Skydive Brisbane

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Brisbane, Australia
4 hrs
Start time
8:00 am
Group size
Minimum age
12 yrs
Not included
FromAUD $259
ValueAUD $299SAVE AUD $40
AFP Levy $35 included
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What's Included

  • Tandem skydive from 14,000ft over Brisbane's Glasshouse Mountains and Moreton Bay
  • Freefall for up to 60 seconds at more than 200 km/h
  • Enjoy a 4-minute parachute ride back down to earth
  • Personalised training and saftey instructions
  • The thrill of a lifetime
  • Landing on beautiful beaches

What's excluded

  • $35 APD Levy to be paid at the drop zone
  • You can purchase the photos and DVD at the venue before the jump - Cost Photos Only $129 / Photos + Videos $159



Do you want to experience an exhilarating, adrenaline pumping, unforgettable adventure?! If the answer is yes, then 'Jump the Beach Brisbane' is where it's at! This is one of the best beach skydiving deals! Our Redcliff drop zone is just 30 mins north of Brisbane city and nestled between two breathtaking landmarks - the Glasshouse Mountains and Moreton Bay, offering stunning views and a beach landing. This will be your skydive experience of a lifetime.

Your tandem skydive experience begins with a briefing from your tandem master, who will fit you in your harness and practise freefall techniques. Next, it's off to the aircraft where you'll feel the adrenaline rise as you ascend to 14,000ft over Brisbane's beautiful bay. Before you know it, it's time to take the plunge! You'll freefall for up to 60 seconds at more than 200 km/h before your instructor pulls the cord and you'll enjoy a 4-minute parachute ride back down to earth. Take in the beautiful ocean views, where, from June to November, the migrating whales frolic! Land on the soft sandy beach, where you have time to catch your breath and reflect on the most incredible activity you've ever done. Experience skydiving like never before.


About Skydive Australia

Skydive Australia is the largest, most professional skydive company in Australia and was the first ever company to develop the tandem skydive. We boast 100% commitment to safety and with over 30 years experience, we consider ourselves experts in our field. Thrill-seeking tourists from around the world flock to our breathtaking drop zones located throughout Australia, and we conduct over 100,000 tandem skydives a year. 


We employ professional and highly experienced instructors who are trained to international standards and equipped with the latest parachute technology, as well as backup automatic deployment computers. Between all of them, they have completed over 2,000,000 skydives - wow! 

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Small print
Terms & Conditions:

APF & Admin Levy
Skydiving anywhere in Australia requires you to become a member of the Australian Parachute Federation. Prior to the day of your skydive please record your details by clicking on the link below. If you have not already made payment, your membership and APF admin levy of $35 will be processed on the day of your skydive.

Booking instructions
After you have completed your booking you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Attached to this e-mail you will find vouchers. You will need these vouchers to reserve your date and time of preference with Skydive Australia.
Medical Questionnaire
Medical questionnaire and waiver is translated into various foreign Languages Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German 
Age requirements:
If you are between 12-18 years you must have parental or legal guardian consent. If your parent or legal guardian cannot be with you on the day of your skydive you must notify our office immediately. We will arrange for the correct documents of consent to be sent to you prior to your skydive.
No alcohol is to be consumed 8 hours prior to your tandem skydive, we reserve the right to refuse clients we suspect to be intoxicated with no refund. 
Scuba Diving: Due to medical restrictions, you must not scuba dive 24 hours prior to skydiving. 
Weight restrictions & Rates

Any client weighing 95kg or more must be assessed by our Drop Zone Safety Officer on site to determine safety issues due to harness size restrictions and weather conditions. Each of our skydiving locations in Australia have the following weight restrictions and you MUST weigh less than:

100kg in Mission Beach

110kg in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, VIC and WA drop zones

Video and photos
Cameramen/Tandem Masters are filming in extreme conditions and malfunctions may occur from time to time. Issues of tandem passenger movement, focus, framing, moisture, vibration may result in video and photo content being inconsistent from passenger to passenger.Upon a total camera failure, with no usable footage being available from your jump, you are entitled to a FULL REFUND of your purchase price of your camera product.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that a booking is cancelled, the following fees will apply:

  • Cancellations more than 48 hours before departure: no fee
  • Cancellations within 48 hours of departure: 100% of the cost
  • Rescheduling a booking within 48 hours of departure: $110 fee


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Location map

Skydive Australia
39 Redcliffe Pde,Redcliffe, Australia


FromAUD $259
ValueAUD $299SAVE AUD $40
AFP Levy $35 included
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