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Cairns in April Kuranda scenic day trip

Cairns in April

Cairns in April is perfect for backpackers who want a mix of adventure and relaxation during a quieter (and generally more affordable) month for tourism. With the wet season coming to an end, the rainfall is about half of what it is in March; the humidity is lower and the weather is a pleasant 22°c […]

Cairns esplanade waterfront

Cairns in March

March in Cairns is a really great season due to being the sweet spot between summer's heat and the shoulder season (the months between peak seasons). With temperatures between 23°c and 31°c, the sunshine is still glorious, but the humidity starts to ease off a bit, so it’s a little more comfortable for exploring. Tourist […]

Cairns beach shorefront

Cairns in February

Cairns in February is all about those long sunny days, balmy nights and the chilled-out tropical atmosphere. With average temperatures hovering around 24°c to 32°c, it can definitely be considered hot and humid most of the time, but the frequent evening showers, crystal-clear waters and cool rainforest retreats make Cairns a haven for people who […]

Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

Cairns in January

As the middle month of summer, January in Cairns is exactly as you’d expect it to be – very hot and sticky. As part of the wet season, January has temperatures ranging from a delightful 24°c to a scorching 32°c, as well as high humidity and frequent tropical showers, mostly in the evenings after a […]

cairns in december - new year firework display

Cairns in December

December in Cairns is a total tropical dream for fans of summer, with temperatures ranging from 24°c to 32°c. As the summer season kicks in, the weather gets hot and humid, which is perfect for early morning and evening activities. This makes it a great month to experience one of the region’s most exhilarating activities […]

The 10 Best Things to Do in Brisbane

Brisbane, the sun-soaked capital of Queensland, is a vibrant city bursting with energy, culture, and a myriad of exciting activities for travellers. Explore the best of Brisbane with these epic deals, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate Brisbane experience with our curated list of the 10 best […]

Cairns Esplanade woven fish at dusk

Cairns in November

November in Cairns means warmer weather with temperatures ranging from 23°c to 31°c, higher humidity and occasional showers that cool down the air. As the wet season starts to roll in, Cairns becomes vibrant with summer activity – especially for those interested in local fishing tours and crocodile spotting. Catching the Excitement Cairns is best […]

frankland islands cairns

Cairns in October

October in Cairns is all about warm weather and beautiful clear skies. With temperatures ranging from 21°c to 30°c, October is the beginning of the transition from the dry to the wet season, so it’s mostly sunny days with minimal rainfall – perfect for enjoying the stunning coastline and vibrant marine life with beach visits […]

Magnetic Island Glamping & Breakfast with Koalas

With its pristine beaches, breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife, Magnetic Island is a haven for young adventurers and the young at heart.

Queensland's Best Camping Spots

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