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Your Guide to Exmouth | Whale Shark Season FAQs

If you’re dreaming of azure waters, pristine beaches, and once-in-a-lifetime encounters with majestic whale sharks, look no further than Exmouth, Australia. So, grab your snorkel gear, and let’s dive into the wonders of Western Australia! When is the Whale Shark Season in Exmouth? Ah, the star of the show – the whale sharks! The whale […]

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Best Spots to See Koalas in Australia

An unmistakable symbol of Australia, koalas stand as a quintessential must-see Down Under. Uncover prime locations for an intimate encounter with these adorable creatures. From Brisbane’s renowned Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to captivating koala tours on Kangaroo Island, join us in exploring the best destinations for an up-close encounter with koalas! 1. Breakfast with a […]

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Our Top 10 Favourite Australian Travel Instagrammers

If you’re seeking some Australian travel inspo, we’ve got it. These ten Instagram bloggers make us want to book an Australian holiday immediately. From the mountains to the beach to the outback, these Grammers showcase the very best of the country. Be sure to chuck them a follow to stay up-to-date with their travels! @jordaaaan_ […]

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Ultimate Tasmania Travel Guide

Known for its rugged beauty, stunning scenery and tasty produce, Tasmania is a feast for the senses. Everywhere you go you’ll find something to amaze you, from gorgeous beaches and unique wildlife to World Heritage mountain areas and historical centres. Oh – and don’t forget the fresh fruit and produce you’ll find at every stop! […]

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Kaikoura – Where wildlife reigns supreme

It’s rare thing for a construction worker to give you a smile, particularly if you’re a gangling male like myself. Therefore you can understand my confusion when all 28 of them flashed their pearly whites at me as we weaved our way through the mountains to Kaikoura. Traffic lights, safety cones and excavators line the […]

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