Khmer Musical Journey

Want a chance to bang on some drums and learn about the xylophone? In this three hour course, two experienced musicians will teach you the ways of traditional Khmer sounds - you’ll leave ready to start a band of your own! Book Now.

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What's Included

  • Three hour music lesson
  • Break for lunch
  • Kid-friendly environment (6+)
  • Transportation to and from the workshop
  • A translator to help facilitate language barriers
  • Price is for 2 people



Participants of this class will spend three hours learning the history of the music of the Khmer people. At the peak of the Khmer empire, musicians and dancers who performed in the temples and palaces were celebrated as cultural icons. Not only were they talented performers, but they were teachers in a way as they represented and depicted the rich history and culture of Cambodia through dancing. Little has changed by way of the instruments used today and you’ll learn more about them in this fun and exciting class.


Your teachers, Hong Thorn and Ros Sukunthea, will guide the way and help you to discover the new sounds and beats to which you’ll be drumming along, long after these three hours are up! Thorn started taking drum lessons more than 20 years ago and is a respected drum master to this day. He plays for a variety of shows, including plays, dances, puppet shows and even weddings. He hopes to make cambodian drums famous on the world stage. Sukunthea was born into a family of artists and he continues this tradition. He has nearly 10 years of technical experience and he also performs regularly like Hong Thorn. Both Thorn and Sukunthea are passionate about Khmer music and hope to inspire others to spread the sounds of these musical notes throughout the world.



Don’t think you have a musical bone in your body? That’s ok! In this journey you will not only learn how to play the traditional Khmer musical instruments but you’ll be learning from the masters themselves, musicians who have perfected their instruments with decades of practice and dedication. Ros Sokunthea will take you through the first part of this course where you will focus on the percussion family of Cambodian instruments, specifically the bamboo xylophone and the ring of bells. After all of that bell ringing, you’ll take a break for lunch before heading to meet with your next teacher, Hong Thorn. Thorn specializes in all variations of Cambodian drums, ranging from the big war-sounding drums to the long and slender drums you can sling over your shoulders, and you’ll have the opportunity to test these drums out and learn a few beats to bop to. Both Thorn and Sokunthea will teach you with patience and respect, for they realize these instruments are probably new to you.


So come join this class, learn more about Cambodian culture and dance to the beats of some instruments you may have never even heard of! Bring back these new skills to friends and family back home - they’ll wish they had been in this class with you!


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FromUSD $86
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