximum time in the water. Arrive at the beach in your swimmers, pay attention during a quick safety brief and... "Get your surf on"! 

Join a group of like-minded people looking for something new to try. We will go down to the beach. There we will run through some basic steps that will have you standing up on your board in the safest and easiest way possible. Some basic safety instructions will be given as well and then you will be all ready to get out in the water and ride some waves. 
Our surfing instructors are there to support you. The lessons are suitable for people of all age groups and levels of fitness. 

What to expect?
Get there: Arrive at the trailer at the Spit at lesson time. Pick-ups can be arranged from Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Southport. Make sure you are at the pick-up location at the time you have been informed. We do everything we can to get to the beach on time.

Get Ready: Fill out a quick medical form, grab a rash vest/wetsuit and a board and head down to the beach.

Get Started: Listen very carefully. The instructors will run through an important safety brief about the conditions you are surfing in on that day. They will also show you some easy techniques to help you get up and maximise your vertical time on the board. You will even learn how to fall off the board safely. Once the instructors are confident that you are all good to go, it is then time to ….

Get Wet: What you came for! The instructors will take the group down to the water. Before your big toe touches the water, they will run through the formation they need you to stay in. That way everyone gets a good experience and the instructors can give tips to all the participants. If you do what the expert instructors tell you to do, it should be pretty easy to stand up on your first or second wave.

Get Vertical: In the beginning, the instructors will help out by pulling you onto the best waves. It won’t take long before you can pick your own waves and ride them. Some people learn faster than others so the instructors are there to help you achieve the best you can.

Get Sharing: After spending about an hour and 20 minutes in the water, you will be tired, yet satisfied... with a smile on your face. It is now time for an Instagram group pic. If conditions are good and everyone has been catching waves, the instructors will do their best to take some action photos of you. After the group photo, we will head to the carpark where you can view your happy snaps. You can buy all of your shots for only $25.

Get Dry: Time to rinse off the sand now. Use one of the outdoor fresh water showers and bathrooms, freshen up and get dry. Time to say goodbye to the instructors and to your new friends. 

Do you need a pick-up?
Pick-ups can be arranged from several, central complimentary pick-up locations in Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Southport. Are you travelling from Brisbane by public transport? Then take the train to Helensvale and hop on the 704 bus to Seaworld. We can pick you up there just 5 min before the lesson begins. Are you coming from Broadbeach or Griffith University GC? Catch the G-link tram. We will pick you up at The Main Beach G link station about 15 minutes before your lesson.

After the lesson, we can drop you off at the same location where you were picked up.

What to bring?

  • Swimwear
  • Thongs ( flip flops)
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking water
  • Your booking voucher (printed or on your phone)
  • A HUGE smile!!....

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Small print
Terms & Conditions:

For the safety of our participants and for best results our group lessons run with a six student to 1 instructor ratio (this is a lower ratio than recommended by leading Surfing bodies)

Students/ children surf lesson:
This rate is offered to all children and includes anyone with a student card, ie, university or international
Children’s ages must be given at the time of booking. Children 10 and under must do a private surf lesson for their own safety unless it is during school holidays where we offer children’s only classes with four students to 1 instructor ratio.
Children between 10 and 12 must have an adult who is competent swimmer, who is not a participant in the lesson assisting during the lesson for their own safety, if an adult is not able to assist the child an instructor will be allocated if available, and the client will have to pay for a private lesson

Swimming ability/ fitness levels:
Due to the safe location we conduct our surf lessons it is not necessary for the participant to have any swimming ability, the participant will only be standing in knee to waist deep water during the lesson. However, in this case, it is very important that they abide by the safety instructions given by the instructor if they do not and they endanger themselves or other participants they may be asked to leave the lesson.
The surfing experience does require a certain level of fitness, simply walking to and from the beach and carrying the board can be challenging for some people and being in the waves can also be strenuous. If the client’s fitness level is low, we would recommend a private surf lesson as the instructor will be there to assist and cater to the participant's capabilities.

The 2 hour “Get Your Surf On “ lesson does not include photos, we will try to take as many photos of the experience as we can, and they will be available for viewing immediately after the lesson, if your client wished to purchase the photos they will be available at the time for $25 supplied on a USB. The 3 hour “Get Your Beach On” experience does include photos in the package and will be presented to the client at the end of the

Surf lessons are dependent on the weather, however, lessons will not be cancelled due to rain, if the client chooses to cancel due to rain no refund will be issued.
Lessons will be cancelled due to thunderstorms/ lightening, winds of over 25 knots and dangerous surf conditions resulting in beach closures.
In most cases, Thunderstorms pass by very quickly so we can generally just move a lesson back an hour and
Miss the storm.
Conditions can change without warning so we may have to postpone or cancel a lesson within 2 hours if it is
Unsafe to proceed.

Cancellation Policy:

As standard 24 hours’ notice must be given for full refund, partial refunds may be given depending on the nature of the cancellation at the operator's discretion for up to 12 hours prior
If it is deemed unsafe by the operator due to conditions ( as listed above) to proceed at the booking time we will offer an alternative time for the client and if it is not possible due to travel commitments for the client to re schedule a full refund will be offered
If the client is not at the designated pick up location at the correct time or if they attend the lesson more than 10 min late they will not be able to join that class and no refund will be offered.

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Get Wet Surf School
The Spit, Seaworld drive Main beach 4215


AUD $55
ValueAUD $65SAVE 15%
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