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Experiencia geotérmica de la aldea de whakarewarewa

¡Disfrute de una visita guiada por Whakarewarewa Village, mire un Rendimiento Cultural Maorí y disfrute de una comida tradicional Hangi!

Mapa Rotorua, Nueva Zelanda
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  • Explora la vida Pueblo maorí de Whakarewarewa
  • Descubre la cultura maorí con un espectáculo de rendimiento cultural
  • Ver Géiseres geotérmicos, aguas termales y piscinas de barro
  • Disfruta de un comida tradicional de hangi   cocinado en las burbujeantes aguas geotermales del valle de Whakarewarewa
  • Mira un fascinante   demostración de cocina tradicional

Por qué amamos esto

Nos encanta que no solo explores la vida Pueblo maorí, Whakarewarewa en esta gira, también podrás disfrutar de una comida tradicional Hangi. Creemos que el hecho de que veas cómo se cocina tu comida en las aguas geotermales es muy bueno.


Welcome to Whakarewarewa! A geothermal area in Rotorua, that's full of incredible history and culture, this is a special area for New Zealand's Maori people. 

Whakarewarewa is also a living Maori Village, and Maori people have lived here for centuries, co-existing in harmony with the geothermal forces beneath their feet. Enjoy a day of exploring here, and learn about Maori culture and traditions as you go. There'll even be the chance to tuck into a traditional Hangi meal, cooked in the geothermal waters and steam!

Your friendly guides for the day are the direct descendants of the early Maori guides who helped shape tourism in New Zealand. As they take you around, you'll discover Maori culture and learn about daily life in the village.

You'll see the geothermal wonders of Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley and marvel at the world famous Pohutu geyser, boiling mud-pools, steam vents and bubbling pools. People living here actually use the natural geothermal resources to cook, bathe and heat their homes on a daily basis!

Next, you'll get to enjoy a cooking demonstration and see Hangi meals prepared in in-ground steam boxes. Watch as the Whakarewarewa residents cook corn in the bubbling water of the geothermal hot pools. There'll be the chance to try this food later!

As you move around the village, you'll begin to develop an understanding of the area and its history. Take in the various historical landmarks and buildings, discover an active Marae, the WWII Memorial Archway, two historic churches, and tapu (sacred) burial grounds.

You'll also get to experience a Maori cultural performance, which is truly something special. Each performance includes Waiata (songs), Patere (rhythmic chants), stick games, poi dancing, and the world-famous HAKA war challenge. There'll be the chance to participate (if you wish) and you can have a go at learning the basics of Maori performance art and work on expanding your 'Te Reo' vocabulary.

You'll also have access to the village's stunning geothermal nature trails, the perfect spot for a stroll and you soak in the culture of this incredible area. Walks range 10 and 50 minutes and give you the chance to explore the natural bush, manuka scrub and eerie geothermal landscape around you. 

Later in the day, tuck into a traditional Hangi meal that's been cooked in the geothermal waters and steam of Whakarewarewa Valley. This method of cooking the food gives it a delicious and unique flavour. The meal includes two meats, vegetables, stuffing, gravy and sweet-corn on the cob. The world-famous Whakarewarewa steam pudding served with fruit salad, custard and cream is your dessert. Tea, coffee and water are also included with the meal.

Please note: village tours commence hourly from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Cultural performances commence at 11.15am and 2.00pm. Hangi meals are served in the cafe between 12pm and 2pm

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Experiencia geotérmica de la aldea de whakarewarewa

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The meal includes two meats, vegetables, stuffing, gravy and sweet-corn on the cob. The dessert is the world-famous Whakarewarewa steam pudding (cooked in our steam boxes) and served with fruit salad, custard & cream. Tea, coffee & water is also included with the meal.

Please Note :   Meals are served in the Café between 12pm and 2pm. 

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La experiencia geotérmica Hangi Meal incluye una visita guiada completa (a la hora) a Whakarewarewa Village, un espectáculo de rendimiento cultural maorí a las 11.15 a.m. y 2.00 p.m. y una comida geotérmica Hangi en las piscinas burbujeantes como cajas de vapor en nuestro pueblo .

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17 Tryon Street Whakarewarewa Village Rotorua Nueva Zelanda


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