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Making the Most of your Travel Money: the Backpacker’s Budget

So your tickets are booked, your bags packed, and your bank account is on the decline. Your savings have taken quite the hit (punch) and it’s completely messing with that post-booking high you’ve been riding. The journey is all mapped out, but the finances seem a little slimmer than they should before a big trip. […]

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8 ways to beat homesickness while travelling

Ah, homesickness. No matter how much of a seasoned traveller you are, you can’t stop it sneaking up on you when you least expect it! If you’ve experienced it while travelling don’t worry, you’re not alone! Landing in an unfamiliar place, with different food, customs, language and people isn’t easy after all. Sometimes you can’t […]

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Top 10 destinations for solo travellers

Booked that overseas ticket for one and wondering where to head first? Take a look at these awesome places that have all the friendly people, delicious food and incredible experiences to make your solo trip one to remember.  1. Spain There are soooo many places from where you can take good pictures of Barcelona that […]

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