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Category: Queensland

Camira Sailing Adventure to Whitehaven Beach!

Today's blog comes from an adventurous French couple known as the Serial Travelers, they have a passion for all things travel and have just finished exploring the beautiful Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef. Here's how they got on... We spent an amazing day discovering one of the most beautiful beaches in the world... […]

Flying over the Whitsunday Islands & Great Barrier Reef

After seeing incredible pictures with deep shades of blue, flying over the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef seemed a dream to me. I didn’t think I would be able to do this anytime soon until I finally set my heart on going to Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays for a few days. After booking […]

Golden Backpack Awards and the best of the Gold Coast

If you've been following our Instagram story or Facebook page, you'll know we were up on the sunny Gold Coast last week for the annual Golden Backpack Awards! While most of our time was spent meeting fellow merchants, travellers and tour operators, we still managed to do plenty of exploring... here are some of the […]

5 FREE things to do in Airlie Beach 

The vibrant hub of the Whitsundays, land of sun-kissed sand, sparkling water and beach side fun, Airlie Beach is a must see on the East Coast. No doubt you’ll be busy diving, snorkelling and escaping on cruises, but what about when you (and your wallet) need a bit of a rest? Here are 5 free […]

5 Amazing Farm Regions to Get Your 2nd Year Visa in Australia

Australia is a BIG country. There are countless regions to find farm work/ fruit picking to extend your 2nd Year Visa, from the sunny tropics of North Queensland down to the wine regions of South Australia and Western Australia. Here are 5 regions recommended by iBackpacker to check out on your travels: 1. Margaret River, Western Australia […]

5 Tips for the ULTIMATE Byron Bay to Cairns trip!

Last month, we (my friends from Sydney Uni and I) decided to tour up the East Coast of Australia from Sydney to Byron Bay, stopping off at Surfers Paradise, Brisbane and Cairns. I grew up in Austria, a country, which makes up 1% the area of Australia – pretty small right? No beaches, no big […]

A breathtaking day hike through the picturesque hinterland of the Gold Coast

After two months of city life, I wanted a break, a real break. I really needed to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne. My little holiday to the Gold Coast was already a big step in the right direction, but after some good time on the beach, huge parties and a scenic sunset kayak […]

The water maze of the Gold Coast; Exploring the inland waterways in a kayak

  Born and raised in the Netherlands I basically breathe water. So what do you do when you get the opportunity to join in on a kayak tour? Ow yes count me in please! And what if this tour includes delicious wine, beautiful sunsets and (my all-time favourite) tasty cheese! Then you got me hooked. […]

3 Days on K'gari (Fraser Island) with Dropbear Adventures

I have visited quite a few islands during my travels recently. There's Phillip Island down in Victoria south of Melbourne, Rottnest Island in Western Australia outside of Perth, Magnetic Island in Queensland from Townsville, the Whitsunday Islands surrounding Airlie Beach… Each island has been amazing with its unique flair. There are remarkably over 8,200 Australian islands […]

Epic Ocean Adventures - 3 Hour Surf Lesson and 4WD Experience

Okay, it’s time to talk about surfing in Australia. On the outside, Australia is portrayed as a country with countless small beach towns where everyone that lives there wakes up and heads to the beach for a nice surf before starting their day. To be honest, this assumption is not far off. This is due […]

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