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At Backpacker Deals we reckon that the world is a pretty amazing place. From the rugged, dramatic beauty of Queenstown, to the calm blue waters of Fiji, to the heritage of Cuba there really is a world of experiences out there to enjoy. So read up, plan where you want to go and get out there. And the best thing is that seeing the world doesn’t need to cost the Earth! Backpacker Deals offers great deals on activities, accommodation and amazing experiences at a great price so that all you need to worry about is having the time of your life.
Our Mission
Our goal is a single minded mission to make travel and adventure as exciting as it deserves to be. We aim to search the globe for the very best travel and adventure experiences at competitive prices and bring them to travellers who want more out of their travel experience. We aim to join merchants and travel operators who are passionate about providing the best experiences with travellers who dream about great adventures
Our Vision
Our Vision is based on the concept that life is too short to be wasted on boring, run of the mill travel. We want everyone to experience travel with an x factor – the sort of adventures that your friends will actually want to hear about when you return home. There is literally a world of awesome adventures, experiences and destinations out there and Backpacker Deals aims to be the place where you go to find them so that you can then go and enjoy them. Your adventure starts here.
About Us
Backpacker Deals is made up first and foremost of people that love to travel and see the world. This is the one thing that comprises the culture of Backpacker Deals and the people that make up the team. It is from this foundation that everything else stems: Great customer service based on the understanding of how important it is to get your adventure right, the best adventures and offers based on personal experience and great prices based on the knowledge that the more adventures you can have, the better.
Your Adventure Starts Here
The world is an amazing place. From the rugged beauty of Queenstown, to the bright lights of Vegas, to the calm blue waters of Fiji, there is a world of amazing destinations, sights and experiences to go, see and do!

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