Traditional Rice Farming

Learn the ways of rice farming for a day from a seasoned local! Rice is an extremely important Cambodian staple and now you’ll learn about everything that happens behind the scenes that takes it from seed to table-ready!

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  • 4 hour Cambodian rice farming experience
  • WiFi Internet
  • Kids Friendly (Age 10+)
  • Transportation to and from class
  • A translator to help facilitate language barriers



From prepping the land and ploughing, to planting, pest control and fertilization, to harvesting and threshing, there is much that goes into producing the grain you see used so frequently in Cambodian recipes. Rice is cultivated primarily through traditional farming practices by over 80 percent of Cambodian farmers. It is the staple food of Cambodians and is their most important field crop. Rice is mainly produced during the wet season, but dry season harvests are an increasing component.

Rice farming practices can vary considerably depending on where you are in the country -- from the rainfed lowlands and uplands, to the deepwater, and irrigated areas. Most of the rice-growing land in Cambodia is cultivated by farmers using two oxen and the traditional moldboard plough and harrow. And now you have the opportunity to learn all about what goes into farming rice by a local! Your host, Panith, was born into a farming family and she loves the country life. She wants to continue to educate people on farming techniques and loves to meet tourists. Join her and see what the farm life is all about -- you may find you have a green thumb after all!




Prepare to be out in the sun during this farming experience! Grab some sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses so that you’re all set for your day of farming. During this activity, you will be able to experience what it’s like to plough the land, plant rice, harvest them and thresh to finally get the grains of rice that you are so familiar with seeing! Set in a beautiful farmland about 40 mins from the main village, you’ll experience a setting so peaceful and serene yet bustling with life as all sorts of plants and animals interact in a thriving ecosystem.


Besides farming, you will also get to see a glimpse of life in the countryside, something most people who visit Siem Reap don't have the opportunity to see. So don't miss out on the opportunity! Sign up today!


Please note -- The way your activity turns out also depends on the season during which you visit. Whether you harvest the rice or sow is one example of variation you will experience depending on the time of year of your booking.



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FromUSD $84
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